Top 5 Best Meat Choppers and Grinders Review $50 – $200 – Pros and Cons

Best Meat Choppers and Grinder –  The time when we used to chop meat using a manual mill was left behind a long time ago, however, we do not have to resign ourselves to stop consuming the best homemade burgers. This is the reason why many of us, possibly moved by nostalgia or appetite, have decided to fix our eyes on an electric meat grinder.

However, to make the best purchasing decision it is always necessary to consider as many variables as possible, we would not want under any circumstances to end up buying an expensive professional meat grinder if the only use we are going to give you is to prepare the hamburgers on Sundays

And in the antipodes, we would not want to end up making a manual meat grinder if what we are about is to open a beach bar where we are going to sell hamburgers in the summer. So pay close attention, I’m about to reveal everything you need to know before making a purchase decision.

What use are you going to give your meat mincer?

We already know what to bite meat, but the important thing is in what context? It is a passenger hobby of roasting homemade burgers on Sundays, you are about to start your gastronomy career or you just need a reliable tool to help you process the meat of family snacks.

This answer will largely depend on the market area in which you must put your attention, as well as you can find cheap meat grinders, there are real pieces of engineering that are certainly not inexpensive, and that prospectively would end up making you annoyed with your decision.

I will assume that like me, you are an intermediate user, who has not decided to invest one hundred euros in a meat grinder just because he got excited watching a chapter of Masterchef, but on the contrary, you have some degree of concern about the way that the food that arrives at your table is processed and you are convinced that the quality of life of your family depends on making good decisions.

Before presenting a reasoned selection with five very good options of meat grinders, I will explain some things you may want to know about the operation and care of this tool, which will help you to become aware of fundamental aspects before your purchase.

How does a domestic meat grinder work?

Things have not changed much since the nineteenth century, when the German engineer Karl Drais devised a mechanism that using a screw helped to chop and process and more or less uniformly bite the meat, possibly the most significant difference between the original design of the manual meat mincer and the machines of our days is the inclusion of an electric motor .

The basic operation of any meat grinder consists in the actuation of a rotating lever that moves an endless spiral shaft that pushes the pieces of meat towards a grid with holes from which the meat leaves turned into smaller pieces or strips. Imagine it in some way like a colander in which the meat reaches like a muscle and comes out of the other side turned into a perfect mouldable mass for hamburgers.

This is the reason why you may have the memory that in the old butchers the meat chopper worked by association with the stuffer, in fact, you will discover that your next purchase is the best way to make homemade sausages or any other delight that you can think of.

Of course, today it is not necessary to turn the crank for hours, most modern machines incorporates a very considerable constant motive power that ranges between 0.5 and 3 horsepower, I think it is not too much to tell you that It is not a toy, and in fact any meat mincer can crush the same smart phone or finger in case of carelessness.

Safety recommendations

I assure you that you do not want to have an accident with one of these machines, pay attention to the following recommendations and it is very likely that you never have to worry about anything different than the dressing of your burgers. Remember that common sense is there to keep us safe from ourselves, but sometimes we fail to put it into practice.

  1. Avoid obstructions in the chopping mechanism: I recommend cutting the meat in small cubes of no more than four centimeters, that will prevent the screw from becoming blocked and instinctively decide to introduce your hands trying to release the mechanism. The latter is a very bad idea and you should not do it under any circumstances
  2. Remember that it is a household appliance: Sometimes the solid appearance of this type of appliance can be deceptive, do not forget that it is a machine driven by electricity and that although we would like to put it under hot water to remove the remaining muscle fibers, it is not a real possibility
  3. You are cooking, not directing a teleconference: Sometimes the most obvious things are the ones we forget, and that was exactly what happened to me with my SmartWatch. In a macabre turn of the hamburgers, my watch accidentally slipped into the chopper and my meat-eating toy devoured my toy to check the email. Obviously the dinner was spoiled
  4. The asepsis is a crucial point: Remember that meat waste can decompose and be the breeding ground for bacteria dangerous to your health, if you do not carefully clean the blades after each use, you could be a victim of poisoning and put at risk to your family

