Baltic Amber Teething Necklace: Off-The Record Benefits and Uses For Baby

Braw  and Authentic altic Amber Teething Necklace – Since ancient times, amber has been designated the power of healing.  Used by Europeans for centuries, amber is a natural painkiller and has properties that relieve pain and reduce inflammation. When it warms to body temperature, the succinic acid is absorbed by the skin in small quantities, helping in inflammatory reactions.  Hippocrates (460-377 BC), known as the father of medicine, in his works described medicinal properties and methods of application of amber that were later used by scientists until the Middle Ages.The Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

In ancient Rome, amber was used as a medicine and as a prevention of various diseases. Roman peasants wore amber medallions not only as adornment but also as a remedy for “swollen glands and sore throat and mouth.”

Since the time of World War II, especially in Germany, amber beads were placed on babies to make the eruption of the teeth less painful.

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Scientifically, amber beads collect an electrostatic charge by touching the surface, reducing oxidation of the body. It is a biostimulant that has a positive effect on the nervous system, the heart, the kidneys and stimulates and recovery processes.


Ambar Baltico is a plant resin that became fossil about 50 million years ago and is found mainly in the Baltic region. The resin was removed from the forest floor by large rivers and led south to the Baltic Sea. Over time, this resin was transformed into amber through polymerization and oxidation processes. In the amber succinic acid is found, and studies say that this compound strengthens the immune system, stimulates the nervous system and improves metabolic activity, thus acting as an analgesic and natural anti-inflammatory.

Be aware, because there are imitations of copal or plastic. Take the authenticity test:

1 – Place one or two drops of acetone or alcohol on one of the beads of the necklace. If it gets sticky, sticky or changes the color, it is not amber.

2 – Mix one part of salt with two of water and dissolve. Place a piece of amber: if it floats, it is authentic.

3 – Amber is warm to the touch, very different from imitations of glass, which are always colder than your skin.

Amber Baltic COLORS

Usually, the amber of the Baltic is bright yellow or yellowish. Colors range from white amber, yellow to brown and reddish. Scientists count about 250 different colors and shades. The amber color does not influence the anti-inflammatory and immuno-stimulating effect of the skin.


To get the most out of the benefits of Baltic amber, consider the following ways of use:

  • 1) The amber should be in direct and continuous contact with the skin. The necklaces should be worn underneath the T-shirt, ankles under the pants, etc.
  • 2) Amber should be in contact with the hair for as long as possible: in the case of infants under 3 years of age, necklaces should be removed at bedtime. Some parents like to wrap the collar around their ankles under their pajamas. This causes the amber to be in contact with the skin for longer.
  • 3) Use the amber jewelry closest to where you want its effect. For discomfort in the head or neck, prefer the necklace. In the case of pain, arthritis or tendonitis in the wrist, hands or arms, use a bracelet. In case of discomfort in the feet or legs, prefer to use an ankle brace. For the relief of baby’s teething symptoms, the necklace will bring more benefit than the bracelet.




The amber paste for babies is an anti-inflammatory and natural painkiller, used for centuries in Europe.

For babies and children, the Baltic amber necklace:

  • stimulates the immune system;
  • reduces inflammation (especially in the gums);
  • accelerates the natural healing process;
  • relieves teething pain;
  • provides calming effects without the use of medicines;
  • acts as a natural analgesic (reduces or eliminates pain associated with teething, headaches, joint stiffness, etc.);
  • it also helps treat discomforts related to throat, ears, and stomach as well as fevers and colds.

Important: To obtain the therapeutic benefits of Baltic amber, it is necessary that the amber is directly in contact with the skin.


Amber is beneficial for adults too! Recent scientific research reveals that succinic acid has a very positive influence on the human body, helping to improve the immunity and balance of acids when absorbed into the bloodstream.

The Baltic Amber:

  • is known for proven vitality;
  • assists in rebalancing and natural healing;
  • helps neutralize negative energy by allowing the body to heal itself
  • relieves stress and anxiety
  • treats the throat, stomach, spleen, kidneys, bladder, liver and gallbladder;
  • relieves joint problems such as arthritis and rheumatism;
  • help in the treatment of tendinitis;
  • is an excellent natural antibiotic;
  • strengthens the immune system.

