Super Effective – Increase Buttocks (Booty) With Ball or Pilates Ball

Usually when we decide to increase our buttocks we seek to perform exercises that are easy and that allow us to achieve the goal as quickly as possible, however there is another way that you probably do not know and you can have even better results, it is to perform exercises to increase buttocks with a ball or a Pilates ball. Surely if you have the availability and a Pilates ball you should not miss these exercises that you will surely love.Increase Buttocks (Booty) With Ball or Pilates Ball

Exercises to Increase Buttocks with Pilates Balloon

Before performing these exercises remember to perform a warm up before you can avoid any injury during or after them. Once you perform the corresponding warm-up you can start with the exercises.

The first exercise with ball is called leg lifts, the position you should take is to lay the chest on the ball against the ground, with your hands on the ground to balance, one of the legs must be bent with the knee touching the ground, the other leg should be stretched back and the movement of the exercise is to raise and lower the leg that is stretched, you can touch the tip of the foot with the ground but without this being reposado of the same, the idea is to make pressure in the gluteal muscles, we recommend 3 sets of 10 repetitions then change the leg and make the same movement taking into account that the back must be completely straight. If you do not understand the explanation of the exercises, calm that at the end of this article I have a video explaining all the exercises clearly.

Exercises to Increase Buttocks with Pilates Balloon

Change your position, now you must sit on top of the ball with your back straight and your feet together, in this position you will lift one of the feet forward leaving the leg fully stretched and trying to keep the knee in the same place, this is an exercise that is very easy to execute but that when performing the repetitions you will be able to feel that the muscles are working. Change your leg and do the same exercise with 10 repetitions of 3 sets each.

Another exercise that you can do is a variant of the first that explains you, you will be lying with your chest on top of the ball and keeping your balance with your arms, in the same way you will raise and lower one of the legs completely stretched and At the same time you will raise and lower the arm on the same side as the leg, that is if you work the right leg, you will raise the right arm, change leg and arm, in the same way, performing the 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

exercise on ball on the beach

Continuing with our routine, we change position and in this opportunity, you will lay your back
on the floor, your arms on the sides equally exerting support on the floor, the soles of your feet should be on top of the ball and knees flexed, in this position you will raise and lower the pelvis taking care not to climb so high, remember that the back must be straight, when lowering do not touch the pelvis against the ground, maintaining balance is very important and every time you put pressure in the buttocks.


The previous exercise you can make a variant, placing the same position and exercise the difference is that the move up and down must do so keeping one of the legs in the air up, the other holding the ball, after making 3 sets of 10 repetitions changes leg, remember to keep your back straight and keep your balance.

exercises to increase buttocks with ball

The following exercise is practically a squats with the help of the ball, the position is of back to a wall, the ball is going to hold it with your back at the level of the lumbar area together with the wall, the legs must be separated the same width of the shoulders and you will perform squats taking care that the ball does not fall remember that the same will be subject of the back, exerts pressure on the buttocks and maintain the balance at all times, straight back and performs 3 sets of 10 repetitions .

exercise is practically a squats

To perform the same exercise above you can apply a variant, while doing the squats, when climbing, raise one of the knees as much as you can without straining too much, lowers and when raising again raises the other, in this way you can exert a greater effect on the glute with the same exercise.

The next exercise requires more resistance, you must stand on one foot with a slight forward lean, the other foot should be backward holding the ball against the ground, both hands stretched forward, then up and down, as if it were squatted One-legged, you must make a great effort with this exercise both in the strength and in maintaining balance. Change the leg and perform the same exercise with 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

foot with a slight forward lean

I hope that the exercises to increase buttocks with ball that I have just explained to you are very useful, I am sure that if you use this routine without any interruption and you are constant you will achieve in a short time to increase your buttocks, cheer up and do not wait for laziness to win you

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