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Best Dehumidifiers – In general, it is necessary for human health and for the environment that there is a percentage of humidity in the air. Too dry an environment can have quite important negative consequences. However, as often happens with all things, humidity must have a limit. All the excesses end up being negative, therefore, too much humidity in the environment can bring different problems.

This is usually one of the most common problems in houses and buildings that occasions serious damage to the health of the inhabitants.

Among the possible negative effects that humidity can cause to people are asthma, allergies, muscular and bone pain, respiratory problems and even lung diseases.

What are dehumidifiersMany scientific studies have proven that prolonged exposure to a space with too much moisture results in some of the consequences mentioned above. Therefore, it is important that we do not neglect this aspect of our houses or apartments.

Humidity also represents a threat to objects. When a structure is invaded by fungi, mold and any other microorganism that reproduces in them as a result of excess moisture, that structure is in danger. The humidity causes the walls to lose solidity, which affects the safety in the place. The same goes for other types of materials such as ceramics or wood.

Humidity is the perfect habitat for different types of microorganisms that, eventually, generate problems for people, structures and the environment. These microorganisms are fungi, mites and bacteria, and many of them produce the problems, infections and respiratory diseases in humans.

A definitive and immediate solution for a moisture problem of this type is not so easy to find, however, dehumidifiers can be a way to prevent these types of problems and to correct them. If you continue reading, we will help you select the best dehumidifier for you.

What are dehumidifiers?

Dehumidifiers are devices that look similar to air conditioners that aim to reduce humidity in the environment in which they are placed. They are air conditioning devices that absorb the water that is in the air from the environment in which they are located.

They are made in order to provide a quick and effective solution for problems caused by excess moisture in a space.

In addition to that, they are used to increase the comfort of people during times of greater climatic humidity, since by reducing the levels of water in the air, they make the climate less heavy.

How do dehumidifiers work?

To fully understand these devices and know, eventually, what dehumidifier to buy , you must know exactly what their function is, so they work to achieve their goal.

There are different types and they have different internal processes. However, the most common dehumidifiers work from a process of air condensation. The device sucks the air from the humid environment and passes it through the interior of the dehumidifier through a cold area, which causes the humidity in the air to condense, becoming water and remaining stored there. This condensed water is evacuated through a drain or must be emptied periodically.

Types of dehumidifiers

Dehumidifier by condensation

There are several types of dehumidifiers that work from different methods. The first and most commonly used of these is the condensation dehumidifier or refrigerant dehumidifier.

This type of apparatus that works from the principle of condensation, cools the air absorbed below the dew point, which means that the air to be cooled in this way will be between 3 and 8 degrees below the ambient temperature, causing the humidity to turn into water. Therefore, they need to operate internally with an evaporator, a condenser, a drip tray, a filter, a fan, a heat exchanger and an expander.

These are usually considered the most efficient to reduce the humidity of the walls and objects of the room in which they are placed. For that reason, they are the most purchased, both by individuals and companies for their offices.

Desiccant dehumidifier

This type of devices regulate humidity through the use of chemical substances. These chemicals are desiccant products that are able to extract or release water vapor from the air they absorb from the environment. They can be classified into two types: adsorbents and absorbers. Adsorbents do not modify their physical state when they absorb moisture, and absorbers are those that can not absorb moisture without transforming their physical state. The adsorbent chemicals are used mostly for dehumidifying devices, the most common of which is silica gel.

Silica gel is a form of silicon dioxide, which is a chemical compound found in nature. Silica gel is synthetically manufactured from it and other components.

This gel is quite popular and is often found in many products such as shoes, clothing, electronic devices, food or used to preserve metal parts. This gel is not toxic, although it can be mixed in some occasions with other components that can add toxicity.

Dehumidifiers that use silica gel work by using an internal wheel that is built with the material. That wheel has a multitude of layers and cavities through which the absorbed air must pass in order to be desiccated by the dehumidifier.

These chemicals used to dry function because of the affinity they have, chemically speaking, with moisture. For this reason, when humid air passes through the wheel impregnated with some of the drying chemicals, the air condenses its moisture due to contact with that element, which is absorbed by the chemical and then releases the air without moisture.

During this process, it is necessary that there is also a hot air flow which is what allows the desiccant element to reactivate. When silica gel is used as a desiccant, it is not usually necessary to replace it because it has a long useful life.