Important: To obtain the therapeutic benefits of Baltic amber, it is necessary that the amber is directly in contact with the skin

Baltic Amber Necklace for Babies: Risks and Benefits

Baltic Amber Necklace for Babies

Concerned about the welfare of her children and believers in the power provided by nature, famous as Gisele Bündchen, Barbara Borges and Rachel Zoe are fans of the amber necklace for babies.

Made from small pieces of crystallized fossil resin, true amber is found in the Baltic Sea region and its composition is succinic acid, rich in analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and relaxing properties.

What does the amber necklace do?

Many of the mothers who choose to wear the amber necklace on their children do so to increase their connection with nature. However, others believe that the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of succinic acid are able to alleviate the pains caused by the birth of the first teeth. They claim that by coming into contact with the skin the resin heats and releases beneficial essential oils.

Does Amber Necklace Effect?

Opinions regarding the benefits of the amber necklace for babies are divided. While practitioners claim that it makes the baby calmer and relieves pain, pediatricians warn of the risk of the accessory. Because it consists of small parts tied to a cord, it can cause hanging or, when breaking, cause the child to choke.

In addition to being a potential cause of accidents, physicians also claim that there is no scientific research proving the benefits of the amber paste for babies’ toothache.

How to wear an amber necklace?

The product, even though it is contraindicated by some specialists, can be found in grocery stores or on the internet. For these cases, it is important to prioritize parts with rounded edges and with the particles tied separately. The individual knot prevents the whole necklace from breaking when it breaks.


To find out if an amber necklace is true, try doing the homemade tests. The first one is a solvent. When you pass acetone on one of the particles, note whether it will wear out or not. The resin does not wear when coming in contact with these products. In addition, the temperature can also tell about the authenticity of the product. When heated, the amber does not melt quickly like plastic but burns slowly like incense.

Amber Necklace – What It Is for and How to Use It

As mentioned beforeAmber is a stone derived from prehistoric remains, fossils that generated an enzyme that, after hardening became raw material for this paste. However, the therapeutic effect of the stone is only possible on the raw material generated in a specific area in the region of northeastern Europe, the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia).

What Is the Amber Necklace For?

According to professional therapists who have adopted the amber necklace as a treatment, its effect is due to enzymes (succinic acid) which, with the contact of amber in the skin of the baby and child, will strengthen your body, your metabolism will work properly, increase immunity and will boost calcium in bones and teeth .

In addition, amber would be a natural anti-inflammatory and also, would help mainly in the teething stage of the baby, which would feel minor annoyances (fever, diarrhea, irritation) at this stage of life.

Does Amber Glue Work?

The effectiveness of the amber necklace has no scientific basis, but rather, reports of people who have adopted the use. Studies are still being conducted on the subject, and for the time being, amber is theoretically harmless to the baby, so ill will not cause if it is not beneficial.

Moms and dads who use on their children report improvement of dentition symptoms, but always recommend choosing the right material to have similar results, necklaces of Baltic stones.

Non-Use Care

Although it is a natural method, pediatricians are only concerned with one point, the risk a collar would have for an infant and young child to curl up and possibly stifle.  The ideal drawstring size is 33-36 cm to avoid problems. With this, some precautions should be taken:

  • Remove the collar during the child’s sleep and during the bath
  • Pay attention if the child or baby takes the necklace to the mouth
  • The latch must be secure so as not to risk opening or
  • The collar should have a knot before each stone, so it will prevent it from completely bursting and reduces the risk of the child swallowing pebbles

Is Amber True?

Remembering that only the stones of the Baltic countries will work, it is better to know if the stone is true, you can submit the necklace to some tests.

  • True stones will resist contact with acetone;
  • True amber is not cold when you touch it, you will feel a little warm.

The amber stones also have a bit of natural stagnation, to tell you, just put a few pieces of paper around after a friction in your clothing, surely it will attract them. Saltwater will also cause the amber necklace to float, sink, is not legitimate.

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