16 Extremely Funny Clayton Bigsby Quotes To Make You Laugh

Clayton Bigsby Quotes – Dave Chappelle Clayton Bigsby: If you are a big fan of laughter and fun then these sayings and quotes are best for you. Dave really created a true picture in these comedy episodes with Clayton which is funny but carry a true and deep meaning behind them. Dave Chappelle is known to be a sarcastic, funny, intelligent, great impersonator and a person who is very versatile. All of those quotes and saying listed were brilliantly displayed in the episode awaiting you at the end. Dave Chappelle White Supremacist is one that many finds interesting and hilarious it is one that is worth watching and sharing with others despite its nature. 

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Who is Clayton Bigsby?

Clayton Bigsby
Clayton Bigsby is a black blind person that hates his own race of people as well as others that are not white.  Bigsby was raised in Wexler Home of the Blind, where he was the only negro that lived there and it was there where he was told that he was white. He grew up to be an author of six books about his distaste to non-Caucasian man; four of those books were published. Never seen in public because he hasn’t left his property in years, until one day, he went to a book signing in town, and when he was asked to show his face, he shocked his audience with his black skin. Bigsby accepted the fact that he is black, but divorced his wife Prudence because she was a “nigger lover”.
Famous Clayton Bigsby quotes: 
  • “We’re winning the war against Al-Qaeda, but we’re losing the war against Al Sharpton!”
  • “I am in no way, shape or form involved in any niggerdom!”
  • “Let’s talk about Chinese people! With their kung-fu and their silly ching-chang-chong talk! We can’t understand you! Go back to yer country! White power!”

Clayton Bigsby Gifs

These top ten gifs are some of the funnies ones you can find online. Many Clayton Bigsby gifs has gone viral because of the comedic nature of Dave Chappelle. Enjoy the list below


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White power


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black white supremist clayton


Dave Chappelle Clayton Bigsby


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Clayton Bigsby - Casper cosplay gif

Dave Chappelle – Clayton Bigsby Quotes

Dave Chappelle - Clayton Bigsby Quotes

  • “We’re winning the war against Al-Qaeda, but we’re losing the war against Al Sharpton!” – By Clayton Bigsby

  • “I am in no way, shape or form involved in any niggerdom!” – By Clayton Bigsby

  • “Let’s talk about Chinese people! With their kung-fu and their silly ching-chang-chong talk! We can’t understand you! Go back to yer country! White power!” – By Clayton Bigsby

  • “He said look here nigger. That there’s My Girl. Anyone gon have sex with my sister it’s gonna be ME!” – By Clayton Bigsby

  • Clayton Bigsby Quotes # 5 – “Sir! I am going to make this Very Clear. I am in no Way, Shape, or Form involved in Any Niggerdom!” – By Clayton Bigsby

  • “Everybody, I havea lot of things to discuss, mainly nigras!” – By Clayton Bigsby

  • “Don’t let the liberal media tell you how to think and feel! If you have hate in your heart let it out!” – By Clayton Bigsby

  • “If you don’t like “Will & Grace”, don’t mean there’s something wrong with you! Means there’s something wrong with Will; he’s a homosexual!” – By Clayton Bigsby

  • “WHITE POWER! Colin Powell… Condoleezza Rice. Condoleezza Rice, sounds like Mexican dish.” – By Clayton Bigsby

  • Clayton Bigsby Quotes # 10 – “Maybe we should put her on a plate and send her to Mexico so the Mexicans will eat her. White Power!” – By Clayton Bigsby

  • “The message of my books is very simple. Niggers, Jews, Homosexuals, Mexican, A-rabs, and all different sorts of Chinks stink, and I hate ’em!” – By Clayton Bigsby

  • “Collin Powell … Condoleezza Rice. Condoleezza Rice, sounds like Mexican dish. Maybe we should put her on a plate and send her to Mexico so the Mexicans will eat her.” –  By Clayton Bigsby 

  • “Well, they’re lazy good for nothin’ tricksters… crack- smokin ‘ swindlers! Big butt havin’, wide nose, breathin’ all the white man’s air!” – By Clayton Bigsby

  • “Jasper, there’s nigger around here. That damn monkey was beatin’ my hood” – By Clayton Bigsby

  • “That’s right! Tell that nigger. That dirty nigger!” – By Clayton Bigsby

  • Clayton Bigsby Quotes # 16  -“White power! Nigger!” – By Clayton Bigsby

Chappelle – White Supremest

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Chappelle’s Show | Black Howard Dean


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