5 Hidden + Simple 4 Ways On How Does Cluster Headache Develop

Ways On How Does Cluster Headache Develop – Until now, why and how attacks of cluster headache originate are unknown. But until the groundbreaking discovery is made we have to focus on keeping our eyes focus on what is known thus far.How Does Cluster Headache Develop
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• It is suspected that heredity plays a role. Hereditary factors make it possible for someone to have these attacks.
• It is also thought that the times of the attacks have something to do with the biological clock. Recent research shows changes in certain parts of the brain, the hypothalamus. This is the area of the brain that controls the biological clock.
In most patients, the attacks occur frequently in the same periods. For example, at night, often after about 90 minutes and the second attack approximately 3.5 hours after sleep. This goes synchronously with the so-called REM phases of sleep.

Provocative factors

During an attack period, headache attacks may be provoked by various external factors. Typical triggering factors are:
• Sleep. In the majority of patients, the attacks are related to night sleep. A short afternoon nap or jet lag can also trigger an attack.
• Alcohol . Unlike migraine, this is all kind of alcohol. Half a glass of beer, white wine or red wine can trigger an attack. An attack can occur after 30 to 45 minutes after drinking alcohol.
• Blood vasodilators such as nitrates, which are prescribed for heart patients, may trigger an attack.
• Smoking . Most studies assume that active smoking can be considered a trigger. But a very well-established relationship between smoking and cluster headache has not yet been established.
• Seasonal influences. In most patients, the attacks occur in spring and/or fall. Why this is not known. Perhaps it has to do with certain hormonal fluctuations, or with air pressure differences.
• Low oxygen tension, such as high altitude and intercontinental air travel, can trigger attacks. During a period of headache attacks, you may not be able to make air and mountain trips.
• Perfume and paint. Some patients give volatile organic components such as perfume and paint as a trigger for an attack.
• Nutrition . There is no evidence that eating certain foods, such as protein-rich foods (such as fish, cheese, chocolate …) may cause cluster headache attacks or that avoiding this would lead to fewer attacks.
• Stress . There is also no evidence that stress can trigger an attack.

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