Top 5 Best Pilates Balls Review Under $100 – Pros and Cons (Pregnancy)

Best Pilates Balls – Exercising the body has become one of the activities that people perform most in their daily routine, since this not only brings benefits in the physical aspect but also helps to take care of our health by making us much more active, full of vitality and ready to perform 100% day after day.

There are a huge number of methods to exercise, from the most conventional to the most advanced, being some more effective than others in certain areas, and also vary in the level of demand and intensity they require.

Undoubtedly, one of the elements that has gained most popularity during the last decades in the world of exercise, is the pilates ball, a tool that can become your faithful companion when it comes to wanting to train your muscles. This tool will serve to activate many areas of your body that do not usually work in other types of exercises, teaching you to know each of them and to master their movements.

That said, I’m sure that if you have come to this guide it is because you are interested in acquiring a ball for pilates , so we will get down to work and we will show you all the information regarding this useful accessory, mentioning all the characteristics that make it an essential article to exercise, in addition to its history, its price and many other things to take into account.

First of all, what is the origin of the gymnastics ball?

The pilates ball , also known as swiss ball, fitness ball or gymnastic ball was designed by the Italian Aquilino Cosani, a plastic manufacturer who was in charge of mass manufacturing these tools, a fact that greatly increased its popularity within the Italian territory and , later, throughout Europe.

Physiotherapist Mary Quinton, based in Switzerland, was responsible for the first use of this ball of pilates , using it in treatment programs for newborns and babies. Similarly, Susanne Klein-Vogelbach integrated the use of the ball to the school of Physical Therapy in Basel, where it was used for the treatment of neurological development .

The denomination of Swiss ball began to be used from the moment in which the American doctors observed the effects of this particular ball brought from Switzerland, which broadened still more the spectrum of the possibilities of use of this tool.

Nowadays, the pilates ball is also known as a yoga ball , because of the use it has been given in the routines of that discipline. Likewise, they are used for physical rehabilitation therapies from the clinical point of view, as well as as a fundamental factor in a general conditioning routine and, of course, for pilates.

What materials are pilates balls made of?

The pilates balls are built on the basis of an elastomeric plastic material, this means that it has a sufficiently firm but elastic consistency, which has non-metal compounds in its components that make it possible for the ball to have that behavior Elastic characteristic.

Also, due to the advancement of the technology and the materials with which the pilates balls are being made, now they are much easier to store, since most of these accessories include a pump specially designed to inflate the ball easily .

We recommend that you acquire a Swiss ball that includes one of these pumps so you can deflate it whenever you finish doing the exercises, so you will not have to worry about having to reserve a large space to store it, since it has a much smaller volume and can be saved. be stored in any corner of the house.

What benefits would it bring me to use a pilates ball?

One of the basic principles of pilates is to improve the mind-body connection that exists within each person, so that the mind and body go hand in hand and can be optimally complemented and live in harmony with each other. other.

Likewise, using one of these Swiss balls within your exercise routine can help you to correct a bad posture, since the position that you will have to adopt when sitting on the ball causes the body to have to adjust constantly in order not to lose balance, which exercises the muscles of the back and makes them perform their function correctly.

We must also highlight how versatile these pilates balls can be, which will not only serve you to practice pilates, but you can also use them to relax while doing yoga or as a fundamental element for the rehabilitation of some injury after an accident or some operation to which you have submitted.

Who can use a pilates ball?

There is no indicated age to start or stop doing exercises with the pilates ball, since it has a wide range of variants that allow that from the largest to the smallest can exercise using one of these, without running any kind of danger, as long as you are being guided by a specialist in the field.

How do I choose the pilates ball indicated for me?

The choice of the right pilates ball for you lies basically around a single element: your height. Your height combined with the size of the ball are the factors on which the correct performance of the exercises will depend, since the positions that the body will adopt should be as natural and less forced as possible.

In the event that your height is between 1.22 and 1.52 meters, it is best to buy a ball that does not have a diameter greater than 45 centimeters. In the case of people who measure between 1.53 and 1.60 meters, it is recommended to buy pilates ball of about 55 cm in diameter.

Similarly, those who have a height that is between 1.61 and 2 meters, should be done with a ball of pilates of 65 centimeters, this being the most popular size and the most easily found in stores. Finally, those who are really tall and exceed two meters in height, should buy a ball of pilates about 75 centimeters in diameter, so that the back does not suffer damage at the time of performing the exercises.

Is exercising with a pilates ball good for pregnancy?

Yes, a pilates pregnancy ball is ideal for those women who are in gestation period, since the exercises that can be performed with one of these reinforce the balance, because the body must adjust permanently according to the movement of the ball , which makes the center of gravity vary practically all the time.

These actions that the body must perform, improve concentration and sensitivity. You should be constantly alert to any loss of balance, which will make you better know the behavior of your muscles and, therefore, to feel how each of them exercises in each of the exercises.

We’re done!

After having read this guide that we carefully prepared for you, we assure you that you are completely ready to buy the pilates ball that best suits your needs. Cheer up and welcome a tool that will take your exercise routine to the next level, including exercises that will stimulate the mind and your body in a unique and highly variable way.

The possibilities offered by a yoga ball are almost endless, so you can constantly vary the exercises you do in order to avoid boredom and monotony, both reasons why people tend to lose motivation and abandon their exercise routine.

Remember that health is always first and maintain an active life with a well-organized exercise routine and physical activities that make your body become stronger and less likely to contract some diseases. Regardless of the discipline in which you will use the Swiss ball you acquire, the important thing is that you maintain an exercise routine that motivates you to have physical activity day after day.

Note: Some products maybe different from those in the description below because they are out of stock or no longer available. In this case the best possible substitution was put in their place.

