No Fake or Hype – How To Increase The Buttocks With The Brazilian Method (Solid)

How To Increase The Buttocks (Ass or Butt) With The Brazilian Method – Brazil is a country with a warm climate and with the most amazing festivities worldwide, exhibiting all over the sensual bodies of women, which allows you to appreciate the voluptuous buttocks that move to the sound of music and that stand out with the rays of the sun, motivating women to want to have some movie buttocks.

Bigger Buttocks With The Brazilian Method

t is not a secret that Brazilian women are characterized by beautiful bodies with toned buttocks, firm and attractive, without the need to undergo dangerous surgeries, extreme diets or strenuous exercise routines, thus attracting the attention of women of the rest of the world.

How to increase the buttocks with the Brazilian method, is the question that women are asked every day in all countries when contemplating the impressive rear of the Brazilian, however, the answer is simpler than you imagine.

The Brazilian women discovered a practical, effective and safe way to increase their buttocks, considering as a fundamental strategy the constancy at the time of carrying out the Brazilian method, in order to observe the results in a short period of time.

How To Increase The Buttocks With The Brazilian Method And The Exercises

The Brazilian method is a combination of a balanced diet, a Brazilian exercise routine and a healthy lifestyle because to be beautiful it is important to be healthy, remember that our body externalizes the state in which it is internally.

Let’s start by knowing the exercises that should be used to have Brazilian buttocks:

1. Buttocks kick

It is a simple exercise that you can perform from the comfort of your home, you just need a comfortable space on the floor and a padded mat to avoid mistreating your knees while doing this exercise.

First, you must place yourself on the mat on your hands and knees, trying to keep your back straight, in this position contract the right knee until it reaches your chest or the nearest, and then stretch your leg backwards, exerting the strength in the muscles of the right gluteus, this movement must be repeated ten times for each leg, doing it slowly and controlled.

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Buttocks kick exercise

2. The Bridge

This is another important exercise that will allow you to increase your buttocks quickly and easily, lie on your back on a mat on the floor, with your hands on your sides and knees bent, your feet should be shoulder-width apart.

Pushing with your heels you must raise your hips from the floor keeping your back straight, you must remain in this position for 5 seconds to increase muscle congestion, then return to the starting position, to perform four sets of ten repetitions each.

The Bridge exercise

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3. Strides

Also known as lunges, consists of standing with a step forward, bending both legs until the knee of the back leg is close to the ground, keep this position for 4 seconds and repeat with the next leg, to have better results you can perform the strides with dumbbells, do not forget to exert pressure on the muscles of the buttocks.


4. Burpees

It is a very complete exercise, which works practically all parts of the body, it is also considered a simple method that allows you to lose weight quickly.

To perform this method you must start from a neutral position, placing your feet shoulder-width apart, then place your hands on the floor, stretching your legs until you reach the position of flexion touching the floor with your chest, this exercise should be done during One minute without rest.

Burpees exercises

5. Burpees-exercises.

It is a practical and well-known exercise, which will allow you to get strong and beautiful buttocks, there are several ways to do it, the simplest and that can be done at home is the aerial squat or without weight.

You must stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms extended to the front, then bend your knees until the angle between your thigh and knees becomes a little less than 90 degrees, stay in this position for 4 seconds to return to the starting position, you must perform 4 sets of 10 repetitions each.

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squat exercise to do

How To Increase The Buttocks With The Brazilian Method, Using The Right Routine

It is important that you establish a routine that you can complete consecutively so that the results are notorious in the short term.

You must work with your routine for 6 consecutive days, leaving a day of rest that will allow the regeneration of muscles, this period of rest can be complemented with relaxing massages in your buttocks.

To discover the secret of  increasing buttocks with the Brazilian method , you must follow the following routine:

  • Mainly you must achieve your ideal weight, remember that it is not only about beauty but also health, it is important that according to your height you know what your weight should be and work to achieve it.
  • Having an adequate diet is essential to achieve a beautiful and healthy body, with firm and toned buttocks, you must decrease the consumption of carbohydrates and increase the intake of proteins and vitamins, only in this way your muscles can be stronger and more resistant.
  • It is recommended that you use the morning hours to perform the exercises, you can get up earlier than usual to take a breakfast rich in fiber, protein and vitamins and wait at least 3 hours to start your exercise routine.
  • It is important that the exercises are performed on a padded surface and not directly on the floor to avoid injury.
  • Before doing your exercises you must warm up, this will allow you to maintain a greater resistance and control of your breathing when you start your physical activity.
  • Begin to perform each of your exercises leaving a space of 20 seconds of rest between one exercise and another, enough time to avoid you run out quickly but without affecting the warmth of your muscles.
  • When you start and end your exercise routine it is important that you drink plenty of water, as your body will be releasing a lot of energy and fluid through sweat.

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