25 Funny Grocery Signs You Might Have Missed

Funny Grocery Signs – There are a lot of funny grocery indications you might have missed while you were busy going over your shopping list. Here are some of these indications that would actually make your day.

we have fat free lettuce

this business accepts


shrimp flavored crack


Ripe ass avocado


red flag savings


cooks butt portion ham


open 9 days a week


not the best but still good


mexican chinese crackers


Marinated Rape


buy 3 for the price of 3


lol butter stick


ladies panties brand new never used


kfc Uneatable Feast


I scream you cream


Heinz Spotted Dick


Grilled Sexual harassment


curved yellow fruite


clearance was 15 now 19


buy-one-today and save your children


bone in butt portion


blossom hill red


bellevue way