Bethany Tomlinson Fitness + The Top 10 + 4 Epic Exercises To Burn Fat

Bethany Tomlinson Fitness – let’s have a look at Bethany fitness and what she does on a day to day basis to have her in shape and good health. But before we do so we will be first looking at 14 surprises that we have in store for you that will help you have better and greater result in your fitness journey.The Golden Bethany Tomlinson Fitness

The search to improve our health, fitness and reduce the percentage of body fat implies many options and changes to apply to our lifestyle. Although not all exercises work the same for everyone, here are several exercise routine options that will help you burn fat and lower your body fat percentage, these exercises can be done at home.

The more muscles the better

The best exercises to burn fat are those that involve large muscle groups, because they require greater oxygenation, increase the heart rate and, therefore, generate a greater caloric expenditure.

The best thing of all is that if you make small changes in each routine you can turn the exercises into much more efficient movements, making the most of every minute you spend training.

more muscles the better

You can find many videos on the internet of the training that we mention below.

1. Do a HIIT Training Routine to burn fat faster

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training consists of inserting exercises in a very intense way, which increases your heart rate to the maximum, with short periods of rest.

These exercises help to speed up your metabolism (the body can continue to burn calories up to 24 hours after training), increase fat burning and build muscle mass.

Unlike traditional cardiovascular exercise, HIIT avoids the loss of muscle mass that often occurs in other types of training, especially after 45 minutes of continuous low intensity or moderate exercise, when the body begins to use muscles. to obtain energy.

HIIT Home Workout for beginners


2. 10 Minute Routine of Unstoppable Fat Burning 

This routine of Unstoppable Tv consists of doing several intense exercises for 10 minutes (burpees, squats, lizards), demanding your best effort, it will allow you to accelerate your metabolism.

10 Minute Home Fat Burning Workout (NO EQUIPMENT KILLER!!)


3. HIIT and combined strength training

This combination of the two previous workouts allows you to increase the effectiveness of your exercises to the fullest. With it you can achieve quick profits.

However, it is not recommended for beginners because HIIT alone is quite demanding. If you are a beginner, it is best to start with simpler routines, to gradually advance.

4. INTENSE Cardio HIIT training to burn 1000 calories

This training is for experienced athletes. It combines high-intensity routines with strength training and abdominal work. It consists of working different muscle groups at the same time to maximize effort and results.

His workouts are so intense that they can burn 1,000 calories.

1000 Calorie HIIT Workout (No equipment) I DARE you to try this


The 10 best exercises to burn fat

This list includes the most effective exercises to burn fat from your body. The best thing is that you can do them from your home.

1. Burpees

With this cardiovascular exercise you train and tone the upper part of your body, legs and core at the same time. It is a training that achieves a multiple effect: with each repetition you will be working glutes, abdominals, quadriceps, and the muscles of the arms and chest.

The burpees will make you suffer because they are very complex, but you will love the results.

How to Do a Burpee


2. Strides with a jump (Jumping lunges)

Shills are excellent exercises to tone the quadriceps muscle (thighs). When you add the jump, it becomes a calorie burning machine.

This is a complete exercise that also works coordination and balance.

How to Do a Jumping Lunge



3. Abdominals Jackknife type

These are complex exercises of the abdomen, which require exercising the upper and lower abdominals to achieve maximum toning in a shorter time, which means more fat burning.

It consists of simultaneously elevating both the trunk and the legs, forming a V. It is very effective because it is usually difficult to exercise the lower abdominals without the use of appliances.

How To Perform a Jack Knife (Abs)



4. Striking with crossed leg lift (Lunges with reverse Leg Raise)

Striking with crossed leg lift

These exercises tone the glutes, thighs, obliques and lower back. In addition, it helps to improve balance and coordination.

Reverse Lunge With Rear Leg Raise


5. Squats with jump (Jumping Squats)

Squats are exercises that work legs and glutes and its effectiveness is notorious, as is its difficulty. Doing them with jump is a demanding exercise, which will leave you tired after doing it continuously for a couple of minutes.

How to Do a Squat Jump


6. Lizards (Push ups)

Lizards (Push ups)

The lizards are a complete exercise to which you can apply changes to increase their difficulty and make them remain challenging even for experienced athletes.

If you are a beginner and you have a lot of work to do, you can start supporting yourself on the knees, or on an iron with some level of inclination.

How to Do a Walking Lizard Push-Up

Purpose: How to Do a Walking Lizard Push-Up. Part of the series: LS – Workouts for a Better Body. If you are looking for a full body exercise in incorporating both upper body strength and lower body coordination, then the walking lizard push-up is for you.


7. Side plank with leg raises (Side planks with leg raises)

The side plate focuses on keeping you upright with the body on one side supported only with your elbow and feet for a certain time, and then changing sides.

In this modality, lifts of each leg are added. This exercise works the external, deltoid and oblique thighs, while improving strength and coordination to hold the position.

Side Plank With Leg Lift


8. Side jumps (Lateral jumps)

Side jumps (Lateral jumps)

This is a Pilates exercise that tones the center of the body, the thighs, and buttocks. As it involves large muscle groups, it burns a large number of calories and also improves your agility and coordination.

It consists of jumping on one foot with the other leg behind and then jumping on the other foot with the opposite leg behind.

If you want to increase the difficulty, you can extend the time in which you rely on each leg, or add career intervals on the site or another exercise.

Side jumps (Lateral jumps)


9. Climbers (Mountain climbers)

Exhausting but very effective, it is one of the best exercises to burn fat and tone because it requires both strength and cardiovascular work.

To make them, you must bend over and hold onto your arms while you alternately climb each leg, making a climbing move.

With the mountain climbers, you will work your balance, agility, coordination and flexibility and diverse muscles, from the abdomen to arms and legs.




10. Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks exercise to lose weight

This is one of the most basic and well-known exercises of cardio routines. It is excellent to accelerate your heart rate. To enhance it, make several sets of lifting force to increase fat burning.

Jumping Jack Weight Loss Workout



These exercises are simple, do not require equipment or machines to make them, so you can practice them at home. So there are no excuses.

Always remember to make the movements in the correct way, maintaining a comfortable posture and doing your best effort without exceeding too much. If you execute the movements incorrectly, you could be injured.

If you apply training routines that combine these exercises, together with a balanced diet with a lot of discipline, you will very soon burn the fat and achieve the results you want.

If you found this article useful, share it on your social networks. Tell us your experience with these exercise routines and also if you have doubts, we will be attentive to answer them. Now let’s take a look at Bethany Tomlinson Fitness and Tips.

Bethany Tomlinson Fitness and Tips

Bethany Tomlinson Fitness sand Tips

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