Dehumidifier by filtration

This type of dehumidifiers work by hygroscopy. This type of hygroscopic compounds are able to attract water that is in the environment in the form of vapor or liquid. The devices that use this method to reduce humidity work from a rotor that processes the humid air and transforms it into dry air that it releases.

Dehumidifier with heating and ventilation

This method involves using both heat and ventilation at the same time to remove moisture from the air.

The temperature rises inside the dehumidifier device, while ventilation is also intensified. All this in a certain area.

However, this method is the least effective of all. This is because its effectiveness depends on the outside temperature, since it works better the lower the temperature outside and the higher inside. Therefore, this type of dehumidifiers have a better performance in autumn and winter, while in summer they are not as effective.

Another drawback of these devices is that they usually need a lot of electric power to operate, so they generate many expenses by making your electricity bill come much higher than normal. This is because it requires a relatively long time to dry the air and humidity in general, since it needs to work with large differences in temperature.

It is essential to take into account the fact that the ambient temperature should not be too high when trying to reduce the humidity of the structures of a space. Temperatures should not exceed 35 ° C because, otherwise, the walls of the place may be broken or have cracks and deterioration of the wall.

Designs and forms of dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers are rectangular shaped devices that are held vertically. They usually have a digital screen somewhere on the device, usually at the top, and some buttons with which it is configured for use.

They weigh, generally, around 5 kg. In most cases, they can measure up to 54 cm high and 39 cm wide.

A dehumidifier is an easy-to-use device but quite complex in its composition. It requires various mechanisms and compounds that allow the process of reducing humidity in the environment to be carried out effectively. Depending on the type of dehumidifier you will need more or less things and will have a more or less complex operation.

In general, there are some elements that are part of these devices and it is important to know to know how they work, where their benefits come from and what elements could be malfunctioning if our dehumidifier has a problem.

buy a dehumidifier

All dehumidifiers must have a collector container. This container is a place for the moisture collected and converted into water to be stored and subsequently eliminated. Some people usually use this water to water plants or feed their animals, however, this is not advisable since the water is dirty and can cause damage to both.

These devices have elements with which you must interact to control the details of the device and to configure certain things. Depending on the type of dehumidifier and how it is updated, these items may be pressure buttons or handles that you must turn. Most artifacts of this type are now electronic so they use push buttons and digital displays. But you can still find some in the market that do not have these possibilities.

A humidistat is a fundamental element for humidity control. The dehumidifiers use this type of devices, both in an integrated way in the machinery and in an added way, to be able to measure the humidity present in the environment and know how to work from there to establish it in the appropriate percentage.

The dehumidifiers have supporters and detractors because, like almost all this kind of things, they have benefits and negative things. The most important thing you should know before deciding if you should buy a dehumidifier is, precisely, what are the advantages and disadvantages of its use.

Advantage To Buy a Dehumidifier

One of the advantages of using a device of this type in your home is that it helps you save money on air conditioning. During the winter season, helps reduce the level of cold inside the home, so you can reduce the use or power of heating. In the hot months, it also considerably reduces the feeling of heat, since humidity is an important part of the reasons why the heat becomes so unbearable, therefore, you can reduce the use of air conditioning.

Another important advantage of them is that they are able to maintain the humidity percentage of the space at the appropriate point, and this is achieved automatically and constantly.

In addition to this, they are allies for people who suffer from allergies regularly. The reduction of moisture in the air we breathe prevents the proliferation of dust mites. These microorganisms are, in many cases, the culprits of the daily allergies of sensitive people. Therefore, by reducing the proliferation of these, these people are given a much more comfortable and healthy daily life.

One more advantage of dehumidifiers is that they help accelerate the drying of clothes. At times of the year when there is too much moisture, the clothes you wash may take a long time to finish drying. This can be very annoying and even cause clothes to be covered with an unpleasant wet smell that is impossible to remove without having to wash them again. Having a dehumidifying device in the home allows this process to speed up considerably and we have better results in times of excessive humidity.

Also, these devices help reduce the pollution of the atmosphere, so they are beneficial on a larger scale.

One of the most important advantages of having a dehumidifier at home or in the office is that it contributes to improving the health of people. As we already mentioned, excess moisture can have many negative consequences for the health of the people who live in that space. Constantly breathing impure air and full of microorganisms is a pretty bad way to carry the day to day. It can bring effects on the respiratory and rheumatic level.

