Top 5 + 4 Best Possible Ways On How to dress to look thinner

How to dress to look thinner – At the time of dressing, you must take into account disguise your weak points and strengthen your attributes. When you have a few extra kilos clothes helps to disguise or highlight them. With these tips, you will learn how to dress to look thinner and over time your common sense and you yourself will recognize what type of clothing suits you best. Remember that the most important thing when dressing is your comfort and that you feel good about what you wear.

How to dress to look slimmerHow to dress to look thinner

  1. The black color makes you look thinner and dark colors such as blue, coffee, etc. can also help. Try to choose these types of colors because they hide and light highlights.
  2. Use one-color clothing as it unifies your silhouette. Choose pants and jacket dresses in a single tone to give a stylized look.
  3. Do not wear shirts with horizontal stripes since they make you look with more kilos and although you do not have them it will seem that yes. Choose vertical stripes or a single shirt tone.
  4. When you combine colors try to look at what area of your body needs to be stylized. For example, if from the waist up you need to hide something, put on dark colored blouses and light trousers.
  5. Do not use skirts with crowns, wide or flown, no puff sleeves or big collars. Wear straight pants to look thinner. Visit 7 Simple Ways on How to Choose a Jean According To Your Body?
  6. When you wear accessories try to be discreet, avoid large earrings and wear long necklaces to look thinner. If you use a belt that is not too tight and hopefully in the form of a V forward so that you can see your slimmer waist, try to use them not so thick.
  7. Use long shirts that are in the middle of the hip and that are not as tight as it does not benefit the figure.
  8. Try that the shoes you use are high heeled but not so much to avoid discomfort if you do not know how to use them, since that way you stylize your legs, you look taller and also stylize the whole figure.
  9. If you wear blouses try to choose a little tight on the bust but not tight and loose at the waist to make you look more slender. Remember to use dark colors.

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