5 Tips For Contagious Head – How to give oral sex to a man (Curly Toes)

1. No teeth: this is the number one complaint of men. The problem is that the penis has irregular shape, starts narrower, then widens and then narrower again, because of the shape of the crown and therefore the tendency is, unintentionally, to hurt it with the back of the front teeth to the departure. The trick here is to open a little more mouth and put the mouth as when we pronounce the letter “O” to cover the teeth and avoid hurting

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2. Be gentle: The mouth is warm and moist like a vagina, but it has extra: a very flexible tongue, lips and hands that are capable of stimulating. All these extras create the possibility of a variety of stimuli (sucking, sucking, licking) that are welcome, but understanding that oral sex is more a matter of movements and variety, than of pressure.

3. Question of attitude: Without forcing yourself to do something you do not want (no point, if you notice that you do not like it, the other person does not enjoy it) the important thing is to keep an open mind to the fact that it can be a pleasant act for both and to be aware of any misconceptions regarding oral sex. If your partner can do something simple to make your experience more pleasant (shaving, washing before, etc), ask.

4. Depth: Many women complain because if they put the penis too deep in their mouth, they gag. The trick is to keep breathing deeply through your nose at all times. You can practice when you wash your tongue when brushing your mouth.

5. Negotiate: swallow or not swallow? Control or not control? This is a personal decision of the person giving. To avoid surprises, you have to remember it beforehand.

If you have a problem with the person ejaculating in your mouth, ask him to notify you beforehand so that he can leave on time . If you have no problem with ejaculation, but you do not feel like swallowing, have a Kleenex or similar and then, with dissimulation, I spat the contents. If you are going to swallow, you have to take into account the implicit risk (Human Papilloma Virus, HIV, etc.)

As well:

  • Smells: the genitals smell like genitals. If it smells like anything else, we can suspect diseases. Each man has a particular smell. In case you do not like the natural smell of your partner, you can take advantage of the occasions when they are in the mood, right after leaving the shower, to give oral sex or ask them to wash before.
  • There are no magic formulas: the most important thing when it comes to wanting to know what it is that gives you pleasure is to communicate with your partner. No matter what experience you have with other men, each man is different and the “play” that drives one crazy can be uncomfortable for another. Ask him directly, I asked for instructions and I learned to listen to his body and what he likes.

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