Top 5 + 2 Least Talked About – Ayurvedic Remedies for Weight Loss

Ayurvedic Remedies for Weight Loss – Obesity is a disorder that causes the person to be significantly overweight and an excessive amount of body fat accumulated under the chin and on the chest, belly, buttocks or thighs. Although it is not in itself a serious illness, it can shorten life expectancy, decrease the efficiency of the organism and cause a predisposition to suffer from diabetes, hypertension, low libido and arthritis. In addition, ultimately, obesity reduces happiness.Ayurvedic Remedies for Weight Loss - Extremely Effective

It is largely due to the socio-economic problems of a rich society. Prosperous life, sedentary work and lack of exercise are the factors that contribute most to obesity. From the Ayurvedic point of view, the main causes of this disorder are eating too much, sitting too long and doing too few things.

Obesity is a Kapha disorder. In obese individuals, the gastric fire is strong, but the cellular fire of the tissues is relatively low. The excess of food or calories consumed by the person does not get to burn and becomes adipose tissue, which leads to overweight and obesity.

Simple Weight Loss through Ayurveda

There are many causes that can cause it. Some hereditary factors of the endocrine system, such as an excessive production of growth hormone, may contribute to the problem.

  • When women are pregnant, they sometimes eat too much and then are unable to lose the weight they have taken.
  • Stress can induce emotional eating repeatedly, which leads to significant weight gain.
  • Pecking frequently between meals also makes it difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

Some drugs, such as steroids and oral contraceptives, can change a person’s metabolism and cause an increase in weight. The same thing happens with insulin. Addictions, including addiction to alcohol and tobacco, are frequently associated with obesity. However, the main factor is usually eating too much and doing insufficient exercise.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Weight Loss

Ayurvedic slimming remedy # 1: Take hot liquid jengibr and, peppermint or cinnamon once or twice a day.

Ayurvedic remedy for weight loss # 2: Take hot water with 10 drops of lime juice. This remedy will help you dissolve the fat.

Slimming Ayurvedic Remedy # 3 : Mix Kutki 3 parts, Chitrak 3 parts, Shilajit 2 parts and Punamava 5 parts and then extract 1/2 teaspoon of this mixture with 1 teaspoon of honey twice a day, before meals.

Ayurvedic remedy for weight loss # 4: Mix equally, triphala guggulu, chitrak-adhivati and punamava guggulu and then extract 1 tablespoon. Pour into a cup of water that is boiling. Tapr and let cool. Take 3 times a day after meals.

Ayurvedic remedy for weight loss # 5: Pour, at least 1 hour after dinner, 1 cup of boiling water about 1/2 or 1 teaspoon of triphala; Let sit for about 10 minutes and take snacks that you can afford. If you like to drink something between meals, choose some raisins, which are a mild laxative. Do not take corn pancakes, because they are salty, greasy and hard to stop drinking them. Do not drink popcorn either. Another possibility is sticks of celery or carrot.

Ayurvedic remedy for weight loss # 6: Use spices in the kitchen. The diet to appease kapha uses many spices, such as cumin, cilantro, fennel, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and garam massala; these spices are good for lighting the gastric fire (in chapter 8 you will find the details of the kapha diet).

Ayurvedic remedy for weight loss # 7: Practice beneficial yoga postures. Some soft yoga asanas can help you, including the Palm Tree and the Triangle. Also, when you are sitting on the floor, lean forward as much as you can without feeling uncomfortable in order to get to touch your knees with your head (you will have to work it out little by little.) The Fish, the Camel, Cobra and Vaca are simple and useful postures that you can easily do, remember that you should not try to make them perfect from the beginning.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Weight Loss –  Recommendations

Do not sleep during the day. Obese people usually take a nap, but that does not come at all right. Do not sleep during the day because in that way you will be slowing down the agni (metabolism) and increasing the kapha dosha. Instead of sleeping, do some hard physical work and watch less television.

Do not try to lose much at once. That almost never means a long-term improvement. Kapha individuals are famous for their ability to achieve consistent, steady and stable progress. Be constant and with time you will achieve success.

Avoid taking cold drinks and fried and greasy foods on a regular basis. Minimizes the consumption of dairy products, such as cheese, yogurt and ice cream. Include salads (without creamy dressings) and legumes in your meals.

Do not consume any veal, lamb or pork.

Do enough exercise. Exercise regularly. A daily walk of at least half an hour is essential. And also do some aerobic exercise like running slowly. Obese people hate running, but at least they should walk quickly carrying a kilo weight in their hands. Swimming is also a good exercise.

Immediately after exercising, Kapha individuals feel hungry and thirsty and would love to run to the bar for a cold drink and snack. However, cold drinks slow down the metabolism, canceling out what they have gained with exercise. And we know that eating is counterproductive. Therefore, after exercising, overweight and obese people should avoid taking snacks and drink cold water or any other cold drink, which should be replaced by hot drinks, such as infusions, for example.

Lift weights to reduce body weight. Do a little gentle lifting using 2 kilo weights to start. This will help you burn adipose tissue. In addition, muscle tissue burns calories faster than fat.

Eliminate the consumption of alcohol and tobacco. Stop drinking alcohol and smoking. These emotional habits unduly stimulate to jaunt agni (gastric fire) and make the person feel hungry.

Listen to music. While you are eating, listen to soft music and chew more food so that eating moderately is becoming little by little something usual.

Learn to love you. Most obese people do not love each other. This data is significant, because there is a deep relationship between food and love. Food is the nourishment of the body; Love is the food of the soul. When a person does not have the love they want in a relationship, they can try to find it by eating, so that food becomes a substitute for love. When a woman misses her husband or when a man misses his wife, they often start eating too much.

Obese people also detest their physical appearance and hate looking in the mirror, because they do not like what they see. When someone hates his body, he becomes anxious and worries; then, suddenly, he is hungry and needs to eat. It is not a true hunger, but a false, emotional hunger.

To develop more love for yourself as you are, you can try this technique. Go to the bathroom and take off all your clothes or, at most, keep shorts. Then look closely at the person you see in the full-length mirror. Contemplate the image, starting with the head and following the eyes, the cheeks, the lips and the neck; look at your chest, belly, etc.

While you are contemplating the image that is reflected in the mirror, at the same time look inside. Ask yourself: “Do you like those eyes? Do you love your nose? Do not you feel any affection towards your lips, towards your chest? ».

In this way, by looking outside in the mirror and, at the same time, the interior of your own internal observer, little by little, two things will happen. In the first place, you will begin to feel that you are above your body, that you are something higher, nobler, greater and more beautiful, that you are pure existence. Second, this process will also give you greater acceptance and you will begin to feel more love towards yourself. Therefore, look in the mirror and want the person you see.

A second important factor in wanting to love yourself is that you will stop judging, comparing and criticizing yourself. You are unique, and what you are is divine. To stop judging oneself, criticizing oneself and comparing oneself is the principle of loving oneself.

Remember: If you want to lose weight you must understand some simple arithmetic concepts. When you eat more calories than you burn, you take on weight. To lose it you have to burn more calories than you eat. In practical terms, that means two things: reducing caloric intake and increasing consumption in the form of exercise.

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