1. Koyto Sports Blue 65 Review

The first copy of this list comes from the hand of Koyto Sports, brand that has managed to make one of the very good balls of cheap pilates that you will find in the market, which in addition to fulfilling correctly its main function within the exercises It also includes a series of accessories that will help you use your pilates ball in the best way.

Koyto Sports Blue 65

The package of this fitness ball includes a hand pump with which you can easily fill the ball until you have the right amount of air to work with any of the two air connectors that also includes.

In turn, it also includes a set of three resistance bands, an accessory that expands the possibilities of exercises that can be performed with the ball. Said bands can be used alone or mixed together.

With the purchase of this pilates ball, you will be receiving directly in your email a couple of digital books that includes detailed information about how to include this accessory in your training routine, as well as an exercise guide.

This ball of pilates can be used by pregnant women, in order to relieve the pressure of the pelvis and back pain that can be generated in this period, also helps position the baby in a position of correct delivery.


  • The price-quality ratio is quite good, in addition to having a lifetime guarantee
  • Includes three bands of different resistance levels


  • You can lose air due to excess air pressure

2. Exousbodygear Exoball Review

This swiss ball from the manufacturer Exous firmly proves that the price is not a factor that should indicate yes or yes the quality of this product, since it is the second cheapest of all on the list and enjoys a quality and durability more than acceptable , for a really low price, with which you will also get other accessories.

Exousbodygear Exoball

This Pilates ball has been manufactured with an extra thick, high quality non-slip material, which facilitates the ball’s grip and prevents falls while performing the exercises.

It includes a pump that will allow you to inflate the ball every time you feel that you need a little air or that you have lost the proper pressure. In addition, the pump includes two nozzles that you can exchange according to your taste.

It can deflate to shrink its volume and be easier to store.

It can support a weight of no more than 200 kilograms without exploding or losing pressure.

It has a lifetime money back guarantee.

It includes a 60 minute video with which you can learn a lot of exercises that can be done with this instrument.


  • The price pilates ball is the biggest advantage of this article, since it fulfills its function and has a lifetime guarantee in case you are not totally satisfied with the product
  • Made with non-slip material


  • Does not include resistance bands or any similar accessory
  • It can be a bit complicated to deflate for storage

3. Pilates-Mad Pilates Ball Review

We continue to lower the price with this third model of pilates ball manufactured by the Mad brand, which is the cheapest of the list and your ideal option if your main priority is to keep your budget balanced and not make an investment that requires an amount considerable money.

Pilates-Mad Pilates Ball

This pilates ball is made of a plastic material that perfectly fulfills all the functions that can be expected from one of these accessories.

It includes a pump with the right connector to inflate and deflate the pilates ball when you want to store it or increase the pressure that has been lost over time.

It is capable of supporting a weight of 125 kilograms.


  • The only advantage that this product has compared to the others on the list is its price, since it is the cheapest you will find in any sale balls for pilates


  • It only holds a weight of 125 kilograms, while those of the competition can support 200 kg or more
  • Does not include resistance bands or any type of similar accessory
  • You can lose pressure after weeks of use
  • It does not include any video or additional support book that helps you to know the uses of the product
  • It can take a good amount of time for the deflation process to save it
  • Does not have a lifetime guarantee like the other Swiss balls on the list
  • The smell of the material can be annoying for people with allergy problems

4. DoYourFitness 4251162431584 Review

DoYourFitness is the slogan of the Orion brand, a recognized manufacturer in the world of accessories for exercise, due to the high quality of its products and the very good guarantee and support offered to each of the buyers. This Swiss ball is perfect for pilates, yoga or simply for exercises that correct posture or may be beneficial for pregnant women.

DoYourFitness 4251162431584

This Pilates ball is made of a material that does not harm the environment and is completely hypoallergenic. The material is very resistant, so it is practically impossible to puncture if you only give it the right use.

It is very easy to wash, does not require any chemical component for cleaning your material, just wash it with a damp cloth and it will be ready to be used again. Using a detergent to clean it can alter the state of its components, so we only recommend using water.

Includes pump to inflate and deflate.

It is available in four different sizes, so you can buy the one that best suits your height.

It has an anti-burst system that prevents the ball from exploding suddenly while it is being used. It is capable of supporting a weight of 500 kilograms, ideal for practicing gymnastics and yoga.


  • Very easy to deflate to save and inflate to reuse, the best in this regard from the list
  • Its hypoallergenic material makes it possible for all people with allergy problems to use it without any suffering


  • Does not include additional accessories such as resistant bands or guide books

5. Mirumb Exercise Ball Review

The last ball of the list comes from the hand of the manufacturer Mirumb, who have manufactured perhaps the best ball of pilates on the market, thanks to the material with which it is made and its design, which allows the Swiss ball to have a cleft about 2 centimeters and not deflate explosively. In addition, its price is still quite accessible.

Mirumb Exercise Ball

This product is manufactured with a highly reliable PVC material, which has a professional finish and an anti-burst system, which has been thoroughly tested by experts in the field.

This Swiss ball is one of the most versatile in the world, it is perfect for pilates, yoga and even crossfit, without deteriorating or losing pressure due to these activities.

It can be used daily as an exercise chair to correct posture.

It includes a pump to inflate and deflate the product, with the variant that works with the foot, which adds extra comfort to the process, something that the other pilates balls on the list do not offer.

It has a one year warranty and personalized online support.


  • Its durability, the PVC material enjoys an excellent durability that will allow users to use the product daily and not be afraid because it will deflate or lose pressure
  • It can take more than three months of constant use and even then this ball will not lose air


  • It does not have any accessories such as resistance bands or guide books that can help the most beginners

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