7 Simple Ways on How to Choose a Jean According To Your Body

How to choose a jean according to your body – Do not you know which jean is best for your body? do not worry, today we will tell you what is the ideal jean for your body type so you always look perfect and comfortable. The jeans are essential items in the wardrobe of any woman because they are versatile, you can use them anytime, just wearing them with heels or sneakers will make a good supplement because you’ll look neat but casual and can be combined with jackets, blouses, strapless, etc., everything depends on when you are going to take them if by day or at night for a party. Although we all use them regularly, sometimes when we go to buy it we do not know which is the best jean according to our body type , remember it is important that you measure them and feel comfortable, the jeans with the time of use are enlarged for this reason buy some that fit your body, here are some tips to know what type of jean fits you best.

How to choose a jean according to your body?

1. If you are a woman with many curves and you want to show them, choose a jean that is neat and tight. But if you want to be more comfortable choose straight jeans, but your curves will not be so accentuated.

choose a jean according to your body

2. If, on the other hand, you do not have many curves, choose jeans fitted at the ankles (boot tube) and in the tail part. You can get them semi-rigid, that is, not so rigid but with a bit of lycra so that they do not remain so loose and help your figure. You can use them with high heels or boots, this depends on your height or if you are more chubby. Use light colors

3. If you have wide hips, avoid using jeans with back pockets or designs in that part. Choose some with the waist not very high but that you stay at the hip and dark colors are better in this case. Avoid long boots outside the jean, since you will see more caderona and if you are short also avoid using them, they make you look shorter.

4. If you have a little belly choose jeans low waist but do not stay tight in that area or make it out more. If you prefer a little higher jeans at the waist choose straight jeans of dark colors and do not exceed the navel.

5. If you want your legs to look thinner, use a pair of smart jeans but with a little bell on the bottom, try not to use faded hair since this type of pants makes your legs look thicker.

6. If you are tall you can choose jeans, hood, straight or boot tube, and you can wear boots outside the jean that besides looking elegant make you stylize the figure.

7. If you are very thin choose jeans with pockets back and not so tight to see you with more volume. Use light colors and straight boots or tube.

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