15 Benefits of Guarana For Physical and Mental Health (Jamaica Ackee)

Benefits of Guarana –  Among the benefits of guarana, famous Brazilian fruit, stand out is a good stimulant and aphrodisiac, in addition to contributing to lose weight or improve mental capacity among other characteristics that I will tell you next.The Benefits of Guarana

Guarana ( Paullinia cupana) is a Brazilian plant consumed in many parts of the world. Extracts of its seeds, which contain caffeine and antioxidants, are available in foods, energy drinks, and pharmacological supplements.

This fruit was used by Indians of the Amazon, in order to increase the energy of the aborigines, the libido and suppress the appetite. The color of guarana varies from brown to red and contains black seeds.

It is available in the market in various forms. In natural aspect, the guarana is a dry paste, which arises from the seeds of the plant.

As with other plants, its high concentration of caffeine acts as a defensive toxin that rejects the herbivores of guarana and its seeds.

The word guaraná comes from guaraní guara-ná, which has its origin in the word Sateré-Maué for the warana plant, which in Tupi-Guaraní means “fruit like the eyes of the people”.

Guarana Benefits And Side Effects


Guarana plays an important role in the Paraguayan culture of Tupi and Guaraní. According to a myth attributed to the Sateré-Maué tribe, the domestication of guarana originated with a deity who killed a child in the village.

To comfort the villagers, a more benevolent god tore out the child’s left eye and planted it in the forest, resulting in the wild variety of guarana. The god then tore the child’s right eye and planted it in the village, giving rise to the domesticated guarana.

15 Benefits  and Properties of Guarana That Contribute to HealthBenefits of Guarana Inforgrafic

1- It is a good stimulant

This fruit contains caffeine, so it is a stimulant for our body. If a comparison is made with coffee, the dried leaves of guarana contain between 1 and 4% of caffeine, while coffee beans report around 1 to 2% of this component.

Guarana would be more effective as a natural energizer. The caffeine content of this food is 3.6% to 5.8%. A dose higher than this could have harmful effects on the body.

2- Help to lose weight

This fruit is used, currently, in certain energy drinks and supplements to lose weight. This happens because it gives a feeling of fullness, reducing hunger and stimulating the body.

In addition, it contributes to this objective, since it induces the nervous system to enhance the process of lipolysis, which consists of the release of fat in the bloodstream, used as energy during physical exercise.

Consequently, drinking guarana promotes physical activity, endurance and increases metabolism.

3- Grant more intelligence

Studies have shown that guarana enhances mental capacity and cognition in human serenes, thus increasing intelligence.

The results show a better concentration and attention in a task performed if 75 mg of guarana is consumed.

The effect lasted all day and the accuracy of the performance was maintained since it was not altered. Also, memory and alertness were improved.

4- It is a natural aphrodisiac

Another of the benefits of guarana is that it has natural aphrodisiac properties. That is, the presence of caffeine in this fruit is complemented by its innate ability to stimulate libido.

Therefore, frequent use of this supplement can help a couple to lead a better sex life.

5- Natural analgesic

Since caffeine stimulates circulation in the blood, specialists say that the better the circulation, the lower the pain experienced in a lesion.

Therefore, the guarana acts as a natural analgesic, thus contributing to those suffering from headaches, constant migraines, as well as menstrual and other pains.

6- More mental concentration

This fruit contains a healthy mix of stimulant compounds, such as caffeine, that enhance mental capacity and help to stay alert, if what is needed is to be awake or to develop a job.

That is, with twice as much caffeine as coffee, guarana increases capacity up to 6 hours after consumption.

7- Prevents the appearance of kidney stones

According to one study, with 217,883 participants, the association between caffeine consumption and the risk of developing kidney stones was analyzed.

Since guarana is composed of between 6% and 8% of caffeine, people who consume food with this component have a lower risk of developing kidney stones.

8- Good antioxidant

Inquiries about guarana have found that this fruit contains more antioxidants than green tea, since it has the catechin compound.

This component reduces the oxidative stress of the body and cells, which is linked to the onset of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and some cardiovascular diseases.

On the other hand, this helps to prevent premature aging of our body.

9- Improvement in intestinal health

We name that guaraná serves to lose weight and is a natural energizer. But that is not all. This fruit provides an impulse to the peristaltic movement of the intestines, thus benefiting people suffering from constipation.

In addition, guarana is effective for the treatment of another discomfort in the intestines, including gas and diarrhea, as it detoxifies and cleanses the digestive system.

10- Combat discomfort of menstruation

Guarana is a fruit that should appeal to women who are prone to painful menstruation. The reason is that it regulates the cycles and fights premenstrual symptoms.

In this way, women, who feel down and discomfort during menstruation, can take a supplement and/or drink a juice or guarana tea to feel relief.

11- Reduce stress

On the other hand, specialists point out that this magical fruit, in turn, has soothing properties.

Drinking a cup of tea with guarana powder, for example, before going to bed, turns out to be an effective relaxant that reduces stress before falling asleep.

In addition, we said that caffeine improves mood, which increases the feeling of well-being.

12- Strengthens the cardiovascular system

Since guarana has innate antioxidants in its components, it contributes to the fight against free radicals that affect the cardiovascular system.

The absorption of these elements in the body is beneficial for the heart, which decreases chances of developing coronary heart disease in those who consume this fruit.

13- Fight cancer

Guarana has anti-carcinogenic effects. According to a study cited by MyProtein.com, it was shown that mice with liver cancer that consumed this fruit, decreased incidence and multiplication of new cancer cells.

Specifically, this experiment shows a positive reaction on the DNA damage of the cells that allow the growth of cancer in these laboratory animals.

In addition, it was found that guarana reduces facilitates a greater death of cancer cells to reduce malignant tumors in the body.

14- Antimicrobial effect

The consumption of guarana helps strengthen the immune system to fight microbes that enter the body and prevents the formation of bacterial plaques.

While there have been studies in this regard, there is still no conclusive research, so it is an area that requires more scientific work.

15- Reduces the lipids in the blood

By containing catechins and caffeine, guarana acts as an antiplatelet agent. This translates into the decreased risk of acquiring diseases such as thrombosis by protecting the blood.

This is because by making it more liquid and less “sticky”, reduces cholesterol and triglycerides so that clot formation is prevented.

Unwanted effects

If it is consumed abusively, it can have negative effects on the body. Therefore, it is recommended to drink your infusion no more than three times a week.

Perhaps, in supplements, or energy drinks for athletes, it can be consumed daily, but always under medical prescription.

Thus, guarana can cause the following undesirable effects:

-Can increase blood pressure.

– It can cause excessive palpitations in the heart (tachycardia) if it is consumed in a pill.

-It can increase nervousness, anxiety, and agitation if you drink, especially at night.

-It can cause stomach irritation or burn in the stomach if strong doses are applied, or it can affect vomiting or nausea.

Guarana smoothie recipe


  • Guarana powder = 1 tablespoon.
  • Sugar-free yogurt = 1 cup.
  • Peeled and sliced banana = 1.
  • Liquid honey = 1 tablespoon.
  • Optional papaya (Banana can be substituted with a papaya).

Nutritional value

100 g of guarana contains:

Component CDR amount.
Grease 96 g.
Protein 50 g
Carbohydrates 1 g.
Sodium 6 mg.
Potassium 146 mg.
Calcium 18 mg.
Vitamin A 133 mg.

* CDR: Recommended Daily Amount

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