Effect of Masturbation on Face + 5 Serious Considerations (Ejaculation)

Effect of Masterburation On Face (Masturbation on Face) – Using your own secretion on your face or body is no different than if someone else uses theirs on you. Let’s look at some of the effects that ejaculation may have on the face and the body in general. Some women claim that their skin will look better if they masturbate regularly. The finger work would give them a nice ‘ glow ‘. But does this phenomenon really exist? We asked dermatologists. Effect of Masturbation on Face and What do I do with his sperm

An orgasm is certainly good for your skin experts say. The highlight relates to your hormones, blood vessels and neurological system. The ‘blasting’ of your skin after the grand finale usually takes about two hours. According to a New York dermatologist, repeated cumming has a lasting impact on your skin. She compares it with a workout; you burn calories and you give your metabolism a boost.

But is masturbation the key to a more beautiful skin? There is still no hard evidence that this is true, but experts are talking about this natural skin care. But no matter how you reach your peak, an orgasm is an orgasm. And whether you’re going to roll up with your sweetheart or to spoil yourself, there’s a big chance that you and your skin will ‘ shine ‘ after the cumshot.

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For some demure women, semen can be a taboo subject. There are people both men and women who think that semen is a waste that man secretes, a waste, an impudent and filthy excretion that must be expelled without being touched or seen, much less ingested. Some people consider that sperm is really disgusting, almost as disgusting as feces, to the point that many men even feel embarrassed when they ejaculate and even more, when they ejaculate inside a woman or in her mouth. The worst thing is that many times even women encourage this repudiation of semen.

But this is not the case, in real life, plainly speaking, semen has a surprising amount of health benefits especially when it is ingested or smeared. Let’s know the benefits of semen.

Now that we know some precautions, it’s time to start reading the article about what are the benefits of semen for women.

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How Semen Benefits Women?

Effect of Masturbation On Face (Masturbation on Face)  – Skin smooth, young and soft. Semen has a high amount of proteins and minerals that help keep the skin nourished, soft, hydrated and in good condition. If you rub a little bit of your partner’s semen on your face, you will notice after a while that your skin becomes cuter than you have ever experienced even with cosmetic creams.

Masturbation on Face

It fills you with energy. Ingesting semen is a great way to fill your body with energy because semen, because it is high in protein, vitamins and minerals, as well as some sugars, is ideal for charging energy to those who ingest it. The nutrients in semen are almost comparable to an energy drink or a food supplement for high-performance athletes. If you wish you can also see this article where we teach you how to improve the wait.

It fills you with energy - semen and running

It is antidepressant. Thanks to a New York University, we now know that women who swallow their partners’ semen diminish their symptoms, as are some present in depressive disorders. Similarly, having sex without a condom and allowing ejaculation inside the vagina also raises mood levels. But beware, this should not always be done, in case of not wanting to get pregnant, it is better to know how to follow the menstrual cycle and that our partner, as well as our state of sexual health, is optimal and healthy.

sexual partner and semen

It helps to fall asleep comfortably. If you have trouble sleeping, maybe oral sex to your man will help you get the dream, because consuming semen also helps to relax and get a more pleasant and comfortable sleep for longer.

helps to relax and get a more pleasant with your partner

Woman watching her husband sleeping

It helps to have a balanced and stable menstrual cycle. The University of Saskatchewan rebelled that allowing the entry of semen to the female body vaginally and ingested, helps control the menstrual cycle making it more stable.

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  1. Relieves nausea. Eating semen during pregnancy also helps lower nausea caused by pregnancy. If you are pregnant and you have nausea very often, you may want to ingest some semen to alleviate those discomforts.
  2. Prevents cancer. Consuming semen decreases the risk of cancer.


  • If you want to ingest semen, take care that it is always from the same person, that it is clean, that it does not have any sexual or other disease, completely healthy and that the semen is white, never ingest semen yellow, brown, red, green or any other color, only white semen can be ingested. Remember that your safety is the most important at the time of wanting to ingest semen.
  • We hope that this article will be of great help to you, if you liked to put into practice these tips, like the article and continue browsing.

