Bethany Tomlinson Workout and Routines – If you are planning on getting into shape and a fine booty then Bethany workouts and routines videos should be the go-to for you. Before we dive into her powerful routines and workout we are going to introduce you to 5 effective workouts plus routines that you can try form the comfort of your home.Do you want to get fit? but it is difficult to enter a gym, either because you do not have time, because of the cost or because there is not one that is to your liking.Top Bethany Tomlinson Workout

You may already be enrolled in a gym, but your schedule is crazy and missing very often.

If you are in any of these situations, we recommend you to continue reading so that you know everything you can do for your body without leaving your home.

Clear! What is possible to train in your house

train in your house

Of course! Many people who are in this situation have verified it.

The main advantage of training at home, apart from the cost, is that you can better accommodate your training schedules, achieving the necessary continuity to progress. The key is in the consistency.

It does not take a great effort or a huge amount of money to design a homemade training plan and acquire the essential things; items such as gymnastic balls, elastic bands, exercise tubes, dumbbells and push-up bars, can help you develop a home routine where you develop the main muscle groups.

Now, if you do not want to spend a lot, you can even burn calories and build muscle without buying these items or exercise machines. For example, you can start by taking a quick warm-up walk and then doing push-ups and abdominal exercises.

When you are at home it is always easier to find something else to occupy yourself or to distract you, so be very careful with this and try to establish your fixed training schedules and, above all, respect them.

Specialists recommend doing exercises first thing in the morning since it is usually when there can be fewer distractions.

Do you know the 5 elements of fitness?

5 elements of fitness
Woman exercising on sitting room floor and looking at her digital tablet

The specialists agree that an effective physical conditioning has 5 basic steps and all are feasible to do at home:

  1. Heating.
  2. Cardio workout.
  3. Resistance and strengthening exercises.
  4. Flexibility movements.
  5. Cooling or “back to calm”.

For warm-up take a walk outdoors or on a treadmill or pedal slowly on a stationary bicycle.

Cardiovascular exercises can be done by walking or pedaling more intensively or jumping a rope; any of these activities will speed up your heart rate, so do the one you enjoy the most.

Squats, sit-ups, and push-ups are part of the resistance routine; both the small dumbbells, the weight bar or the exercise band are some articles that will help you execute them.

The flexibility develops that with stretching exercises on the floor or yoga postures.

And for cooling you have to do some exercises similar to those of warming up; that is, a lower level cardiovascular effort to gradually bring the heart rate to a state close to that of rest.

Finally, we recommend you include strength exercises in aerobic work; the fundamental thing is that you warm up and cool down properly in each training session.

What to do when there is little time?

Even on days when the agenda is more hellish and almost does not leave a space for the exercises, you do not have to give them up. In these cases, it increases the intensity of the training.

Instead of walking 45 minutes, do it with 25 minutes and run in the remaining minutes, or jog instead of walking, or climb a slight hill instead of going through flat terrain. There are many options to size the exercise and you just have to choose the one that best suits you!

The rhythm and effectiveness of your strength training are intensified by running compound exercises, which are those that work for two or more muscle groups simultaneously.

One of these is squats, with or without weights. This exercise works the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and calves, and will help you tone your thighs, butt, and hip.

The push-ups are other excellent compound exercises since they involve the biceps, triceps, deltoids, pectorals, abdominals, and muscles of the upper area of the back.

How to start?

If you are a beginner, after warming up try to do the following routine 3 times a week and leave at least one day of rest between sessions:

  • 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises.
  • Between 20 and 30 minutes of strength exercises.

You must make sure to cover the essential muscle groups of the upper body, intermediate train and lower body train, including arms, shoulders, chest, back, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and legs.

Perform 3 series and between 10 and 15 repetitions of each strength exercise, taking a short break.

Whatever exercise you do, start slowly and gradually increase the weight or intensity. Stay tuned to your body’s messages in case you discover something you are doing wrong.

