Elliptical Machine Weight Loss: Top Advantages and Disadvantages

Elliptical Machine Weight Loss – The activities to see you slimmer or wearing a healthy and thin figure should not be reduced to a single specific exercise. The elliptical bike, therefore, allows you to incorporate another way of exercising in what should be an integral fitness plan, either to lose weight or to increase your physical fitness.The Elliptical Machine Weight Loss

  • What is an elliptical
  • Benefits of the elliptical
    • Allows several movements in one
    • Combine a wide variety of sports movements
    • It puts different muscles in motion
  • Disadvantages of elliptical bicycles
  • Conclusions
  • Routines to do on the elliptical

What is an elliptical Bike

The elliptical bike is one of the most used devices today, both for exercise and weight loss. Basically, it is a fixed bicycle that has the ability to improve cardiovascular activity, strengthen muscles and accelerate weight loss.

One of the greatest benefits of the elliptical bike is that it offers a complete training, combining different types of movements and is also easy to transport and learn to use.

But, if you exercise on an elliptical bike or are considering starting it, assessing its advantages as well as its disadvantages, it is essential to get the most out of your training. Therefore, first of all, I invite you to know the main characteristics of your elliptical bike. 😉

Advantages of the elliptical Bike

As I commented in previous paragraphs, benefits of doing elliptical every day, are very large and are scientifically proven, being very healthy for the general well-being of your body, an excellent cardiovascular exercise and also an indispensable ally to lose weight.

Allows several movements in one

An elliptical bike is actually a fitness machine with a particularity, the movement you make is the combination of several other sports movements as a synthesis.

Combine a wide variety of sports movements

Movements like running, walking, pedaling, skiing, climbing are reduced to one. This particularity makes it an apparatus of the so-called aerobics, which trains at the same time, all these sports gestures.

It puts different muscles in motion

As it incorporates several movements at once, it works a greater amount of muscles simultaneously, resulting in more calories burned, so your body fat decreases and therefore your abdomen. This also implies that you will achieve greater tone throughout your body, avoiding the appearance of flaccidity, so common when you have lost several kilos in a short time.

Disadvantages of elliptical bicycles

One of the biggest disadvantages of elliptical bikes is that it only affects high-performance athletes and competitive athletes. If you are a runner, training on the elliptical you can not transfer the specific gesture of the sport you practice, and you lose effectiveness in getting fit.

However, there are often periods of overtraining among athletes that forces them to suspend for a short time or replace the programmed plan, the elliptical bike being an excellent resource to continue working the aerobic system using a different sporting gesture.


Any physical exercise routine should include an aerobic plan, if you like to work more in the muscle strength part, the elliptical bike is the perfect complement to your program, due to the different positions you can adapt to train different muscle groups.

Therefore, the elliptical bike ends up being a versatile, complete and accessible machine so that you can choose, at the time of starting that postponed program of physical conditioning in your life, that allows you to lose weight, toning your body.

Routines to do on the elliptical

As you may have noticed, one of the greatest benefits of elliptical slimming is that it allows you to perform different types of exercises on the same device, designed to improve specific areas of your body. I recommend you take a look at the following alternatives,

  • To increase glutes.  If you know how to use it the elliptical can help you increase your buttocks. It will be enough to make sure you regulate a certain resistance that forces your muscles to work. Try it and you’ll see!
  • To burn fat.  Since work on the elliptical is basically an aerobic effort, it is ideal for burning fat. You just have to pedal with intensity. You can start slowly, increasing your speed as you go through your training.
  • To improve the legs.  Also your legs will be favored by the exercise on the elliptical. As for gluteal augmentation, it is necessary to work with some resistance. Without a doubt, this is a much more fun alternative than conventional strength exercises.
  • To lower the belly . The type of movement that the elliptical bike offers you, can be very useful to help you burn fat from your abdomen and achieve the desired waist.

How to use the elliptical machine to lose weight Off your belly?

elliptical machine to lose weight Off your belly

The exercises on the elliptical machine help you lose weight, especially in the abdomen area, but it is not very useful to tone your arms or any other part of the body specifically.

First of all, you must start a diet that has been prescribed by a competent professional, it is very important that you follow the weight reduction plan, because only with physical exercise you will not achieve that you consume the fat that you have over, especially if They are few kilos.

The combination of exercise plus diet is the key that will give you success to achieve your goal. One of the best options you have is to use the elliptical bike to lose weight. The only thing you should keep in mind is that to obtain good results, you must be constant in performing the exercises with elliptical.

Elliptical exercises to lose weight

So you do not waste time or energy, what you should do when starting with an elliptical routine to lose weight, is to take into account the following variables.


If you had doubts about this type of exercise and the time you have to do it and you asked what it means to do a bicycle, I tell you that in the elliptical you must work at least 20 minutes, because there is evidence that confirms that from that moment you start to use more frequently, fats as fuel for muscles. The maximum time is 60 minutes as a limit since after that time begins a hormonal decline and exercise is not as effective.


The exercises with elliptical have to be at least twice a week and you can do them every day, although I recommend that you do them up to four days a week. On the other hand, so that you can model your arms you will have to do specific exercises for them, in addition to the weight reduction that will allow you to eliminate excessive adipose tissue.


The schedule of elliptical exercises to lose weight is personal and has to do with your biological rhythm. For example, there are people who can not do anything in the morning and others do the same thing at night. Therefore you choose which turn you feel better.

The diet

Before starting with the elliptical bicycle routine to lose weight, it is convenient to have breakfast, taking into account the exercise you are going to do. It is not necessary that it be a very abundant breakfast, but it is not convenient to go fast to do physical activity, because you can have low blood glucose and feel dizzy, which will make you finish the elliptical exercise to lose weight, so that You would be doing what you set out to do.

10 minute Elliptical weight loss workout


Other alternatives to lower the belly

If you are tired of wearing a bulging belly and are determined to end your belly, you can accompany your low-calorie diet with a specific exercise routine to work in that area. I recommend you take a look at the ones that make up the following list since they are as effective as elliptical exercises.

  • Routine abdominal exercises. You will know which are the best exercises to lose weight in a short time if you form a daily routine and maintain a hypocaloric diet.
  • Tips to harden the abdominals. You will find different tricks to accompany your exercise routine to lower the belly, which will be very useful to tone the abdomen.
  • Pilates exercises to strengthen the belly. You will discover how to benefit from this technique to improve body posture, but it can also be useful to lower the belly.

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