Top 10 Best Kitchen Scales Reviews (Most accurate and Affordable)

Best Kitchen Scales – Kitchen weight is essentially a necessity every time you cook unless you want to add ingredients from your eye and risk an inaccurate result. For many recipes, it is necessary to accurately measure the amount of food ingredients that will help you with the weight of the food. A number of scales will also offer a good load that fits when cooked in bulk.

We distinguish mechanical and digital kitchen scales, which, in addition to the classic weighing associated with weight units, can measure, for example, the volume of classic water or milk. The special nutrition scales also display the caloric value of the weighted food. One of the main reasons for the digital scale acquisition is the accuracy of the measurement at 1 gram, which is also referred to as the gram weight.

Take into account not only the maximum load, the accuracy of weighing, whether it is with a smooth surface, removable bowl or spoon, but also its function. For example, whether it supports taxing or calculating nutritional values. Based on the parameters, tests and user experience, we have prepared a selection of the best kitchen scales and their reviews.

Best Kitchen Scales – TOP Review of 10 kitchen scales

Soehnle PAGE PROFI 67080 Review


Soehnle PAGE PROFI 67080The Soehnle PAGE PROFI 67080 digital kitchen scale captures its appearance, which supports both recessed display and modern touch control. The design is the use of safety glass, which not only looks very good, but of course also promises durability, without the risk of damage during normal handling. The quality is supported by a 60-month warranty.

With the weight it is not necessary to weigh only small things, because in this respect it will surely attract its overall heavy load, which is up to 15 kg. Thanks to the precision of just 1 gram, it is a good helper even if it is necessary to measure a very small amount of raw materials.

Thanks to the large display, the weight is readily readable. There is now virtually a self-evident dictation function associated with manual reset. The HOLD function is also practical, which allows you to weigh even large objects overlapping the display, while on activation the display remains for 10 seconds after weighing. The power is solved easily by using 2 AAA batteries, which are micro-tangled.

  • Loud sound when switching functions

ETA Lori 2777 90000 Review

ETA Lori 2777 90000

Gram weight ETA Lori 2777 90000 is designed for anyone who requires a maximum weighing accuracy of 1 gram for this model. Because of its maximum capacity of 5 kilograms, it is designed to weigh a rather small amount of raw material. The normal weighing of food in the home kitchen will be sufficient. The weighing surface is of high quality plastic.

Her white design is hilarious and modern. With this, a large and crisp LCD display is also connected, which makes it possible to precisely measure the amount of food. There is also the practical function of classifying the classics as Tare. It also takes its automatic shutdown system during idle.

In addition to the classic weight, it will also help to measure the exact amount of milliliters of water as well as milk. Stability supports anti-slip feet. It is powered by one CR2032 battery. There is both a battery overload indicator and a battery discharge indicator.

  • It does not have a switch and sometimes it’s time to turn on

Tefal BC5004 Review

Tefal BC5004

The Tefal BC5004 digital kitchen scale has a practical strap that makes it easy to hang up and make storage easier. It also captures its overall high accuracy, with weighing per gram. The maximum load capacity corresponds to normal domestic use. The value is 5 kilograms.

During weighing it is possible to use the Tare button, which is intended for the so-called food taxing. All measured values ​​are displayed on a large, easy to read LCD display. In addition to weight units, it is also possible to measure the volume of fluids, with the ability to switch values ​​to centilitres or deciliters.

The glass surface records the modern look, while offering quality and durability. Thanks to thin design, storage is guaranteed anywhere. Enjoy a low weight of 0.6 kilograms. The power supply is solved with AAA batteries, where it is necessary to place the balance in the balance 2.

  • Large display, clk and dcl conversion, hanging strap
  • It does not bind to minus


ETA Dori 6778 90000 Review

ETA Dori 6778 90000

The food weight ETA Dori 6778 90000 takes a couple of things right now. The first is a good stainless steel design, which is also signed on quality and durability. It also captures a bowl that greatly facilitates weighing. Of course, the overall accuracy of the weight is 1 gram. The weight unit can be selected as needed, between kilogram and pound.