Operational recommendations of the chopper

I particularly love the idea of brand new cooking utensils, but even if I wanted to do it every day, we know that this is not possible, that’s why the maintenance of our meat grinder is fundamental. For that reason and to prolong the life of your appliance, I recommend you keep in mind the following:

  1. Add the salt to the meat after it has been chopped: It is a common mistake to add the salt to the meat before putting it into the chopper, however, what you may not have known is that the salt crystals can be highly abrasive and wear down or even clog the mechanism of your electric grinder
  2. Pay attention to food waste: Not only because they can generate health problems, but because if they accumulate too much will block the motor rotor of your meat grinder, it is important to make sure to keep the processing area clean if you do not want to face annoying consequences
  3. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions: It is not a spaceship, but it is still a more or less complex engineering device, and most importantly, in most cases the guarantee has important limitations on user participation. Follow the instruction manual can avoid, that like me, you are forced to resign the warranty and manage them on your own
  4. Pass the meat more than once: If you want to get the best possible results with the meat, passing it more than once through the chopper will ensure a more homogeneous and moldable result, whether you’re preparing hamburgers or homemade sausages, a mixture of constant texture will be something your guests will know to thank

Buying the best meat grinder

We are talking about an appliance that is in the range of 60 and 200 euros in its domestic version, which is why at some point we may consider buying it second-hand, however, personally, I would not risk buying meat grinder used if I do not know very well the previous owner.

It may seem fussy on my part, but at least I would not sell my meat grinder, it is a very personal kitchen gadget, which if a careless user mistreated before we will make it pay dearly, either because the engine has lost strength, or because a bacterium of the meat lodged in the chopping system.

If you do not mind the electric meat grinder price and really want to make a tool of good quality, my recommendation is to save fish by selling an offer in a digital sales platform, or even in a department store, there are usually good prices in dates like Black Friday or the Cyber Mondays.

The price of meat mincer bears some relation to its quality, and in this section, I am going to tell you two things that my mother has told me, the first is that ‘the cheap is expensive’ and the second that such an intimate relationship should be ‘ forever’. In fact, my mother has a manual mincer and her grandmother inherited it, so she takes it very seriously.

This, of course, is not my case, but it has been my fault. Although I chose one of the best products on the market, I gave my meat grinder a sloppy use and finished the relationship by accidentally dropping my SmartWatch into the processing area. The love and common sense will save you hours of suffering from any appliance.

Time to open up, do I really need a meat grinder?

I think we all know the concept of ‘impulse buying’. We have fallen again and again in the hands of the marketing department of a factory that sells a fiction similar to this ‘Designed in California, Made in China’ and we end up acquiring in a comfortable monthly payment a hypertrophied computer for our real needs.

The same can happen to us in the kitchen and not only because every time we see more televised spaces captured by shows like Masterchef or Hell’s Kitchen, where we are bombarded with the idea that amateur chefs with the right tools can become culinary stars, but because it is a world trend, the kitchen is the new living room, and we all want to shine a little.

I know it may sound a little derogatory, but the truth is the first meat grinder I bought it moved by a program of these. After spinning it for a second and a half, I decided to jump on the computer and buy one exactly like the one I had just seen on TV. The result was predictable, I got a nice tool to process food that any restaurant would have envied.

After inviting family and close friends to dinner and improving my technique remarkably, I noticed with sadness that the dust began to accumulate on my mincer, then the disaster occurred in which my smartwatch turned into a hamburger and I left for a considerable period of time the idea of processing my own flesh.

The reason why I bought a second meat grinder is that I understood that I could take things with a little more calm, slow cooking or slow food can really raise our quality of life, and since I work from home, I can do things for my wife and my children that otherwise would be impossible. Eating well is a privilege, although it should be a right.

Will a meat grinder improve the quality of what I eat?

