Top 10 Best + 7 Achievable Ways – How To Be Happy With Your Life?

How To Be Happy With Your Life – Take a look at these combinations of different ways or tips that you can use today to start to live a more enjoying, meaningful, peace of mind and a more relaxed life. Life is a journey that all of us must travel with a smile and a light heart in spite of all its worries and stress.  We all live in a world that at times we feel to give up, lose faith, throw in the towel or just point blank don’t care much about what happen.

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But in regards to these emotions there is a brighter side that you can look for, one that will have you wanting to live until you are in the Guinness Book Of Records. Use these tips to help you achieve such level of happiness and joy in your life and you will never go a next day feeling like you don’t want to travel no more on this tremendous and fascinating journey call life.

Tip 1: Count your blessings

Often you see what someone else has in terms of ownership and sometimes emotional support or things he has achieved in life and the green monster raises the head. If you had all that you would be happy too. Sting jealous and envious you can become.

Instead of focusing on what the other all has, you can focus on what you own.

Grab pen and paper and make a list of everything you’ve got that made you come on in your life and make you happy.

Only by realizing that you also have things in terms of possession, emotional support and milestones in your life, you become a bit lucky and take that jealous feeling, which you also do not get lucky, off again.

Tip 2: Learn something new

Sometimes you’re just in a mess, so you’re not having a good time telling you that you’re not happy. To break the slider you can learn something new . You do not have to follow a new study.

You can also follow a photo course for your smartphone. Make a workshop of Christmas or do something else that inspires you. Inspiration gives you energy and a happy feeling. Learning something new can contribute to the happiness of your life.

Tip 3: Visualize what you want

Sometimes you need to check what you actually want to achieve. Want to have fun with your friends? Do you want something good and get it happy? Do you want to drive hard on the motorway (keep it safe) and get your luck? Visualize a situation that makes you happy.

Through the visualization, your lucky writer becomes more concrete and you can take steps to get that happiness.

Tip 4: Meditate

Meditators have all kinds of benefits. Meditators reduce stress , lower blood pressure and give clarity. Sometimes you may also be unhappy because everything comes down to you. As a result, you get the feeling that you all have assignments that you can not finish in time and then the world is gonna blow or explode if it’s not possible for anyone to ask you something. Because you have “enough on your mind”.

Meditation also brings your mind to rest . That’s why there is room for happiness. Space to realize that rain brings life instead of a drowsy day. Space to realize that despite the slurry you live and the slurry goes over again.

The rest you can also suggest again open for that person who asks you what. This makes it possible for you to become social again and because we are social animals you can be happy again by that rest.

Tip 5: Go sports

Sports have many health benefits. Your fitness goes ahead. You build muscle mass. If you eat the right food you will also fall off. To be happy, sport for the production of endorphin is taking place . That’s a substance that you can get a happy or euphoric feeling of.

Runners high also speak of runners high .

Tip 6: Find out where you get lucky

If you’ve been in trouble for a while or you’re in a mess, you’ll never know where you’re happy. Then go back in time to see what you did when you were happy. Did you drink more tea? Did you walk outside more often? Did you watch more movies? What did you do when you stopped? Pick up this again to be happy again.

Tip 7: Forgive

Keeping rancune, being resentful and being hateful is both physically and mentally unhealthy. It is therefore important to forgive that person. It’s not so that whatever he did, suddenly is good, but you leave it behind you.

Tip 8: Put a positive thought against a negative thought

How often do you not hear “That was a luck in an accident”? That is an example of using positive thoughts against a negative thought only applied to an event. Therefore, always try to see the advantage of a situation.

Tip 9: Congratulations do not buy you

Many people think winning a lottery is the guarantee of happiness. For the first year, that is often the case, but there are many winners who eventually end up in their mother’s attic when everything is up and down, with feelings of “if I had wished to handle it instead of the world trip”.

In addition, expensive items do not help you to buy long-term happiness. Of course you will be happy with those expensive jewelry, but jewelry from a cheaper jeweler can give you that short feeling of luck.

These are experiences that make you happy. A good conversation, sociability and fun music can also do a lot.

Research also shows no correlation between wealth in money and wealth in happiness.

Tip 10: Maintain your friendship

We are social beings, which means that social relationships, such as friendships , are important to our happiness. Therefore, take time off to maintain friendship, even if it’s just a phone call.

Tip 11: Be helpful

Useful activities for society are something that you can find good luck with. People in care, in addition to their wages, often find that they have the nicest job, because they can help people daily with something.

So you can offer a helping hand by cleaning someone, giving homeless homework or helping in another way.

Tip 12: Watch less television

At the second tip it became clear that if you challenge yourself with something new you can become happier there. Research shows that television viewing reduces your brain activity and does not entirely contribute to your happiness. Do you watch more than 3 hours of television a day? Then try another activity. Read a book, color in an adult coloring book, write a blog, take a walk, but do something different than watching television.

Tip 13: Smile expres

Children automatically laugh more often than adults. Research shows that if you only smile your sense of happiness is already greater than with an expressionless face. Your facial expression enhances the emotion it expresses.

Tip 14: Do not give up

Achieving a goal never goes in a straight line. If something goes wrong you can become unhappy and give up, but then you can go through the rest of your life with regret. Sorry that you have not taken that one extra step.

Always see a counter-attack as a learning moment for the next step to achieve your goal. That way you will eventually achieve the goal and get your ultimate happiness.

Tip 15: Be optimistic

Optimism is very important to happiness. If you are pessimistic, you often go out of the worst. Nobody wants to help you, nobody wants to buy anything from you. Nobody wants anything at all.

If you are optimistic, you know that you can get a yes and no in response to a question and so it’s not always a no. As an optimist, there will always be another time when everything else will go.

Tip 16: Determine your core values

Doing what matters to you helps to be happy. Therefore, it’s important to find out what your core values are. Examples of core values are:

  • Finding family important.
  • Always want the best from yourself.
  • Believe in a higher power.

Behavior that does not fit these core values, like no time for family, can cause an unfortunate feeling. By finding out what you find most important in your life you can also do more with it and become happier in that way.

Tip 17: Recognize your hard work

Sometimes you are overwhelmed by the amount of work you need to do one day. Therefore, take some time to recognize your stress , such as “I feel so stressed because I have to do everything.” Linking a cause to your feelings will help you to better understand those situations. Reward yourself at the end of such a busy day with something fun.


Being happy is often a choice, usually it does not fall out of the air and you have to do something for it. To challenge yourself, both physically and mentally, can contribute to this.

Strengthening social contacts and helping other people are also factors that contribute to your happiness. In addition, your own feeling recognizes important to be happy. Find out who you are and what activities to do in order to pursue your happiness.


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