About Us

Aim – ” To Make The Dream Body, The Me Body”
Motto – “Stay Popping Is The Way Popping”
What are We All About?
Bikini Popping Girls – This is a home of professionals with the aim and sole vision to have all the women, ladies or girls around the world feeling:
  • wonderful
  • comfortable
  • special
  • sexy
And popping about their body and health by lifting their:
  • awareness
  • self-esteem
  • aim
  • vision
  • and consciousness
About their body and what they can do with their own focus and attention on what they feel matters. 
When plan on achieving this by employing what we call the Sweat and Core Method (SCM). This method involves learning and applying the right information and practices that will in an extraordinary journey have you feeling accomplished and pleased through your own efforts and our help.  We welcome you to this Popping Commitment and the Purpose to always have you Popping.