Hunter Chilton Diet + The Top 5 + 3 Foods That You Should Always Buy

Hunter Chilton Diet – We know the basic healthy foods that we are supposed to buy and use in our meals. But beyond this, what else should we add to our supermarket carts? To really have a proper diet there are certain foods that we should always acquire when making our purchases.

Not only we talk about vegetables and fruits, there are other ingredients that you can use to make your meals taste good and not become a routine. Remember that eating well and losing weight does not have to be boring.

foods that we should always acquire 

8 foods that you should always buy

1. Potatoes

Smart carbohydrates, such as white potatoes, are the main fuel for your brain and key energy source for muscles. You can cut your potatoes into slices, bake them and even dip them in organic ketchup enriched with turmeric, an anti-inflammatory spice.

Remember that white potatoes are naturally white, not processed to be white like pasta or rice, and are the healthiest option of this vegetable.

Potatoes food to buy

2. Dry meat

Dried or dehydrated meat is an easy and convenient snack that is full of protein, which can make you feel satisfied longer. However, many dried types of meat contain added sugars, which can trigger a carbohydrate count, so check out the ingredient list and nutrition panel before deciding on a taste.

The carbohydrate content of dried meat should be three or less for every 30 g.

Dry meat

3. Cocoa powder

We all love chocolate, but we do not want the calories it provides. However, cocoa powder has virtually no calories. It is also versatile, so you can incorporate it into almost anything.

Add a heaping teaspoon of cocoa powder to the shakes, to the coffee yogurt cartons to taste mocha, or to a chili recipe to extend its flavor and nutritional profile.

The cocoa powder is also full of flavonoids. These plant compounds help control inflammation, reduce the risk of heart disease and keep your brain healthier for longer.

Cocoa powder

4. Miso paste

Miso paste has been in fashion in recent times, and nutritionists regularly recommend it for a good reason.

It is commonly used in Japanese soups and Asian dishes. As a probiotic food, it has been shown to aid digestion by adding beneficial microorganisms in the digestive tract.

So, how is it used? The pasta can be dissolved in boiling water to make a salty broth or to season sauces and other dishes. Although you can make miso from a variety of different types of beans, the most common types of miso are made from soy. However, because miso is rich in sodium, it should be used sparingly.

Miso paste

5. Prunes

Prunes, also called ” dried plums “, have great benefits, so they are a mainstay in the kitchen of nutritionists. They do not have added sugar, they have less natural sugar than other dried fruits and they are good for bones, heart and digestive health.

Add them to the smoothies for a natural sweetness or just eat some with a handful of almonds to help give you more energy.

Prunes - foods to buy

6. Chickpeas

Chickpeas are an excellent source of protein and plant-based fiber. You can add them whole to tortillas and salads. You can also make them in the form of puree with condiments to beat sauces and make creams without dairy or roast them in the oven to obtain a crunchy snack. You could even save the liquid from canned chickpeas to make the low-calorie aquafaba be used as a vegetable alternative to whipped cream.

Chickpeas food to buy

7. Fiber of psyllium

Sometimes it can be difficult to meet your fiber quota for the day. That’s where a fiber supplement comes into play. Use simple psyllium fiber to increase the fiber of your protein and oatmeal shakes.

Add approximately one teaspoon to a shake: the soluble fiber will increase the satisfaction of the shake. Also add a teaspoon of oatmeal or even Greek yogurt to make the smoothie more satisfying.

You can buy psyllium fiber from € 11.99 through Amazon Spain.

Fiber of psyllium

8. Anchovies

Most of us do not eat enough omega-3, so what is an easy way to improve our consumption while increasing the taste? Anchovies: these add a depth of flavor without knowing too much fish, and replace the need for table salt.

