Top 5 + 2 Special Exercises For Better Sex With Your Partner (Women)

Exercises To Make You Better In Bed – There are so many good reasons to exercise regularly, and a hotter sex life is just the cherry on top of them all. The results of the exercise, a stronger and stronger body, can seriously increase your confidence in bed, in addition to the endorphins that feel well released by a sweat session can put you in the mood for a post-workout action between bed sheets.

But that is not all.

Sadie Kurzban, founder of 305 Fitness “In addition, an upper body and lower body are important for endurance in fun, but sometimes difficult to maintain – in positions such as cowgirl.

Content – Exercises To Make You Better In Bed

  • 1 1. Full body bridge
  • 2 2. Internal Thigh Lift
  • 3 3. Body roll
  • 4 4. Complete wheel
  • 5 5. Plank with knee strap
  • 6 6. Kettlebell Swing of double hand
  • 7 7. Sumo Deadlift High Pull

1. Full body bridge

Full body bridge for better sex

“This movement opens the flexibility of the hip and strengthens the gluteal and hamstring muscles, which are important for most sexual positions,” says Kurzban. A great idea to try after perfecting this exercise would be the wheelbarrow, where your hands are on the ground and, down, you wrap your legs around the waist of your standing partner. Not only will you be able to execute this move, but your partner will also have a great view of that toned and tight booty you have been working on!

How to do it: Lying on your back, bend your knees with your feet on the floor. Squeeze your buttocks and push your hips up, then lower back slowly. Repeat 30 times.

2. Internal thigh lift

Internal thigh lift for improve sex

The inner thigh muscles often neglected, AKA the hip adductors, support your hips, knees, and the nucleus in general, explains Amanda Freeman, SLT founder. “They are very important, however they are difficult to isolate and aim for in most leg exercises,” he says. “Strong inner thighs are better to wrap around your partner … if you know what I mean! The inner thigh of foot movement really does the trick. “(Here’s 4 more super effective try tries try to try.)

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How to do it: “Start standing with a towel under your right foot, with your feet side by side and the weight evenly distributed between your feet,” says Freeman. “Slowly slide the right foot to the left for a count of 4, keeping the weight evenly loaded on both feet. Next, slowly slide the right foot back toward the left leg. At SLT, we like to work multiple muscle groups at once, so we recommend that you take a set of weights and add arm work while working your inner thighs. Consider arm circles or side raises to keep it simple, but also amplify its efficiency and calorie burn. ”

Pro tip: “Most people have the inclination to lean to the side while performing this movement. It is imperative that the weight stays the same on both feet to get the maximum benefit, “says Freeman.” And bending the knees is a no-no; Keep your legs straight while moving super slow. ”

3. Body roll

Body roll exercise for better sex

“Dance moves like this will help you be more in tune with your body, increase self-confidence, increase testosterone, speed up your metabolism and learn body awareness,” Kurzban explains. The better you know how your body moves, the better you will be able to maneuver in bed with your partner.

How to do it: “You’ve seen this movement in your favorite music video of the 90s,” says Kurzban. “Stand with feet wider than the width of the hip. Get a good bend in the knees going. Isolating your body so that only your chest, core and hips move, allow your chest, core and hips to move in succession, a wave as movement. You start with your chest appearing, hips jumping back, creating a wave that leaves your chest and hips rounded. Keep your legs still and knees bent all the time. Add your arms for the flavor. ”

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4. Full wheel

Full wheel exercise to improve in bed

By executing this yoga posture you will increase your awareness of full body tingles and sensations. “This movement is excellent for flexibility, strength and balance,” says Kurzban. “In addition, yogis believe that this movement is excellent for the immune system and for energy, since it refreshes the lymphatic system with new oxygenated blood.”

How to do it: “Start going to bed, in the supine position,” she instructs. “Bring your palms down on the floor by your ears, your fingers in front of your shoulders. With an exhalation, push your body up and out of the ground. Let your neck open, looking at the floor between your fingers. Try to maintain this posture for 15 seconds, taking large breaths throughout. Go down to the floor, put the head in the chest first to protect the neck and spine. “Is not he ready for the full wheel? Start with the full body bridge exercise and then work your way up!

5. Plank with knee strap

Plank with knee strap

“This is a body resistance exercise that activates the upper body and core while creating flexibility in the hips,” says Joanna Paterson, founder of Bodiesynergy. Opening your hips can lead to more intense sexual intercourse and even help your partner find your G spot. (Yes, please!)

How to do it: “You will be alternating the knees to the elbows in plank position,” explains Paterson. “Start with your hands and knees with your arms directly below your shoulders. Straighten and lift the legs to the position of the plank. Engage the core and relax your breathing. Hold for 20-30 seconds. Bring one knee bent towards and touch your elbow on the same side of your body. Alternate the left and right knees. Return to the board between each game and rest in the child’s posture to stretch hips, quads and back. Repeat 20 times for a set. Try 2-3 games. ”

Pro Tip: “To increase the intensity, you can bring your knee bent to the opposite elbow every time,” says Paterson.

6. Kettlebell Swing of double hand

Kettlebell Swing of double hand

Kettlebell movements have a reputation for strengthening your entire core, and that can lead to more resistance, control and intense orgasms in bed. “This is a full-body exercise that activates and strengthens the pelvis, hips, back and core, regardless of the size of the kettlebell,” says Paterson. (Buy now: Tone Fitness Kettlebell, $ 30 per set of 3, ).

How to do it: “Select a kettlebell weight-it is not necessary to go heavy for this to be effective,” says Paterson. “Stand with your feet separated by your shoulders. Bend down to pick up kettlebell in both hands with a loose grip. Engage your core muscles. With a slight bend in the knees, push the hips back, keep the chest raised, allow the kettlebell to swing with the arms relaxed between your legs pushing forward with a pelvic tilt to the arms extended in front and repeat for a minute and then rest. Place the kettlebell down using your squat and relax your arms. Try 3-5 systems. ”

7. Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Sumo Deadlift High Pull to get better in bed

Keep that kettlebell on hand for this intense movement. “A rapid explosion of the hips promotes movement,” explains Daury Dross, coach at Fhitting Room. “The buttocks of the posterior chain, the hamstrings, the lower back and the muscles of the trap-are used a lot in this compound movement.” This exercise will not only prepare you for an extended sex session increasing your endurance, but you will also practice squeezing your glutes and activating your pelvic floor, which can only take your pleasure in bed to a new level.

How to do it: “Start in the wide crouching position with your fingers pointing slightly outward with the kettlebell directly between the arches of your feet,” instructs Dross. “Crouch with a flat back and bend your knees to pick up the kettlebell by the horns, then get up quickly by squeezing the buttocks, the pelvis under your body, and lift the kettlebell by bending your elbows up towards the ceiling. hands on the top, return the kettlebell to the floor to complete a representative Once you get used to this movement, standing must be done quickly.

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