7 Celebrities Who Are Fake Feminists

7 Celebrities Who Are Fake Feminists – There’s a sad movement of synthetic feminism going on in Hollywood. Ladies that declare to care about other women, however shudder at the word “feminism”, puzzling it with some outdated meaning that doesn’t actually use. Some superstars relate to the word, however then go back on their word, and the feminist motion in Hollywood appears pretty confused, to be sincere.

1. Taylor Swift
Taylor tries her finest to project the image of a feminist, by donating to Ke$ha in the face of her infamous crisis, and doing the entire “woman squad” and “I’m all about sisterhood” thing, however she never ever in fact spoke out about anything regarding the rape allegations, and tossing cash at the situation seemed like an unfortunate compromise. Speak about rights for your fellow women and reveal real female solidarity, rather of some album cover variation of it, Taylor!

2. Kim Kardashian Kim

Kardashian was priced quote as saying “I don’t like labels. I do what makes me pleased and I want women to be positive and I’m so supportive of ladies …; However I’m not the’totally free the nipple ‘-type woman.”Nevertheless, her nipple has absolutely been released in numerous a photo. Hypocrite much? Not to discuss a lots of partially nude pictures, and her utilizing the reason of body positivity and feminism when she does that. Well, this doesn’t sound extremely positive for bodies or females. Faux feminist alert.


3. Katy Perry
Katy Perry is also amongst the confused. She pretty blatantly said, “”I am not a feminist, but I do believe in the strength of women.” But then when she was put on the spot, the pop diva said at another occasion, contradicting herself, “”A feminist? Um, yeah, actually… I used to not really understand what that word meant, and now that I do, it just means that I love myself as a female and I also love me” Research before you make public statements, guys, please.

4. Abbi/Ilana Of Broad City
This bums us out because we thought these ladies were pioneers of the millennial feminists. Instead, they say, “We are totally feminists and love the idea of gender equality. It’s important to us but we’re gender equality, we’re not like women get to rule everything and f–k men. No, we love men. Our show has so many men and it’s more of like a humanism than feminism.” OMG. Humanism? Really guys? Again, feminism and “fuck men and women get to rule everything” are apples and oranges, boo.