Increase Seminal Fluid – 3 Powerful and Promising Ways for High Volumes

Increase Seminal Fluid – One of the first parameters studied in the semengram is the volume of ejaculated semen. Although this value does not make direct reference to the amount of sperm present in the ejaculate, it is important to verify that the quantity of ejaculated sperm is sufficient for some to reach the uterus and, therefore, it is possible to achieve fertilization and pregnancy in a manner natural.Increase Seminal Fluid

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Volume of ejaculated sperm: How is it analyzed? Can it be increased?
  • 1. How is it analyzed?
  • 2. Alterations in male fertility
  • 2.1. Hypospermia
  • 2.2. Aspermia
  • 2.3. Hyperespermia
  • 3.How to increase the volume of ejaculation?
  • Four. Questions
  • 4.1. Is it serious if there is a decrease in the volume of ejaculation and restoration of normal values after prolonged abstinence is not achieved?
  • 4.2. Is the volume of an ejaculation always the same?
  • 5. Recommended reading

1. How is it analyzed?

The volume of ejaculated sperm is measured in milliliters with a laboratory pipette. The average amount of semen per ejaculate in man is between 2 and 4 ml, although it is a value that can vary depending on different aspects, such as sexual abstinence, stress, etc.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a volume of normal ejaculate from 1.5 ml is considered. The results above the reference value do not indicate alterations that affect fertility. However, a volume of ejaculate semen smaller than this value gives rise to the pathology known as hypospermia.

2.Alterations in male fertility

As we will see below, there are some alterations related to the volume of ejaculation that can compromise the reproductive capacity of man.

2.1 Hypospermia

Hypospermia or a small amount of semen produces male infertility, because if less than 1.5 ml of ejaculate volume is expelled, it is difficult for the sperm to travel all the way to the area of the ampulla, in the fallopian tubes, where the ovule is found

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Through the use of assisted reproduction techniques, such as ICSI, where few sperms are needed, men who have hypospermia are likely to be parents, since although the volume of ejaculate is less than 1.5 ml, it is required that a very low amount of sperm to perform this technique.

If you want more information about this pathology, you can find it in this article: Hypospermia.

It should be noted that before diagnosing a hypospermia, it is advisable to ensure that the sample has been obtained correctly and the entire ejaculate has been collected. For this, the patient will be asked specifically if he has provided the whole sample or only partially. In the event that only one part was delivered, the diagnosis could be wrong. The days of abstinence referred by the patient should also be taken into account.

2.2 Aspermia

Another complication related to the volume and that presents more seriousness is the aspermia, where the man is not able to expel any fluid in the ejaculation. In this case, you should find the cause of this alteration and check if there is sperm production in the testicles.

Its main causes are two:

  • Retrograde ejaculation: the ejaculate is not expelled to the outside, but flows into the bladder.
  • Obstruction or absence of any of the ejaculatory ducts.

2.3 Hyperespermia

Finally, a quantity of semen greater than the normal amount of ejaculate can be produced for a man. This is what is known as hyperspermia . Contrary to what happens with the low amount of semen, a high seminal volume is not associated with any pathology or impaired fertility.

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We consider that a man presents hyperspermia when the amount of ejaculated seminal fluid is greater than 6 ml. As we have said, it is not a cause of infertility but it is usually related to a large size of the seminal vesicles, since these formations are responsible for more than 70% of the volume of ejaculate.

It can also be due to an excess of days of abstinence or inflammation of these organs.

How to increase the volume of ejaculation?

The expulsion of a small amount of ejaculate can be the result of different aspects, both hormonal and anatomical. Obstruction of the ejaculatory ducts or androgen insufficiency are some of the main causes.

Depending on the reason of hypospermia, one way or another will be used to find the solution and achieve an increase in the volume of ejaculate. Therefore, there is no definitive or unique treatment.

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There are medications that can help, but it is generally recommended to avoid the abuse of toxins, such as tobacco or alcohol, and to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Drinking lots of water and natural juices is recommended, as well as consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, due to its high content of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Zinc is also a highly recommended mineral due to its antioxidant properties, so it must be present in the diet. Some of the foods rich in zinc that can help increase the amount of ejaculate are oysters, beans, beef or nuts.

It should be noted that these healthy habits can help in some men, but will hardly have an effect in the most severe cases. It is advisable to go to a clinic specialized in assisted reproduction if after a year of unprotected sexual intercourse pregnancy is not achieved.

Questions from users

Is it serious if there is a decrease in the volume of ejaculation and restoration of normal values after prolonged abstinence is not achieved?

In cases where the descent is very drastic, it is best to go to the specialist to rule out any alteration in the ejaculatory ducts.

It will be necessary to evaluate if all the glands that participate in the seminal production are well or if on the contrary simply the seminal characteristics have changed without implying alterations.

Is the volume of an ejaculation always the same?