Disadvantages To Buy a Dehumidifier

However, this type of artifacts also have some disadvantages that you must take into account.

One of the first disadvantages of dehumidifiers is that they are only a temporary solution to the problem of humidity. These devices do not attack the root of the problem of excess moisture, but momentarily solve the presence of moisture in the room in which they are placed, as long as they are turned on and functioning. Once they are disconnected, the problem continues to grow.

Another disadvantage that some people find is the fact that their internal fans produce a fairly loud noise. There are already some dehumidifiers that have managed to reduce the unpleasantness of this sound or its power. However, in general, they make a constant noise that can bother some people a lot.

There is another drawback that could be considered a disadvantage but, rather, it is a kind of misunderstanding. Many people have the conception that dehumidifiers are capable of purifying air from the environment. This conception is wrong, these devices have the sole function of extracting moisture, but not purifying the air of other elements that could cause problems or diseases to people.

In addition to this, using these devices increases the cost of your electricity bill. Devices that remove moisture from the air must be in constant operation so that the positive effect is really effective and durable. Therefore, they use a lot of electricity from your home or office, generating bills that can be quite expensive.

What are the most useful situations to use a dehumidifier?

The amount of humidity in your home or workspace can vary depending on many factors, such as the time of year or the quality of the pipes. However, it is advisable to use a dehumidifier when the humidity of the environment exceeds 50% there are a few signs to which you must pay attention to know if it really is time to buy a dehumidifier.

If you find mold stains on any wall or corner of your house, it is a pretty clear signal that you need a dehumidifier. This is the most obvious way in which an excess of moisture is demonstrated.

If you perceive a strong musty odor in your home or office, you should look for the origin of that odor to verify where it comes from and, probably, you should get a dehumidifier. This smell of humidity is another evidence that there is an excess of it somewhere in your home, this humidity has grown so much that has managed to pass through surely several spaces in your home until the smell got to you.

If you start to notice drops of water inside your house, perhaps in the windows, glass and vases, you should buy a dehumidifier. These drops of water are a sign that the excessive humidity in your home has been condensing and stored in these small drops of water everywhere.

How to choose the best dehumidifier for you?

What you should do first is a comparison of dehumidifiers.

There are industrial dehumidifiers and dehumidifiers for domestic use. This is the first point that you must establish: if you need to reduce the humidity of a house, room or group of offices, or if you need to simply reduce the humidity of your house.

Of course, in our case we have been dealing with dehumidifiers for domestic use, but it is not unusual for you to know of the existence of other devices with industrial objectives and much more complex.

There are many types of dehumidifiers for domestic use. As we explained above, there are different methods through which you can reduce humidity in the environment and have created devices following all these processes.

Therefore, it can be a bit overwhelming to try to decide which is the best dehumidifier for your case. In addition to researching opinions on dehumidifiers posted by users, you can follow a few basic tips that will help you make a better decision.

Select the type of dehumidifier

With the information we provide on the operation of the different types of devices that exist in the market, you can start by discarding the dehumidifiers depending on the method they use.

Select the type of dehumidifierThe most common are refrigerants. This is the cheapest type of dehumidifier in the market. In addition, it has a wide variety of models, styles and brands, precisely because of its popularity. But they are usually quite noisy.

The dehumidifiers by heating are convenient in the cold times, but they require a lot of electric power so they will increase your electricity bill considerably. You must consider if this is a negative factor of weight to discard this type of apparatus.

Desiccants have the benefit that they are silent dehumidifiers, at least more than the rest, but they are more suitable for cold environments.

Then, check very well the characteristics of each type of device and select the one that best suits your needs.

Extraction capacity

This is a very important factor that must be taken into account when choosing one of these devices for our home or office. The extraction capacity has to do with the amount of water that the dehumidifier is able to extract from the humid air, in a period of 24 hours.

The extraction capacity of these domestic appliances can vary greatly depending on the type, the function they wish to fulfill and whether it is a small or large dehumidifier . They can range from 0.25 liters per 24 hours, to 30 liters per 24 hours.

Therefore, you must select the one that best suits you. This ability to extract moisture from the environment, generally, has to do with the power of the device, while more power, more extraction. However, you should take into account that in many cases this is not necessarily so. There are brands that achieve a higher level of efficiency and are able to extract more with less power.