Add a small fillet in your sauces, dressings, pasta sauces, hummus and guacamole. Although they are small, they still count for the 200 g of seafood per week recommended by the dietary guidelines. Scientific evidence also suggests that omega-3 fats in anchovies are healthy for the heart and for the developing baby.

 anchovies are healthy for the heart

Hunter Chilton Diet – The Way To Attraction

Hunter Chilton Diet


What I Eat In A Day – FULL day of Eating for Shedding Fat and Maintaining Muscle

Purpose: This is what I ate today! Every day is a little bit different but I try and make the healthiest choices possible to meet my macro/micro needs while also enjoying life a little! Like I mentioned in the video, I am currently aiming around 1800 calories every day to be able to shed a little bit of fat but maintain most of the muscle I have! This number is based on my own stats and should not be copied just because that is what I am doing! I personally believe in eating as many healthy whole foods as possible 80-85 percent of the time and then leaving the other 15-20 percent for living life a little lol.

I am not strict or hard on myself because this is my lifestyle and not a diet or phase, I am not aiming to be the skinniest or most shredded person on the plant, I am aiming to feel healthy and confident in my own skin every day! I am a snacker, so I like to eat multiple small “meals” or I guess you could just call them snacks every couple of hours in order to keep me full and from binging! f I were to eat 1800 calories in 2 or 3 meal, I would go nuts LOL .. but seriously.

I also like to get a majority of my micronutrients from whole foods like my last “what I eat in a day” video, but like you saw in this video, sometimes I am out of vegetables or just not feeling chicken and squash and will have protein bars/powders; however, by NO MEANS is supplements necessary to sustain a fit lifestyle. I do take vitamins everyday and sometimes supplement powders like you saw in the video, but I really try my hardest to get them from foods first! This is just one day of my meals but every day or at least week I change them up so I do not get bored with my food! Enjoy!!



  • 1 Scoop protein powder and water mixed -I switch my protein up all the time, the one in this video is BSN Syntha-6 protein in Chocolate PB and it is freakin delish! lol
  • Heritage O’s cereal Natures Path Organics brand 1/2 scoop
  • unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • didn’t measure – probably 1/2 cup
  • Earth Fare organic Honey
  • didn’t measure – probably a tbsp

I only ate 1/2 a cup of the cereal because that protein powder has carbs in it already! Otherwise I would have ate way more cereal lol

MEAL #2 (Pre-workout meal)

  • Ezekiel Bread 2 slices Sprouted wholegrain flavor
  • Ultra Thin Slices Sharp-CheddarCheese 1 slice
  • Oven Roasted Turkey Breast Fat Free 2 slices
  • Alfalafa Sprouts
  • Mustard
  • 1 Clementine

Post workout snack

  • Power Crunch Bar French Vanilla

Meal #3

  • Homemade chicken lemon rice soup 4 chicken breast
  • 1 cup shredded carrots
  • 1 chopped onion
  • 4 cups reduced sodium chicken broth
  • 1/2 cup rice
  • salt and pepper
  • 2 lemons


  • Classic Hummus 2 tbsp
  • 2 servings Garden Fresh Ranch Pita Chips


  • Natures Bakery Fig Bar (2 pack)



Homemade chicken lemon rice soup

That is not including little things like mustard, honey, almond milk, etc. I only really count the higher carb, high macro items when logging food. I do not count macros but this was to show you where I eat around everyday. I was most likely closer t0 1800 if I were to measure exactly everything which is where I want to be!


What I Eat In A Day – Healthy Eating

Purpose: Hi! So today is all about the FOOD! I love me some food and this is to give you guys a snippet of how I typically eat! I like to fill up on complex carbs, lean proteins, and A LOT of micronutrients to feel good and keep my abs somewhat noticeable haha! Hope you enjoy!



  • egg whites
  • asparagus
  • eggs
  • garlic minced
  • w/ organic ketchup
  • chocolate chip pancakes
  • w/ sugar-free syrup


  • Greek chicken (4 oz)
  • Organic, high protein pita bread
  • tzatziki sauce
  • fresh parsley
  • tomatoes
  • squash and zucchini sauteed mix


  • blueberry Nutri-grain bar


  • 4 oz chicken
  • brown basmati rice
  • vegetable mix
  • tzatziki sauce


  • bowl of grapes
  • broccoli and greek yogurt blue cheese dressing


Weight Loss Tips You Should Know –  4 Quick Tips

Purpose: Hi guys! This video has four of my key tips when it comes to fat loss or weight loss that I find are staples in any successful weight loss journey! If your new year’s resolution is to get healthy, lose weight, or get in shape, hopefully, these tips can help you!


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