Homeopathic Remedies for Tinnitus – if you are affected with tinnitus, a condition in which there is a constant buzzing or ringing noise in your ears, are often in search of appropriate therapy. Because it is not always clear what the cause is, therapists and doctors often have to try different therapies until they find the appropriate treatment.Classical medicine does not always provide the solution, so we have listed some homeopathic therapies for our readers. Read on and discover what natural remedies can help to relieve or cure tinnitus.

Homeopathic remedies if you suffer from a ringing noise in the ears

The homeopathic agent China is the most popular for the treatment of tinnitus. It appears to be the most successful in tinnitus in which the patient seems to hear a constant ringing noise. Clinical research has shown that in this type of tinnitus Iris Versicolor can be effective, but usually if the tinnitus is accompanied by some degree of deafness or hearing problems. And it may sound strange, but therapists have found Formica Rufa to work very well if the tinnitus occurs in the left ear, accompanied by buzzing and cracking sounds in the ear.

If you suffer from a “noise” in the ears

The homeopathic medicine Calcarea Fluorica is one of the best-known homeopathic therapies for all medical problems related to calcium deposits in the body. Against tinnitus, it can be used if there is a hardening of the larynx by lime deposition. This can cause a noise that reminds you of the sound you hear when you hold a shell against your ears. Calcarea Fluorica is a mineral that occurs on the surface of bones and teeth. Due to the removal of lime deposits, the annoying roaring sound should also disappear slowly.

If you suffer from a buzzing noise in the ears.

A homeopathic medicine that deserves attention if you suffer from a buzzing sound is Silicea. It is a mineral that is abundant in the earth’s crust. It is also part of the structural formulation of our bones and cartilage. It is present in humans as a trace element.

It can be found in connective tissue but also in our hair, skin, and nails. It turns out to be very effective if the tinnitus has begun after various orphan infections and left this scar tissue or caused a stiffening of the middle ear. Silicea can also help if the tinnitus does not bring a buzzing but a different sound, as long as the cause is the same.

A slightly less well-known homeopathic drug, Primla Veris, also works well with tinnitus patients with a buzzing sound in the ears, especially when these patients seem to decrease the sound when outdoors.

If you suffer from a sizzling, whistling, cracking or echoing noise in your ears.

Aethusa is the most chosen homeopathic solution if the tinnitus produces a supreme noise in the ears. Manganum Aceticum again helps with a whistling sound. For crazy sounds in your ears, try Graphites. If you suffer from echo sound in your ears, Belladonna is the preferred homeopathic medicine.

As you can see, therefore, there is a whole list of homeopathic therapies for people with tinnitus. Whether they work will depend on the exact cause. But because it is sometimes difficult to determine, it is attempted to distinguish in the homeopathy between the different types of sounds that tinnitus patients hear and, on the basis thereof, suggest a possible cause and correct remedy. However, homeopathic therapists will sometimes test different remedies if it is determined that the first choice is not effective. The advantage of the natural remedies that prescribe homeopaths is that they generally have no side effects. Take these additional methods that are located in the article Top 5 Undeniable Methods That Works (list) – Homeopathic Remedies which have been proven to work.

Therefore, some people experiment with these drugs rather than traditional medicines. And if homeopathy can offer the solution then it is, of course, better than taking heavier medications that may also have negative effects.

Do you have experience with homeopathic medicines for the treatment of tinnitus? Then we would like to hear from you if they have worked or not. Leave your comment here, so we and our readers will be able to learn something!