Bella Rahbek Fitness + The Top 10 Cable Routines To Increase Buttocks

Bella Rahbek Fitness – Let’s look at some of the most effective fitness and health practices tht Bella Rahbek does to stay in shape and look amazing. Before we look at Bella Rahbek Fitness we will be looking at some of the most body effective routines you can do with a cable at the gym.  The exercises of isolation with cables are as effective to gain muscular volume, that the exercises of free weight, especially the compounds that use cufflinks and weights to work the low part of the body.Top Bella Rahbek Fitness Practices

The cable exercises are useful for people with back pain or with any other health condition, which implies pain when working with weight. In addition, the routine reduces the risk of injury and shortens the time of sessions.

This does not imply that the exercises with cables are simple or painless because the muscles will work as much as any weight routine, a natural pain produced by an effective training routine.

The following are 10 cable exercises to work glutes and legs.

1. Squats with cable: 4 sets of 5 repetitions

Squats with cable

Squats are the most effective exercises to work thighs, glutes and tone the body; ideal to start the routine.

  • Stand in front of the machine with the “D” handles attached to it.
  • Perform the squats keeping a distance away from the machine so that there is constant tension in the legs, not only when bending them, also when standing.

Cable Squats


2. Lunges: 20 repetitions per leg

  • Stand in front of the machine keeping a little distance from it and holding the handles “D”.
  • Take a long step backward by lowering the knee to the lunge position.
  • Hold the movement and return to the initial position.


3. Kick back to workout glutes with cable: 4 sets for 5 repetitions

Kick back to workout glutes with cable

The kickback is very effective to strengthen the buttocks, because it focuses on the work of this muscle group.

Start using an ankle strap.

Stand facing the machine at a distance from an extended arm of the pulley and hold it. Lean on the equipment, bend the knee and kick back while concentrating attention on the work of glutes.

GLUTE Donkey kick back with cable machine


4. Side lunges with cable: 20 repetitions per leg

Place an ankle strap on a low pulley cable machine and adjust it to it.

Take a long step to the side and bend the knee in a lateral thrust. Pause after each stroke and return to the starting position.


5. Femoral biceps curls (hamstring) with cable: 4 sets of 5 repetitions 

Femoral biceps curls (hamstring) with cable

A point of support will be sought to maintain balance.

Stand at the distance of a stretched arm of the machine and use an ankle strap to adjust it.

Imitate the movement that is made when working the biceps. Try to keep the knee firm in one place, while bending the leg back.


6. Step-ups with cable: 12-15 repetitions per leg

Step-ups with cable

Place a stable base or bench in front of the exercise machine and stand with your back to it, pulling the cable from behind.

Place one of the legs flexed with the foot on the base at a 90-degree angle and extend the other leg. Alternate between both extremities.


7. Lunges with knee lift: 4 sets of 15 repetitions

Essential exercise to develop quadriceps, also called “quads”, because it allows to define the musculature and develop a marked appearance in this region. If they are done correctly, the glutes will also be worked on.

  • Start in a position where the weight plates do not touch the pile, it will help to maintain a constant tension in the legs throughout the exercise.
  • Use a few ankle cufflinks and step back with a lunge.
  • Bend the knee so that the “quads” are parallel to the floor, when returning to the starting position.


8. Lifting of calves with cable: 5 sets x 20 repetitions

Lifting of calves with cable

The work with cables favors developing muscular tone in the calves because they provide a constant tension during the exercise routine.

The calf lift can be done using a strap, holding a rope or a straight bar.

  • Start by connecting an extension and a belt to the low pulley and select the desired weight.
  • Stand on a stand or bench by placing your toes on the edge and let the heels fall as low as possible, without touching the floor. This is the initial position.
  • Raise your heels slowly as high as you can, pause and tighten your calf muscle. Release and return calmly to the starting position.

9. Pull throughs with cable: 20 repetitions

Pull through with cable

Stand with your back to the cable machine with your knees bent, legs apart and feet slightly turning outward.

Pull handle “D” with both hands by means of legs and stand straight.

Lower the upper part of the body while stretching the legs.


10. Leg extension in front: 10 repetitions

Leg extension in front

Place an ankle strap on the machine and then attach it to the right ankle.

Stand with your back to the machine, bend your leg at a 90º angle and extend straight ahead while keeping your body straight.


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Bella Rahbek Fitness and Health

Bella Rahbek Fitness and Health

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