Top 10 Awfully Simple Ways On How To Increase Sperm Thickness (fluid)

How To Increase Sperm Thickness – The sperm is composed of sperm and seminal fluid, which originates from the testicle, bum, seed bladders and the prostate gland. In case of ejaculation, at least 2 milliliters of the seminal fluid is produced with sperm cells. Immediately after ejaculation the composition of the sperm is “syrupy” and has a milky color. When the sperm is collected in a jar, the sperm usually becomes spontaneously watery after 1 hour. Normally semen contains at least 20 million sperm per milliliter or more. In most fertile men about 60 million sperm per milliliter will be present.

What does a sperm cell look like?

The sperm cell has a head, middle and tail. The head is oval in shape and has a length of 5 micrometers (1/1000 millimeters). The tail has a length of about 45 micrometers. Sperm cells swim at a rate of about 25 micrometers per second.

Sperm cell

An abnormal form is common. Also, infertile men, it appears that more than 70% of the sperm cells have an abnormal form. An abnormal form means, for example, that the head is too big or too small, that the middle part is too thick, that the tail is not straight but curled or that there are several tails. It seems, perhaps, fortunately, that these abnormal sperm cells can not fertilize.

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The sperm quality is also determined infertile men by many factors. For example, fever, but also other reasons of “feeling unwell”, stressful situations, excessive exercise and perhaps also environmental factors may cause a reduction in the number of sperm cells. The degree of excitement also seems to be able to have an effect on the quality of the seed.

Temperature and semen

The difference in temperature between the scrotum and the rest of the body is about 2-3 C. An increase in the temperature of the sex organs seems to affect the sperm production. There are plenty of arguments to argue that too high a temperature of the scrotum is bad for the seed quality. Too high temperatures are for example when one is in a hot bath for a long time, or is in the sauna for a long time. Wearing tight underwear can also increase the temperature of the scrotum.

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That high temperatures are detrimental is supported by the observations that men around the Mediterranean in the winter better fertilize than in summer . In addition, in the United States it has been found that in the summer the seed quality, in particular the number of sperm cells, is lower than in the winter. This has led to the fact that one is currently investigating whether, as mentioned earlier, certain professions may also give rise to a higher temperature of the scrotum. Also in the case of certain conditions such as: unsealed seed balls (cryptorchism), varicose vein (varicocele), retractile testes and fevering diseases.

10 Simple Steps to Get  Thicker SpermWays On How To Increase Sperm Thickness (fluid)

He always wanted to know how to increase sperm thickness but he did not have anyone to ask! Great, in this article you will learn all 10 simple steps to get a thicker sperm like never before thought possible!

Which man does not want to have thick sperm at the time of ejaculation? Most of them have this desire. Whether it’s to improve your self-confidence in sex or to impress your partner in time H.

The truth is that even those men who have a considered volume of sperm, still wish to have an increase in ejaculation. This desire is something very common since the orgasm is the apex of the sexual relationship and the man wants to finalize the sex in the best possible way.

Find out now how to achieve the desired increase in sperm volume and leave your partner impressed doubly: for your performance in bed and your unbelievable thick sperm!

How To Increase Sperm Thickness  – # 1 Quit smoking and avoid alcohol:

Certain habits must be extinguished from everyday life, and others should be avoided in order to conquer the much desired coarse sperm. Cigarette smoking is the first addiction that must be extinguished since it decreases immunological protection and consequently a decrease in sperm production.

Alcohol, in turn, has the same problem as cigarettes: The presence of alcohol in the blood forces the immune system and also leads to decreased sperm volume. So forget the cigarette and leave the alcohol as a second or third option.

How To Increase Sperm Thickness – # 2  Maintain a regulated weight:

A man with ideal weight is undoubtedly more likely to have thick sperm and a greater production of sperm than an obese or very thin man. A deregulated weight eventually leads to a hormonal disorder, which directly influences the control of sperm volume.

How To Increase Sperm Thickness – # 3 Leave aside the anabolic:

Anabolics are harmful to your whole health, with your sperm is no different. The use of anabolics may increase your muscles, but unfortunately the same will not happen with the volume and thickness of your sperm.

How To Increase Sperm Thickness – # 4 Sleep Well:

A good night’s sleep is one of the best remedies for controlling sperm volume. A well-slept sleep will make you regain the energy needed for your body to continue to produce a considerable volume of sperm and increase the chances of you having thick sperm.

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The tip is to sleep eight hours a night, as this is the ideal time for your body to rest and re-produce the sperm in a healthy way.

Simple Steps to Get  Thicker Sperm

How To Increase Sperm Thickness – # 5 Feed Well:

Healthy eating is crucial to gaining that much-needed sex sperm at the time of sex. Try to eat foods composed of Vitamin B9 and folic acid, since these substances contribute to increase sperm production.

How To Increase Sperm Thickness – # 6 You will find these substances in foods like orange and its derivatives:

Juices and sauces. Vegetables, green leaves, and cereals. Do not forget this tip, since feeding is fundamental to having a thick spermIt is no use having a large volume of sperm if it is not healthy. In this way, it is important to maintain a good diet to keep a healthy sperm. So, try to feed on bananas, ginger, and nuts.

How To Increase Sperm Thickness – # 7 Inspire and Breathe:

Day-to-day stress ultimately disrupts the performance of anyone in the sexual relationship and for man, this problem also interferes with sperm volume. So try to stay calm by leaving the stress of work and day-to-day problems away from sex.

How To Increase Sperm Thickness - 7 Inspire and Breathe

How To Increase Sperm Thickness – # 8 Take a Cold Bath:

If you usually take a bath, remember to leave the water at a room temperature, never leave it too hot. The hot water ends up succumbing to the volume of your sperm, so it is good to set aside the hot tub if you seek to increase the dosage of your sperm.

How To Increase Sperm Thickness – # 9 Save the masturbation:

The practice of masturbation can help in the production of sperm, but to achieve an expressive volume in the hour h, during the day leave aside the masturbation. This way you will have a more robust ejaculation in sex.

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How To Increase Sperm Thickness  – # 10 Increase the volume and thickness of sperm with SpermaxX Duo Pack:

SpermaxX Duo Pack is the perfect combination for increasing sperm volume that combines SpermaxX Drops + SpermaxX Caps and this means not only twice as effective as double the results.

This package allows 30 days of treatment, we recommend that you follow the treatment over a period of two to three months, the first results are visible one week after the start of treatment, for better results it is important that it is consistent and that there is no failure both in the taking of the capsules and in the taking of the drops.

SpermaxX Duo Pack  is a set of 2 products that complement each other and are used in 2 steps:

Step 1: Dilute daily by waking up 20 drops of SpermaxX Drops in your favorite beverage. When we wake up, we are in energy deficit, all energy reserves have been consumed at night, and this is when your body is more receptive to the absorption of nutrients, this is the window of opportunity for increased sperm volume, and it is at this point your body will take full advantage of SpermaxX Drops.

Step 2: Take 2 capsules of SpermaxX Caps per day with water, in the main meal intervals, this powerful capsule supplement will work throughout the day nourishing the body with the necessary ingredients to increase the volume of testosterone and blood volume in the penile region responsible for promoting the increase of sperm volume.

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