Identify this by comparing the brands and types so that you select a good electric dehumidifier.

There are compact equipment and larger equipment. Compact dehumidifiers or mini dehumidifiers can measure up to 15 cm high. Of course, this type of dehumidifiers have a very low extraction capacity. You must use them in a room or small space, with all the doors and windows closed.

mini dehumidifier can be a good option for you if you do not want to spend too much and your demands are minimal. However, if you need to fix a more general moisture problem, it is preferable that you look for a device of regular size and operation.

There are also size variations within these larger devices. This is an element that you must take into account for your comfort once you have purchased your device. While more compact, it is easier to install and locate in space, but it is also possible to reduce its power.

You should investigate the different prices of dehumidifiers, since there are considerable differences depending on all these factors.

Maintenance of your dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers usually operate autonomously. However, it is necessary to maintain them regularly.

The main thing you should know is that you have to remove the water that is stored in your tray as a result of moisture extraction. This is very important because, in addition to needing to withdraw at some point so you can continue storing, it is necessary to avoid negative effects.

If you do not clean your dehumidifier, you can begin to spread bacteria and fungi through the air, causing even more damage than you are managing to correct by removing moisture.

Therefore, you should maintain a periodic cleaning of this appliance, clean the tray, the fans and change the cables when necessary.

Also, remember not to locate your dehumidifier attached to the wall, you must leave a few centimeters away so that the air inlets and outlets do not block.

If you do constant maintenance of your dehumidifier and do not let water and dirt accumulate in it, it should not present problems. Therefore, in case your dehumidifier is damaged, you should call an expert or take it to a store to have it checked or repaired.


1. Orbegozo DH 1620 Review

Orbegozo is a brand of high-quality appliances with durable materials.

This dehumidifier is a high power device that is capable of extracting moisture from the air in the environment in which it is placed, with a capacity of 16 liters per day.

Orbegozo DH 1620 Review

In addition, it has a deposit of 3.5 liters of water so it is not necessary to remove this waste too frequently. Even better, it has a connection to contact it with a drain, so that it would not be necessary to manually handle the disposal of the wastewater that is stored in the appliance as a result of the extraction of moisture.
This product does not require a markedly cold environment to be able to operate effectively. It can be used perfectly in temperatures of 30 ° C. It can also work with 80 percent relative humidity.

Another particular benefit of this dehumidifier is that it has a washable filter so it will be much easier to make the proper maintenance of the product. You can make sure to keep your air clean and free of bacteria easily by removing the filter and washing it periodically.

It is capable of covering an area of 100 m2, so you can count on it to dehumidify a large area of your home or office.

The design of this product is elegant, simple and with two colors: blue and white. The materials are of good quality and resistant. The design allows its installation to be simple and easily accommodates the spaces of the home.


  • High power and extraction capacity
  • Large amount of wastewater storage
  • Washable filter
  • Large application area
  • It has an indicator light that the tank is full
  • Connection for the drain


  • It is relatively heavy: 13 Kg
  • It makes relatively loud noise
  • Is big


2. Orbegozo DH 1036 Review

The Orbegozo DH 1036 dehumidifier is a smaller version of other dehumidifiers of the same brand and, as usual, also with a little less power. This product reduces the ambient air humidity and has a daily dehumidification capacity of 10 liters per 24 hours.

Orbegozo DH 1036 Review

Despite being a little inferior to others of the same brand, it is quite competitive with respect to the market. It has a water storage tank with a capacity of 2.1 liters. It has an automatic defrosting system and drain connection that makes the life of the user much easier since it reduces the frequency with which maintenance and cleaning of the appliance must be done.

Compared with other existing products, this device provides greater convenience and practicality due to the aforementioned characteristics. In addition, it weighs 11.5 kg which makes it relatively easy to mobilize, compared to others. Another beneficial factor of this dehumidifier is that, with little power and a considerably smaller size, it is able to dehumidify moderately high amounts of humidity.

The design of the device is a simple but tasteful design, with rounded edges and pastel colors, which do not harm the design and decoration of the place where it is located.
The product has a washable dust filter, which differentiates it from others in the market and allows the cleaning and maintenance of the dehumidifier to be more efficient.
The noise produced has a fairly low level of 40dB, which makes it stand out against most products of this type.


