Best 129 Powerful and Inspirational Quotes by Dr Phil McGraw

Dr Phil Quotes On Behaviour

Dr Phil Quotes on Behaviour – Your beahviour are detrimental to your success in life so you need to know the impact of them and how they will affect your desired results. Dive below and see how powerful your behaviour can be through these quotes by Dr Phil McGraw.

Dr Phil Quotes On Behaviour

  1. You shape others’ behavior when you teach them what they can get away with and what they cannot.
  2. For example, when people are aggressive, bossy or controlling — and then get their way — you have rewarded them for unacceptable behavior.
  3. No matter what the situation, you choose your reaction, assigning meaning and value to an event.
  4. When you start choosing the right behavior and thoughts — which will take a lot of discipline — you’ll get the right consequences.
  5. We all view the world through individual filters, which influence the interpretations we give events, how we respond, and how we are responded to.
  6. If you continue to view the world through a filter created by past events, then you are allowing your past to control and dictate both your present and your future.
  7. If you “shake up” your belief system by challenging these views and testing their validity, the freshness of your perspective can be startling.
  8. You cannot dodge responsibility for how and why your life is the way it is.
  9. Whether the cards you’ve been dealt are good or bad, you’re in charge of yourself now.
  10. You will never fix a problem by blaming someone else.
  11. Don’t play the role of victim, or use past events to build excuses.
  12. If you are not happy, you are accountable. You are creating the situations you are in and the emotions that flow from those situations.
  13. Acknowledge and accept accountability for your life. Understand your role in creating results.
    You need to operate with the information and skills that are necessary to win. Be prepared, tune in, find out how the game is played and play by the rules.
  14. Identify the payoffs that drive your behavior and that of others.
  15. If you want to stop behaving in a certain way, you’ve got to stop “paying yourself off” for doing it.
  16. Be alert to the possibility that your behavior is controlled by fear of rejection.
  17. It’s easier not to change.
  18. Stop making excuses and start making results.
  19. If you’re unwilling or unable to identify and consciously acknowledge your negative behaviors, characteristics or life patterns, then you will not change them.
  20. You’ve got to face it to replace it.
  21. Even the most destructive behaviors have a payoff.


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