In principle, it is simply a tool, but if you know how to use it, it will allow you to process your cuts in an original and specific way, allowing you to have the maximum control over the quality of the meat you consume. In my house, we consume proteins of animal origin a day in between, so the effect that the mincer had was very positive.

Learning basic cooking concepts without a doubt is more fun if we have an efficient tool, think about it in the following way, what today are homemade hamburgers with our children, tomorrow it can be a meat tartar, and so on, the possibilities They are practically unlimited.

When you discover that you can not only process beef and pork but in fact, you can pass any type of meat, including chicken and some types of fish, your kitchen will definitely reach another level. The wonders that I have prepared with the remaining pieces of chicken, have earned me applause from my family and my friends.

In short, it is about putting the situation to work, it is true that not all of us have so much time or enthusiasm to modify our family’s diet, but truth be told, the quality of life of my family increased significantly thanks to the possibilities that the meat grinder gave us.

In conclusion

It depends a lot on your vital routines if it is a good idea or not to buy a homemade meat grinder, however, if you are already determined to invest between 60 and 200 euros in a unit, it is best that you know how to get all the juice possible. Do not let yourself be intimidated if at first, your flesh seems an amorphous and unappetizing mass, you will find the balance in its moment.

Remember that it is not treated under any circumstance of a toy, in fact, it is a household appliance that badly used can cause us very serious injuries, all your interactions with it should be mediated by common sense and above all my respect with the ingredients.

The best meat grinder for you is not necessarily the one that comes out in the kitchen shows, nor the most expensive, if you are a new user, maybe you even enjoy using a manual mincer, it can be an original way to exercise and in the end, the meat will be as good as using an electric one.

Having expensive tools in your kitchen does not convert you by divine grace into professional chefs, it will take some time for us to properly handle our mincer, and much more than a recipe works out perfectly, so be patient and do not give up what could become in the beginning of an adventure that greatly improves your quality of life.

You already know practically everything you have to know to make a reasoned purchase decision, you just need to go out and explore the market and find out what is the option that offers you the best cost vs. benefit ratio. It is very important that you keep your mind open and above all that you be honest with yourself.

Note: Some products may be different from those in the description below because they are out of stock or no longer available. In this case, the best possible substitution was put in their place.

1. Sunmile SM-G35 Review

Its price is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable in the market. Its stylized appearance will make it an almost immediate protagonist of your kitchen. In fact, it is a very nice model, although probably not the most appropriate one if you are a user with the need to process a lot of meat, however, it will serve you more than well, if you plan to use it to prepare some hamburgers from time to time, or to share the meat of the week. In general it is an ideal kitchen tool for novices.

Sunmile SM-G35

Advantages: The synthesis would be more or less the following, it is a ‘good, pretty and cheap’ meat grinder, however, beyond that, there is not much that can be added, except that its external appearance makes it almost a decorative piece. It is the ideal option if you are not going to take very seriously the ‘slow cooking’ and the practical implications that you can have to process your own meat. Your engine may seem small, but it actually works great and does not consume too much electricity.

Disadvantages: It was not my case, but I read the opinions of several dissatisfied users in the United States who bought this mincer part for their cabins and were surprised that it was insufficient to process for example a whole hare, a boar or a deer. It is hardly natural that a motor of this size can not with a dam of that size, but it is a matter of common sense and to warn the real capabilities of our device.

2. Aicok AZ-MG088 Review

We started to get into the world of kitchen instruments and their galloping prices, for approximately three times the price that in the previous case, we will be making an electric food chopper, with which we can make sausages, kubbe, noodles or whatever Let’s think of it. It is truly a multifunctional tool that an intermediate user can enjoy a lot.

Aicok AZ-MG088

Advantages : The manufacturer offers a 2 year warranty for factory defects, which is a relief considering the price, however, the most striking feature of this model with respect to its peers of other brands, is the ease of the cleaning mechanism, It will be enough to move two or three pieces and we will practically have in our hands everything that came into contact with the meat. The accessories that are included for the different uses that our picadora has are definitely an advantage, in some way they direct our creativity and they will help us a lot to innovate.