In addition to weighing, it is possible to switch to milliliters or ounces and accurately measure the volume of classic water as well as milk. Maximum weighing capacity is 5 kilograms, which is sufficient for the household.

It has 2 control buttons, including a large, well-readable LCD display with a white backlight. Power is provided with 2 AAA batteries. The low battery indicator itself alerts you to the need for replacement. If necessary, it is possible to use the dare function based on resetting the measurement using the Tare button.

  • Including removable bowl, stainless finish
  • We did not find anything essential

Soehnle Silvia 65003 Review

Soehnle Silvia 65003

Soehnle Silvia 65003 is a stainless steel design that delivers both modern looks and durability and, last but not least, easy maintenance. It has an interesting design, offering an analog weight indicator at the bottom and a practical tray for weighing food.

Its maximum load or load capacity is fully sufficient for use in a normal household because it is 5 kilograms. To achieve maximum weighing accuracy, the weight indicator is divided into 20-gram points. Due to the mechanical design, no power supply is needed.

The weight of this weight is approximately 1.3 kilograms, making it easier to handle. The quality is confirmed by the fact that the manufacturer gives it a guarantee of 3 years. Due to the size of the pointer, the weight is very easy to read.

  • Large dial, nice design, detachable bowl for weighing
  • It can not be considered larger dimensions

Gallet Saintes BAC 415  Review

Gallet Saintes BAC 415

The Saintes BAC 415 Galvan kitchen scales with its stainless steel design, which is positively signed on both design, quality and easy maintenance. The construction will also attract a large 2.2 liters dispenser. This facilitates the weighing of food without the need for another container. They will also enjoy additional features such as a practical kitchen counter or digital temperature display.

Perfect precision is guaranteed because everything is weighted at 1 gram. The maximum load capacity is 5 kg. All necessary data is displayed on a large LCD display. There is also a Tara button for the possibility of being dared.

The power supply is designed with 2 AAA batteries. In order to ensure maximum savings, the balance will automatically shut down after 2 minutes of inactivity. There are also practical indicators for overloading even on a faulty battery.

  • Including large bowl, temperature and minute
  • Weight measurement only

ETA Grami 3777 90000 Review

ETA Grami 3777 90000

The kitchen scale ETA Grami 3777 90000 takes its design with a practical ring for hanging and therefore easier storage. This is not the only advantage that this model can offer. Unique load bearing capacity is 8 kilograms. With precision on grams, there is no need to worry about accuracy of weighing.

The body has a touch screen and a readable LCD display. In addition to weight, it is possible to measure the volume of water required as well as the volume of milk. There is no detection of overloading as well as detection of discharged batteries. Both are also displayed on the scale display.

The Tare feature facilitates so-called docking when adding additional ingredients. Of course there is also an easy way to switch units that are grams, pounds, ounces, but also milliliters. Power is provided with 1 CR2032 battery.

  • Load capacity 8 kg, hanging eye, volume measurement
  • For some type of battery

Kenwood DS400 Review

Kenwood DS400

The Kenwood DS400 Digital Kitchen Scenario features a unique black design that fits perfectly into modern kitchens. Stylish is also a durable glass surface, which is very easy and easy to clean. The weight is also suitable for those who want to weigh more food. This corresponds to the load capacity or the load, which has a value of very good 8 kilograms.

The accuracy of this weight is 2 grams, thus slightly deviating from the compared models. The display is digital, making it easy for both weighing precision and overall readability. Operation is very simple, with the touch keys that are located on both sides of the display.

Thanks to the Tare button, it’s not a problem to use it even for so-called dowing. It is powered by just one battery, the CR 2032 type. To avoid unnecessary discharges, the auto-off function is self-evident.