No. Although it is of an approximately equal volume, it varies between different men and even in the same man. For example, factors such as days of abstinence can cause changes in seminal volume.

The fact that a punctual day the ejaculate is of low volume should not be cause for concern.

3 Steps to Increase Sperm Volume Simple and Fast

Want to increase sperm volume with simple and quick tips? If you are looking for a greater sense of pleasure at the time of sex or are trying to conceive the partner and have not had results, know that the volume of ejaculation can influence these goals.

Enjoy more can make a difference. In addition to ensuring the volume required to promote fertilization of the egg, when planning paternity, it also represents male sexual health.

When the man has a sexual dysfunction, the low volume of ejaculation may be a sign that it is necessary to take a look at what is happening and seek the appropriate treatment.

At the time of ejaculating, many men end up releasing a small amount of sperm.

There are some tips to increase sperm volume, including feeding techniques and adjustments, suitable for men who wish to ejaculate in profusion.

Why increase sperm volume?

Quality and inadequate sperm production are one of the most common reasons for male infertility, according to clinicians.

Ejaculation is very important for man as it is a response to sexual stimulation that serves to naturally lubricate the sperm canal and facilitate the passage of sperm into the uterus.

Whether it’s to get your partner pregnant or simply ensure moments of sheer pleasure in sex, sperm boosting tips should be followed closely to ensure astonishing results.

The recommendations of a professional are important for the maintenance of health, but it is not always the most feasible and effective solution.

Checking with an expert if physically everything is okay with your body is important, but understand that clinics in general do not mount an assertive diagnosis and will certainly apply in their treatment the administration of medicines .

These long-term remedies can become great villains of male sexuality, and no man deserves to have more prejudice in the sex life already suffering from Premature Ejaculation .

In this article we will show you simple and quick tips to increase sperm volume, provide more satisfaction, feel more pleasure in releasing sperm and more easily promote pregnancy to your partner if that is the intention.

Do you want to increase sexual rapture in your relationship and feel your partner with much more intensity in the hour H?

Check out the tips to increase sperm volume

#1. Enjoy the preliminaries

As the level of arousal influences how much you ejaculate, it is important to take into account your psychological state at the time of sex. If you are very tense, for example, you will not be able to completely relax.

Because of this, the preliminaries should be used a lot not only to lubricate the penis, but to enhance the desire to ejaculate.

#2. Masturbation

Masturbation is also a factor that exerts great influence on the amount of sperm at the time of ejaculation.

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By staying a while without masturbating, there is an accumulation of semen, however, if the duration of the “dry” is too long, the sperm becomes “old” and the volume will not increase after a certain period.

After a few days without ejaculating, you do not continue to accumulate sperm, because the body itself begins to absorb the excess, ie, without ejaculating for several days will not hurt you, as some believe, the body itself gives the message.

The expression “I’m pissed off” is true and has a limit.

# 3. food

The consumption of certain foods also helps to increase the volume of semen. This is the case with foods rich in protein and carbohydrates.

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In addition, the so-called micronutrients (composed of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) are beneficial to the quality and quantity of spermatozoa present in the sperm.

Some foods that make a difference to increase sperm volume

  • The zinc is one of the most important minerals for those who want to increase sperm volume, since it plays an important role in producing various compnents of semen, including espermatozoides. Para consume this mineral, eat cereals, red meat and poultry, in addition to seafood, mainly oysters.
  • There is also selenium, a material that also increases the production of sperm, and can be found in foods such as fish, garlic, butter, Brazil nut, sunflower seeds, among others. In addition, a diet containing folic acid and vitamins C, E and B12. So, in addition to eating healthy foods, your body will be able to ejaculate in plenty.
  • Iron-rich elements also help keep sperm healthy. Therefore, foods that have high iron content should be part of your meals, especially dark leaves in salads.

Avoid ingesting:

  • Knowing what not to eat is just as important as what is best suited for increasing the volume of semen at the time of orgasm. While fruits, vegetables and white meats are great examples of foods indicated to increase sperm quantity, fatty foods are harmful to sperm production, compromising their performance while enjoying.
  • Also, avoid drinking alcohol whenever possible because they dehydrate your body by reducing sperm count. To avoid this dehydration, drink plenty of water daily.

To finalize the tips on how to increase sperm volume, remember that body and mind should be healthy. Practice physical activity regularly, even if it is a walk close to home.

That way, you will feel less stressed, avoiding possible hormonal imbalances.

Try to eliminate from your life everything that damages your well-being, so that your sexual performance is much more pleasant and satisfying for the couple.

In addition to increasing sperm volume …

Having that vitality at the time of ejaculation, giving what the partner asks for and having a good volume of semen production at the time of ejaculation, can help increase the male’s self-esteem, the horniness and the desire of the couple.

But did you know that about 30% of men have trouble controlling themselves? That is, with too much or too little volume, they end up going too fast and leave their partners in the hand.

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