Disadvantages: Although with some luck we will find it on offer, its price is sensibly high and its design is certainly not attractive, it has an institutional aspect that may not combine well with a sophisticated kitchen. Many users complained about the fact that chlorine bleaches discolored the aluminum and that in general, some cleaning products changed the color of the appliance. Another disadvantage is that compared to other models it can be a bit noisy for some users.

3. Aicok MG 2430RB Review

Believe me that when a brand manages to position two of its products in a list of five is because they are doing something right, Aicok may not design their meat grinders thinking of a museum of industrial design, but, yes, think about the needs of their customers. This product without a doubt, will not disappoint any intermediate user and even surprise some experienced butcher. It is one of the products that offers the best cost vs. benefit ratio in the market.

Aicok MG 2430RB

Advantages : It is an ideal product for a home user who does not want to demand too much performance, it is a small chopper, so it will not become a storage problem, or a stubborn body in the middle of your kitchen, itches easily and in general It is easy enough to clean. If your plan is to throw a whole filet, obviously without the bone, the machine will be up to your expectations and will process it in a matter of seconds, its engine is definitely very powerful.

Disadvantages : Some users said that it warms up a little, five minutes of intense use are enough for us to notice how the temperature rises. It is also a somewhat noisy machine and although it does not get stuck while processing the meat, it gets to generate that impression. It is necessary to wash the parts by hand or if chrome plating is not put at risk. It is not an expensive appliance, but there are options that offer the same benefits for a fraction of the price.

4. Homgeek JSMG 303-120 Review

Its 1,200-watt engine is a marvel of engineering, it has more of the power it needs to fulfill its primary function of crushing meat. This product is definitely one of the most interesting in its market line, ideal if you want to fully immerse yourself in the meat and the things you can prepare at home, it does not matter if they are sausages, kubbe, noodles or hamburgers.

Homgeek JSMG 303-120 Review

Advantages: Of the five options that I am going to present to you, it is the one that offers you the best cost-benefit ratio, and it is also the one that has a complementary accessory kit with more options. If you are a curious person with plenty of time, you will learn how to use each one of the gadgets and take full advantage of the possibilities of this meat grinder. It is also easy to wash and stored without generating too much space problems.

Disadvantages: 1,200 watts of power are practically a miniature motorcycle. Believe me, if you take it with your guard down, the sound is going to make you jump next, this is possibly the biggest problem we will find. Not all parts are made of stainless steel, some are made of aluminum, which is why we should be especially careful with them during the cleaning process. This last characteristic is resented by some users who complained about the ease with which their blades were rusted and the need to dry them after finishing the washing process.

5. Bosch MFW67440 Review

The reputation that precedes this brand worldwide is a guarantee that we are facing a top quality product, although some buyers had negative experiences, the generality of the reviews that can be found on the Internet about this meat grinder are very enthusiastic. The price speaks to us of a solid product, that although it is not of professional use, it has benefits of the highest level. Although it is possibly an expensive product, the cost-benefit ratio is not inconvenient at all.

Bosch MFW67440 Review

Advantages: If you are like 80% of internet users you will not experience any odious manufacturing defect and the 2 year warranty will cover you for any eventuality, the power of your engine will suffice for you to throw all the fillets of the week’s purchase and process them without major difficulties. The entire cleaning mechanism is super intuitive and you should not have major problems in leaving it impeccable after each use. Although it is not advisable to shed bones or tendons, some buyers reported having successfully done so without their chopper being damaged.

Disadvantages: For some reason, the industrial designers behind this meat grinder have not taken into account to manufacture the supply tray in a more resistant material than plastic. It is likely that it will break after some uses. Some buyers complained that the blades were not sharp enough and for that reason, the meat ended up getting stuck and causing the mincer to vibrate and move dangerously.

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