Let’s briefly review some of the best exercises to do at home.


The squats are known as the “king of the exercises” for being one of the most complete and, in its simplest version, you only need your body to do them.

  • Stand with a distance between feet equivalent to shoulder width.
  • Place your arms extended forward, parallel to the ground.
  • Flex with your knees as if you were going to sit down, keeping your torso and back straight.
  • Lower in a controlled manner until the thighs are parallel to the ground.
  • Return to the initial position and repeat.

Below the video of how to do it:

Squats For Beginners: How to do a Squat Correctly


Squats cup

For this variant of squats, you will need a dumbbell. Start with a piece that is not too heavy.

  • With your feet apart, take the dumbbell with both hands on one of your heads and place it vertically close to your chest.
  • Keep your knees out and your back and chest straight, go down until the thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Return to the original position and repeat.

Below the video of how to do it:

How To Squat Better With Dumbbells

Purpose: Quick instruction on how to squat better with dumbbells. The squat is essential to any strength training program and it doesn’t end with the barbell. Squats with dumbbells are also a must to help perfect technique and build more balanced leg strength.



The number one of the most popular strength exercises and is a classic of military training.

  • Stand on the floor with belly down (ventral decubitus).
  • Put the trunk straight, the feet extended slightly apart and the hands with the palms down in the vertical of the shoulders.
  • With the arms half-folded, bend at the elbows to bring the chest close to the ground, taking care not to lift the buttocks or bend at the waist.
  • Return to the start position and repeat.

Below the video of how to do it:

The Perfect Push Up | Do it right!



Abdominal exercises are ideal to reduce the fat that accumulates in the belly and flatten it. The following video contains some simple abdominal routines to do at home.

10 Min Abs Workout — At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercises


 Floor Press ( floor press ) with dumbbells

  • Stand on the floor on your back with the same weight dumbbells near each hand.
  • Flex the legs and seat your feet on the floor.
  • Hold the dumbbells at chest height with your arms on the floor, making a right angle with your forearms.
  • Elevate the dumbbells until the arms are fully extended.
  • Return to the original position and repeat.

Below the video of how to do it:

WWE Power Series: Dumbbell Floor Press Chest Exercise- Triple H


Some advice

  1. Avoid boredom:  at home, you will not have the variety of equipment and items that are in a gym. Start with a home program with which you feel comfortable and lively. A boring routine will be deadly for your plans and we do not want you to let go of the dumbbells and fall on the television couch.
  2. Lean on videos:  if you have no experience with any exercise, search the web for a video that will guide you to do it correctly. Technical defects in the execution of the exercises delay the progress and can lead to injuries.
  3. Find a partner:  if you agree to meet with a friend or friend to do exercises, you will be less likely to suspend sessions.
  4. Program the training:  do not treat the exercise as the last thing you have to find a place in the agenda, rather schedule it as an important activity. If circumstances force you to suspend it, reprogram it immediately.
  5. Define a space:  establish the place where you will always do your exercises (the garage, your room, the backyard) and let the other residents know that this site is reserved for you at a certain time.
  6. Set goals:  quantified goals help keep attention on progress. It is preferable that your goals are modest and achievable, and not too optimistic to end in a disappointment.
  7. Keep a journal:  record all your progress. That will be the basic information to program your new goals. Also register the bad days, maybe they will help you identify patterns or habits that you should break.
  8. Eat and sleep well:  very important activities to do. Your diet should include lean proteins, healthy fats (omega 3 fatty acids), many vegetables and water. Smoking and excessive alcohol are deadly enemies of exercise.
  9. Reward yourself:  as you progress, reward yourself. Buy a new exercise item or a new pair of tennis shoes.

If you make exercise part of your daily routine, you will have made a huge change in your lifestyle.

Share this article with your friends and do not forget to share your comments, as well as other tips to do an exercise routine at home.

Bethany Tomlinson Workout and Routines

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