  • Does not require low temperatures to operate
  • Low noise level
  • Operation indicator light and full tank
  • Low power consumption


  • Does not cover a large area of space


3. DeLonghi DNC 65 Review

DeLonghi is an Italian brand that manufactures different products for the home. These include kitchen appliances, cleaning and maintenance of the home, and products related to food, such as coffee machines.

DeLonghi DNC 65 Review

This brand is characterized by offering quality, innovative and stylish products. That’s why the Aria Dry Light DNC 65 is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a proven quality dehumidifier.

This device does not work with a compressor, since it has an advanced technology that allows it to act without needing it. In addition, it offers silent operation. This is one of the characteristics that make it a very valuable dehumidifier above the market.

Its operation is equivalent to that of a traditional dehumidifier that extracts up to 18 liters of water per day. It does not have a drain connection, so you should empty your tank regularly.

Its design is elegant, neutral and has a handle that allows easy movement.

The high level of this product makes its acquisition an investment of great value. This is why prices can be a little higher than others in the market. You must consider your options and assess how much you need your product to offer the best features so that you can decide if it is worth investing in a dehumidifier of this type.

However, it is advisable to make investments that are durable, since you can end up spending more money on repairs if you buy a cheap product without looking at its quality.

In addition, with the DeLonghi brand, you can find some dehumidifier offer, you just have to search well.


  • Is light
  • Silent operation
  • Advanced technology without compressor
  • It is relatively small
  • It is made of stainless steel and plastic
  • It covers 80 cm of surface
  • Adapted to dry clothes


  • Relatively high price
  • Without access to drain


4. Pro Breeze PB-02 EU Review

Pro Breeze is an international manufacturer of conditioning, heating and purification products for homes and work environments. They are recognized for using high quality materials and offering competitive products in the market.

They offer dehumidifiers of various types and in various formats, all with a high quality.

This dehumidifier is compact and portable, which means it is small format, made with the intention of occupying little space and that can be transported from one place to another. This type of dehumidifiers work to remove moisture, dirt and mold from small rooms such as rooms, kitchens, offices or garages.

This product has different qualities that make it stand out among the rest of the existing dehumidifiers in the market. One of them is that it has advanced technology that allows it to work without a compressor, this is a thermo-electric refrigeration technology. In addition to this, it has Peltier technology that is able to guarantee an ultra-quiet product.

You must take into account that this product is not made with the intention of covering large areas but with the objective of operating efficiently in relatively small spaces. Its extraction capacity is 250 ml of humidity per day, which is quite small compared to dehumidifiers that have ample capacity.

Another element that can differentiate it from other products of this type is that it has an automatic shutdown, and with a light that indicates the ignition of the product and also indicates when the tank is full.

In relation to the prices of dehumidifiers, this product is competitive, since it offers good qualities and low cost.


  • It is compact and practical
  • Its design is pleasing to the eye
  • Advanced technology
  • LED indicator
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low cost


  • Little ability to reach.


5. Finether XROW-600B Review

Finether is a home care products company that offers different options, from gardening to kitchen appliances. They promote and sell their products online, and offer artifacts of the best quality, at fairly low prices compared to the rest of their kind.

Finether XROW-600B Review

The Mini Finether Portable Air Dehumidifier is a quality product that is able to extract moisture from the air that has excess of it. Because it is a portable dehumidifier, it is a small device, designed to be used in small spaces and that provides a practicality that traditional dehumidifiers that are large and quite heavy do not have.

The main special functions of this dehumidifier include the fact that it can be used to remove moisture and fungi from cabinets or moderately small spaces in which not enough ventilation enters efficiently.

It is quite small since its weight is 1.2 kg. This makes it a perfect product to be mobilized and to attack areas that could go unnoticed by other dehumidifiers and that require direct attention.

This product also has a capacity of extraction of 250 ml per day, which is a good level taking into account the size and objectives of this device.

It is made of durable and durable plastic, which guarantees the long life of this Mini Finether Portable Air Dehumidifier.

Another benefit of acquiring this product is that its price is considerably low, without compromising in any way the high quality of the materials, the design and operation of it.


  • Two years warranty
  • Easy to operate
  • Low electricity consumption
  • 500 ml storage capacity


  • Does not cover large areas


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