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Chloe Ting Abs – Chest, biceps, back, shoulder, leg, triceps. And back to start … Do you miss something? This is an example of the typical work performed by the vast majority of people in the gym. Well, some of them skip the leg part and start again. Have you already found the unforgivable error of this routine example? Indeed, the fault is “in what is not”: abdominal work, although more specifically we should call it core workout (which encompasses a broader set of muscles and functions). We are going to take a look at these core workouts you can try at the gym and then go straight into Chole Tings Abs workout and routines that she normally does to keep her tummy flat.

Amazing Chloe Ting Abs

Many people skip this job and then the problems come in the long run and no one understands how, going to the gym 4-5 days a week, they end up having back problems.

The truth is that the core workout is much more important than the rest of our body sections since this is the “center of gravity” of our body and intervenes in practically 100% of our day-to-day movements.

core workout is much more important

Why is it so important to train the core?

Many people think that wearing a marked abdomen is a symptom of great health and a powerful physique. Well, this is partly true, because as I always say: “having a big muscle does not mean that it is strong” (although as a general rule it is). But let’s go to the important thing: Why is it so important to do core work in the gym or at home?

To be able to answer this question, we have to understand that the main function of the core (which also includes the abdominals, musculature present in the back) is to stop the movement (this does not mean that it is its only function, but it is the principal).

The core is in charge of preventing the forces of flexion or rotation from moving us to one side or the other, it is in charge of stabilizing the body of a boxer when he throws a blow and fails to fall to the ground … For all this, it is so in recent studies it is beginning to question who are trained abdominal exercises performing dynamic rather than static exercises that directly affect the f main anointing of the core, improving your strength and efficiency.

What makes a sit-up exercise the best

What makes a sit-up exercise “the best”?

If we talk about abs as such, we should first point out that since it is a group of groups, so there will not be a single “best” exercise for the abdominals, but we will have to perform several exercises to work all the abdominal muscles sections.

Therefore, ” the best abdominal exercise ” would be ” the best abdominal exercises ” (in the plural) and would be those that allowed us to work all the sections in the most efficient and safe way. But we will see later the big mistakes that are made in these exercises and how to solve them to avoid possible injuries.

However. If we want to refine more and talk about ” core workout “, then things change. In this case, and given that the musculature of the abdominal area we must add muscles such as the spinal erectors, the multifidus, stabilizers of the back and even buttocks (yes, although it sounds surprising, and then we will see the why), the exercises perform change very significantly.

Which core exercises are recommended

Which core exercises are recommended?

We will talk about 3 exercises mainly to perform within our abdominal routine: the ab-wheel (or abdominal wheel), the crunches, the “bicycle crunch” and the “captain’s chair” or leg lifts.

In my opinion, and now we will explain each part, the only exercise that would be correctly recommended would be the abdominal wheel, since the others, apart from not being excessively functional for what interests us, carry a potential risk of injury in the long run ( eye, does not mean that we are going to injure ourselves, but if we can avoid tempting luck … better).

1. Ab-wheel

This is an exercise that although performed with movement (against what we had previously said of the “no movement” of the core), allows us to do a very good job on the rectus abdominis.

Depending on the degree of difficulty that we want, we can lower more towards the ground until we almost touch it with the abdomen or, instead of starting in kneeling position, start standing up. Of course, we must be careful not to perform this exercise if we have pathologies in the shoulders or back.


2. Abdominal crunch

We get to the part I like the most … Explain why we should banish this exercise from all the gyms and all the routines.

First, there is the myth that the more crunches you make, the more your abdomen will be marked … The biggest mistake that can be said about abs. The abdomen only, and I repeat, will only be marked if we carry a good diet. But let’s go to the reason why we should not do more this exercise: the health of our back.

There are more and more studies that talk about the compressive forces to which the intervertebral discs are subjected when we perform this movement, noting that for each 5 degrees of flexion of our spine, the compressive force between discs increases approximately between 10 and 20% (imagine how much it can increase if, in addition, as many people do, we hold a disc of 5, 10 or 20 kilos in weight).

Abdominal crunch properly done

3. Crunch type “bicycle”

A classic variant of the previous exercise, whose objective “supposedly” is to work the oblique abs. Here we will see two critical points by which we must avoid this exercise: on the one hand, as we mentioned in the previous point, the column bending causes the pressure between discs to increase, but on the other hand, to that pressure force this exercise it is going to add a torsional force propitiated by the turning movement that we make to touch with an elbow the opposite knee.

Crunch type bicycle

4. “The captain’s chair” or leg lifts

Initially, designed to work the lower abdominals (those that cost us so much to score), but again wrongly and with a risk of medium-high injury.

The problem presented by this exercise is that it is more an exercise of the hip flexor muscles than of the abdominals proper (since its origins was poorly planned) and, in addition, it has the added problem of having a direct impact on the iliac psoas. , and in the long run it can end up causing tendinitis in this muscle (which can be very painful and tedious to recover).

The captain's chair or leg lifts

What abdominal exercises should I perform in the gym?

As I mentioned at the beginning, of the exercises proposed in the original article, the only one that would maintain as recommended is the abdominal wheel. Now, there are several exercises that everyone should include in their abdominal routine with which to strengthen the entire core musculature minimizing the risk of injury.

1. Front plates

Without a doubt the best exercise to include in place of the crunches of a lifetime. The frontal plates directly affect the rectus abdominis and, in turn, force recruit all the muscles of the back (and even the gluteus) to maintain the neutral position of the back and position. In addition, they have the advantage of having numerous variants that will make us not bored of doing them.

My advice, after seeing the articles and videos that are being published lately, is that you make plates of between 8-10 seconds instead of looking to maintain the position during minutes and minutes.


2. Side plates

One of the exercises together with the one that we will explain next, destined to the work, mainly, of the obliques. Like the front plates, it has variants to avoid boredom. And on its execution, the recommendation is the same: plates lasting between 8-10 seconds.


3. Press pallof

This is perhaps an unknown exercise for many but if it works well, it involves a great effort of all the muscles that make up the core.

It can be done both on a pulley and with elastic bands and, if we want to work at different angles, we can raise or lower the height of the pulley or elastic band so that the force that pulls us does not always in the same plane, if not that it comes from diagonal directions.


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