Demi Rose Diet & Her Teenage Eating Disorder

Demi Rose has a bikini body like no other.

Her booty is a great size but still has a flat stomach and toned legs and arms.

But how does she do it?

It’s not just the gym, as most people know by now, sculpting the perfect body consists of 70% diet and 30% exercise.

Work them in conjunction with each other and you can create the body of your dreams.

And since Demi Rose has a body everyone absolutely loves, I decided to do the groundwork and find out exactly what her diet consists of.

Lets get right into it!

Demi and Her Eating Disorder

Demi Rose has opened up in many interviews about her eating disorder in her teenage years.

She lost all curves and looked too skinny for her age, and as a result she was always bullied for the way she looked by classmates.

She also opened up about her battle in an Instagram post in which I show below.

However, at 18 years old she decided to get her life back on track and that’s when the curves really started popping.

Here’s a picture of Demi at just 80 pounds, with nowhere near as many curves as she has now.

The picture on the right is only 1 year later!

So before you think Demi Rose is gods gift to men all over the globe and it’s all genetics, think again and I ask you to keep an open mind as you read through this article.

It has nothing to do with genetics, only hard work, dedication and a good diet.

Genes, a hell of a lot of hard work and dedication in the gym and a good well balanced nutritious diet

She Is No Stranger to Internet Bullies

Demi has had her fair share of criticism over the years mainly because with jealousy comes hate.

She has been called all the names under the sun and people wholeheartedly believe that she has been under the knife to get her curvaceous figure.

However, she has also proven over and over again that her figure is 100% natural as she shares old photos of herself many years ago, dating back to 2012 and before that.

Her secret to gaining amazing curves and rock hard abs are “sticking to a rigorous diet and workout regime”.

And if you follow my website or every other social media influencer, they follow the exact same formula!

Her Diet Plan

View this post on Instagram

So nice to be here in LA ☺️🇺🇸🖤

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Demi’s personal trainer; Dean Delandro has open the lid on her forever-growing booty, and what better way to get this information straight from the horses mouth?!?

Here’s what Dean has told in an interview with The Sun:

Breakfast – Egg based meal

Lunch – Chicken or pawn salad, with a superfood

Dinner – Fish and vegetables, or sushi (hey, every fitness influencer loves sushi!)

Snack – Nuts

Use fitness rather than starving yourself and nourish your body, don’t punish it!

She Swears By Nuts

Demi basically eats clean and healthy most of the time but her favorite snacks are nuts, as they full you up, contain a good amount of protein and few calories.

She doesn’t have much carbs and if she gets hungry before her next meal, you guessed it, she’s going to eat nuts.

And her guilty pleasure is chocolate or salted nuts!

Not a bad diet if you ask me 😛

Her Exercise Routine

She has a personal trainer and works out at least 3-4 x per week without making excuses.

The keywords are “without making excuses”, because when you make excuses, that’s when you don’t see results.

However, she doesn’t always exercise with her personal trainer, she’s known to workout by herself too.

So don’t automatically think you can’t exercise because you don’t have a personal trainer.

Well, news flash, you don’t need one!

At the time of writing this article, Demi Rose is 22 years old and has been working out since she was 18, which is when she decided to turn her life around and escape her eating disorder.

She performs full body workouts but mainly focuses on glutes and abs for 30 minutes each.

Why Is Demi So Quiet About Her Diet?

She has only exposed her diet in few interviews, and that’s what I have brought to attention in this article.

In my opinion, she has said what needs to be said and has nothing to prove to ANYONE.

She knows she is 100% natural and has proven that over and over again.

There really isn’t much to dig up about her diet plan but hopefully you have learned a lot about Demi, how she creates a stunning figure and how she keeps it for her modelling and Instagram career.


A diet consisting of nuts, sushi, eggs, chicken, salad, fish and vegetables is what Demi consumes on a daily basis along with a rigorous workout routine.

It’s not hard to see that obtaining an hourglass figure consists of eating clean and healthy and exercising on a regular basis (at least 3x a week)

When you can do that, your dreams of obtaining a bikini popping body is closer than you think.

I have no doubts that you can achieve such results as long as you are consistent and never give up!

Well thanks for reading this article on Demi Rose’s diet plan.

If you have any questions about getting a bikini body, talk to us in the comments below!

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