Top 10 Beauty Mistakes You Are Committing + 9 Ironies You Believe In

Beauty Mistakes You Are Committing – We all have our routine: we get up, we drink our coffee, we put on the same makeup in the same way we have done years ago, we dressed, and we went out the door. Whatever routine you are currently stuck with, this could be hampering your beauty potential!

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid | Ali Andreea

What worked for you some years ago may now be outdated or may not fit you anymore. Some of the most common beauty mistakes have quick fixes that can make you look infinitely better!

You Will Enjoy This – Top 5 + 3 Regrettable Beauty Mistakes You should Seriously Avoid 

Here we leave you 10 of the most common beauty mistakes and how to solve them!

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1. About getting your eyebrows. If you want to make a drastic improvement in the look of your face, visit a professional. Having the right eyebrow shape can be difficult if you’re stuck with your ideas, so seeing someone who can see your face objectively and guide you, is priceless.

2. Wash your hair too much. Do not underestimate the power of dry shampoo. Not only can you extend the life of your blow-drying or straightening, but not washing your hair every day is healthier for your hair. We said, the ideal is to wash with shampoo between 2 to 3 times a week.

3. Skip the base layer. When you paint your nails at home, using a base coat is a must. Not only does it help your nail polish last longer, it also prevents nail polish from spraying your nails.

4. Exaggerate with the base. If you have a skin problem, use a concealer and a small brush to cover each spot or granite after applying the base. Then fix with translucent powders. If you have good skin in general, less is more. Let your skin shine with a moisturizer with a slight tincture, which will only match the color.

5. Overdose of brightness . Unless you’re going to a party, you should not use shade, lipstick and sunscreen with glitters. Use brightness in key places. We like to use a clear powder with shine on our cheekbones and the bone of the eyebrows for a touch of light.

6. Skip the first one. Like the base layer for the nails, the primer prepares the canvas for a soft base application and also helps it last all day.

7. Neglecting your brushes. We use our brushes countless times a month and how many of us do we wash them? There are many brush cleaners, but a good cleaning with baby shampoo is enough. Try cleaning your brushes every week, but whatever the frequency, it is probably better than the accumulation of months and months of bacteria.

8. Eyeliner around the complete eye. Delineating the entire eye can make your eyes look smaller. Better use eyeliner on your upper eyelid and in moderation (if you do) on the line of the lower lashes. Or if you prefer, you can use a little shadow on the outer corner of the lower lashes to balance the makeup look.

9. Choose the wrong base. Choosing the right base is not just a matter of color. Also make sure it matches with your skin type. Try choosing a matte base if you have oily skin or a slightly shiny finish if you have dry skin.

10. Do not give your hair a rest. As we said in # 2, not washing your hair is sometimes necessary. And not only that, some days try not to use heat tools. Give your hair a few days of therapy. These days you can make a nice tall tomato and let the hair rest.

9 Beauty Ironies We Have All Experimented

 Beauty Ironies

The world of beauty does not always follow a logic …

1. You have to cut your hair so it grows.

Simple … The more time passes between each cut, the more the split ends rise through your hair, causing more dryness and damage – which you will have to cut back to repair.

2. The more you squeeze your skin to remove the bad, the more bacteria enter.

Do not touch your face better.

3. The more you use lip balm, the more you need it.

This is one of the most vicious circles … when skin is peeled, your body signs to the lower layers to produce new cells. But the balm slows down the process of loss of moisture, so your dead cells will not dry up so fast, and your skin will not send the signal “More new cells please”. Once the lip balm comes out, there are no new cells to replace the dead ones, which makes you feel your lips dry …

4. You spend all this time trying different hair colors, but in the end, the one that best fits you, is the color you were born with.

Let’s add another irony: you may not remember what that color was like, so you have to ask your mom to send you some old photos … Although you may be one of the exceptions.

5. The things you do to make your lashes look longer could cause breakup … or worse …

Using mascara is fine unless you share it, the curlers are safe as long as you do not squeeze them too much and squeeze your lashes … but the false eyelashes and extensions, well, not so much … The American Academy of Ophthalmology says that you attach tiny fibers to your real lashes It could cause an infection of the cornea, infection of the eyelid, swelling of the eyelid and also the temporary or permanent loss of eyelashes.


6. We apply a certain amount of makeup called “no-makeup makeup” (natural makeup or that does not look like makeup).

7. Starting a very early anti-aging regimen can be counterproductive.

This is a very controversial topic and there are still not many investigations with sufficient credibility, but basically, some experts say that abusing the use of retinoles and alpha hydroxyl acids can thin the skin over time, causing inflammation, discoloration and making it more susceptible to UVA rays So to make sure, why do not we keep using sunscreen and improving over time like a good wine?

8. Many trends and ingredients promoted as new have been around for thousands of years.

Simply because they work.

9. “Love the face you have today. It’s the one you’re going to want to have in 10 more years. “

Impossible not to agree with Caroline de Maigret.

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