5 things you should consider Before He Ejaculates

things you should consider Before He Ejaculates

Talking about different sexual practices is not always easy, it is not something that we normally talk with our friends and that generates many doubts. One of these issues is the boys’ pleasure in ejaculating anywhere other than inside the vagina (or inside the condom, as the case may be).

This could get inside kinky practices, but the truth is as common as oral sex. Many men are struck by spreading their seed elsewhere in your body, beyond the genital area.

If your guy is struck by this kind of happy ending, we leave you 5 things that you should consider before soaking in cum:

1. You must feel comfortable

Girls, letting a man end up in your face is not something you want to do with anyone. It is a kind of submission with which you must be 100% agreed and totally in the mood to do so.

If you are considering doing it with a guy you do not feel safe with, you will end up feeling worse, denigrated, to say the least. It is a super intimate situation that you should share with someone who inspires you with confidence and respects you in all respects.

2. Body options

The guys are recreating a porn scene they’ve seen thousands of times, so you can start with less aggressive parts of your body. Let it finish on your abdomen, or on your back, first. And then you can go to the boobies and mouth before letting you make a protein shake.

3. Foreplay

This practice should be part of an erotic game, so do not wait for him to masturbate and then finish on your leg (unless you have decided so). Play, stroke, change positions, do oral sex and in the end that ends where it suits you best.

4. The summit moment

To fan your fantasy veil directly into your eyes when it’s over. Ask him to let you know when he feels he is about to come so they can find a comfortable position for the 2 and that you are ready to receive it.

5. The after

If you are thinking about getting into these practices you should consider having kleenex or towels nearby for when they have finished, especially if we are talking about facials. If it’s going to end up on your face make sure you close your eyes at the right time, and be careful when you open them (you’ll see how grateful you’ll be for the Kleenex).

When they finish it’s okay to laugh, it’s okay to kiss, it’s good to be comfortable with each other. Remember that the semen is very viscous, extremely sticky and leaves white spots on the fabric. (Remember the scene of Crazy for Mary? It would be feasible), so take your precautions about it.

Also remember that semen is a body fluid in which the HIV virus travels, and although there must be an exchange of fluids to infect you, do not take unnecessary risks with people you do not know.

And girls, you can love the man you are with so much and feel 100% sure of everything about him, but this may not be for you, and nothing happens. In matters of sexuality, only we can decide what we like and what we do not. No rules.

What do I do with his sperm?

What do I do with his sperm

A question that thousands of women ask themselves? Especially with the pipes, this question can shoot through your head. Of course, it may also be that you do not always like it if he cums without a condom during sex …

Semen does not disappear just like that and if you do not like swallowing or seed in the vagina, something has to be done with it.

There are several things you can do with sperm:

  • To swallow;
  • He has a cumshot in your mouth, but you do not swallow it;
  • He comes over your breasts or buttocks;
  • He comes has a cumshot over your belly, back or other body parts;
  • He may cum in your face;
  • You can catch his seed in a condom;
  • You do not arrange and the sperm comes, where it comes haha;

Now it is up to you which options are possible for you. Of course nothing has to be done … look at the options, fantasize about them and imagine how happy you are with that option. And then you come to a list of things that he can do with his sperm.

For example, there are men who sometimes want their juices to flow over the face of a woman, but do not dare to say that.

Unfortunately the porn has let the cumshot in the face drop in value. Instead of being special and naughty for the man. Do they get that feeling out ?!

The essence is when the man lets his male juices flow over the face of a woman. He feels masculine and special at the moment of sexual climax.

It certainly does not have to be a fixed recipe.

Besides, there are also men whose wish this is not and do not want it either. What matters is that you have already thought about this before you …

Know what you want and do not want!

If you know that, you can communicate with him from there. Tell him that you do not like swallowing, but he may cum over breasts, buttocks or face. And that you want him to blow without a condom if he does not come in your mouth.

If he wants to cum in your mouth, he has to put a condom on.

Maybe you do not mind the cumming in your mouth, but you have difficulty swallowing. Then, of course, you can also indicate that.

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You should not see that you indicate your limits as fun decay! As a young girl, you can have that feeling. That is a false thought … You make it more fun for him!

By discussing what options he has to spread his seed wonderfully. Can you now blow him delicious carefree, without ‘fear’ that he comes in your mouth. In short, you put even more enthusiasm in it, which man does not want that!

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