Top 5 + 3 Regrettable Beauty Mistakes You should Seriously Avoid

In Cut and Paste we are of the opinion that about tastes there is nothing written and that many times there are things that work perfectly for some people, and for others not so much. That is why we believe that each one should prove what works for her within her personal style and routine. On the other hand, there are mistakes or rather, bad habits of beauty, that the only thing they do is damage our body and we believe that those are the mistakes that must be eliminated! This year leaves behind some bad habits that ruin the health of your skin, hair, and nails!

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1. Eat your nails.

Nail Biting

Surely it is not the first time that you propose to leave this habit. This 2015 really try to achieve it! Not only is it an unpleasant habit, but it is also unhealthy. Remember where your hands have passed during the day!

Fortunately, there are several products that can help you with this. There are the classic nail enamels with bad flavors. And another tip that can help you: do manicures regularly. I have friends who have done this and it has really served them. It is also a win-win situation because you eliminate a bad habit and also your nails will always look fabulous.

2. Bursting Or Squeezing Pimples.

Bursting Pimples

Just like sleeping with makeup, this is a beauty NO that you have been told thousands of times. Leave it in the hands of the professionals better. A dermatologist or cosmetologist will tell you that your skin recovers faster when you do not pinch it. We know that it is hard to resist squeezing the pimples and pimples, but with a little self-control, you will achieve it!

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3. Do not change your beauty routine with the seasons.

beauty whitneyport

There is something you must be clear about: your skin changes during the year. What works for summer will not do it for winter. When the cold starts, the skin of your face needs more moisture and protection than in the warmer months. Worry about this new year of having a beauty regime according to the seasons and your skin will be bright and healthy.

4. Ignore your cuticles.

Ignore your cuticles

Healthy cuticles with the secret for healthy nails. And, keeping them does not mean simply getting manicures on a regular basis. Have an essential oil on your night table and apply it to your hands before going to sleep. An aroma like lavender can be pleasant and also promotes good sleep.

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5. Sleep without removing makeup.

 Sleep without removing makeup

We have already said many times how terrible it is for the skin not to remove the makeup before sleeping. If you really have a hard time going to the bathroom to wash your face at night, always leave a packet of cleansing wipes on your nightstand. Although the best is to wash your face, so at least the makeup will come out.


6. Do not use SPF.

Do not use SPF

No matter how many times we have said it, it’s worth repeating it: you have to use sunscreen every day (at least SPF 30). Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer. Using SPF every day can really help you decrease your risk and prevent premature skin aging.

7. Do not cut your hair.

Do not cut your hair

Even if you do not make a drastic cut every time you go to the hairdresser, keeping regular cuts is the key to your hair is healthy.

8. Condition your hair incorrectly.

Condition your hair incorrectly

Even if you do not wash your hair with shampoo every day, you need to make sure that the ends of the hair receive the necessary hydration. This means finding the conditioner that works for you, with fairly frequent use.

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