  • Stylish design, load up to 8 kg, lightweight
  • Lower accuracy


JATA 612VE Review


The JATA 612VE mechanical kitchen scale is designed for anyone looking for a weight for which no battery or power supply is required. It also captivates its design, which exudes color, using both green and stainless design.

At the bottom there is a weight indicator while the top is a practical food tray. All-metal design also provides good durability and durability. This is confirmed by the manufacturer himself, by giving a guarantee of 3 years.

The weight has a load of 5 kg, which is sufficient for the kitchen. Its accuracy is 25 grams, since the scale itself is precisely divided into such parts. Takes the practical function of zeroing Tara, which is designed for simple docking.

  • Metal design, without the need to solve power, with a bowl A little clear dial


ETA Vital 0790 90000 Review

ETA Vital 0790 90000

Kitchen scale ETA Vital 0790 90000 is literally an innovative kitchen helper. It falls into the category of nutritional weights. Not only does it weigh, it also calculates and records the nutritional value of the raw materials. They have stored 470 and offer the option to add another via the mobile phone application called NUTRI VITAL.

Thus, weight, in addition to weighing, also provides information on ingredients, such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, salt, and energy. There is also a practical history of weighing. The scale design has a touch screen and a large enough and easy to read LCD display.

The maximum load on this model is a standard 5 kilograms. Takes the precision value as it can weigh 1 gram. It is powered by two CR2032-plated batteries. In addition to its classical mass, it can also measure the volume.

  • Nutritional values, mobile applications, thin design
  • Two batteries for operation

How to choose a kitchen scale

Kitchen scale is an invaluable aid in cooking, to keep the accuracy of a particular recipe. When choosing, it is first necessary to consider what kind of weight is involved.

Digital kitchen scales

The digital kitchen scale is characterized by the fact that the measured values ​​are displayed on the practical display. Typically, this type of weight will offer, besides weight weighing, the ability to measure volume for liquids. It is also associated with very good weighing accuracy, usually per gram. The disadvantage of this solution is the need for battery power.

Mechanical kitchen scale

The mechanical kitchen scale shows the weight on the analog scale. There is a load on the bowl, whereby a specific pointer will turn, which shows a specific weight on the face. The point that the mechanical weight for food has is that it works without any energy source. Negative is the lower accuracy of weighing, as well as the fact that it takes up more space.

Maximum load

Another parameter of choice should be the so-called loadability that kitchen scales will have. In layman’s terms, it is also possible to speak of the value labeled as load capacity. Most models on the market are associated with a value of 5 kilograms. Few models fall below that. However, they will also offer a load of about 8 kilograms or even 15 kilograms.

Weighing accuracy

If it is necessary to keep up with the ideal process of preparing food, the weight and the accuracy of the weighing weight plays. Better in this direction is the digital kitchen scale. It can meet a standard where it can accurately weigh 1 – 2 grams and is also referred to as gram weight. Much worse is the mechanical kitchen scale. The precision is lower and usually ranges between 20 and 25 grams. This is more appropriate for benchmarking.

Weighing area

The weight scale can be divided into two categories according to the weighing area. It can be smooth, thanks to its compactness, but again it is necessary to have its own container in which the food will be weighed. The second solution is a weight with a bowl that makes it easier to use, but it is also associated with worse storage.

Functions and features

The performance associated with the design may be a safety glass or stainless steel variant, which ensures a modern design as well as easy cleaning. The design can also offer a hook or eyelet. Such hanging scales can be hung in the kitchen area and be so immediately at hand.

The TARE function can be assigned to the functions that the kitchen scale should have. It offers the possibility of so-called dowing, associated with zeroing during weighing. Practical is also the function of switching weight units from grams to pounds, which is suitable for cooking according to foreign recipes. High-quality digital scales can also switch to milliliters, so weighing can accurately measure not only the amount of classic water but also milk. Last but not least, the nutrition weights will allow you to calculate the nutritional value of the weighted foods according to the type you choose.

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