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Jamie Eason Hot and Sexy Photos – Before we look at one the greatest Instagram fitness trainer and model photos and epic pictures, we are going to take a look as to who she really is as a person. Jamie Eason (born April 10, 1976) is an American fitness model and writer. She is also a former NFL cheerleader and winner of the world’s fittest Model competition. She has been the subject and cover girl featured in many fitness and women’s magazines. She is currently a full-time spokesperson for Bodybuilding.com, and is developing her own line of swimsuits and recently launched her own line of supplements with Labrada nutrition.  Eason is known as the representation of fitness and healthy femininity.

Birth Name: Jamie Eason

Age: 41, born 10 April 1976

Born and residing in: United States

Height: 5′ 2″

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Partner: Michael Middleton

Training with Jamie Eason

Jamie Eason Hot and Sexy Photos

Purpose:  Jamie Eason is by far one of the most recognizable fitness models in the industry. However, Jamie wasn’t born with a silver dumbbell in her hand; she had to fight tooth and nail for where she is today. And like any great success story, Jamie had to battle in the trenches before she reached the summit of success.

Jamie overcame every woman’s worst nightmare: breast cancer. Her personal struggle with the disease flipped her motivation switch. She began to make healthy lifestyle changes, building the body she never thought she’d have again, but better!

With 7 years under her belt since her bout with cancer, Jamie has accumulated an array of health and fitness knowledge that has aided her in her own rendition of survival of the fittest.

In an exclusive Bodybuilding.com interview, Jamie shares her best tips about training, nutrition, and supplementation – tips that she has used to set herself apart in the world of fitness.

So sit back, relax (but not for too long), and learn the insider secrets that have set Jamie Eason apart as a tried and true fitness professional.


Eason was born April 10, 1976, in Houston, Texas. She also has an older brother.  While working to earn a degree in communication/organization speech at Texas A & M University, she took a weight training class for a kinesiology loan.  It was then that she began his interest in fitness training.

Early career

In 2001, after graduating from college and while working for her grandfather’s roofing company, she tested for the new Houston Texans team of cheerleaders. She was one of 35 selected girls of 1,600 girls in a rigorous two-day process.

After a brief period of time as a cheerleader for the Houston Texans, she was diagnosed with breast cancer forcing her to a desk job, where her sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition took a toll on her body. In an attempt to get in shape, she joined a local gym. She continued to work and improve but was not completely satisfied with her results. After consulting a nutritionist, she was put on a proper diet that completely transformed his body

Later Carrera

Eason was discovered for the first time in a muscle-building competition in Austin, Texas. She received a professional card after her first fitness competition in 2006 in the Hardbody Entertainment Model search at the Olympia.

As a spokesperson, Eason has been dubbed the “woman’s face”  of Bodybuilding.com, the world’s largest and most visited online retailer of sports supplements and nutritional products. Jamie has also authored several training plans and routines that are followed by millions of people at bodybuilding.com. She also focuses on eliminating the stereotype that women with muscles are unfeminine. Eason has stated that she regrets some of her earlier photo sessions that showed more skin when she began her modeling career. She continues the physical modeling, but encourages young women in fitness and modeling not to show much of affirming skin “It’s not worth it.” His style training mostly revolves around weight training, She has stated that she prefers more cardiovascular training, so she does not do cardio training very much, but to a large extent, she focuses on weight training.

Health during pregnancy has also been another subject of fitness Eason has discussed. Regarding the baby’s weight loss in a healthy way Eason stated:

“First, create a plan, have a training plan ready to go, and create a routine to prepare your meals just like you will for your baby. Secondly, breastfeeding is the best way to burn those excess calories and it’s good for him. On the third baby, take regular walks or jog by yourself, with your baby, or with your partner, It’s good that fresh air; … and every bit of exercise will move closer to his goal ”

Personal life

Eason is a devout Christian. Eason was diagnosed with breast cancer at 22 years old fighting the disease, and at age 28 an injury revealed that she has hidden spina bifida, a mild form of the disease that is very debilitating during outbreaks.  She has declared that her two main life activities are his family and Jesus Christ.  Eason met Michael Middleton in the church and they started dating and after a year of courtship, he proposed to her on Christmas Eve through a song he wrote for her.  She married Michael Middleton, an enthusiast of the training partners and Leader of worship in his church, on July 18, 2012.  Jamie was the mother of a son at the end of August in 2013

Jamie Eason Hot: Sexy Photos At The Gym

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Current Fit Status: 41 year old working mom of 2 About 1 year post pregnancy Only working out at home with dumbbells No calorie counting and strict eating but about 75% clean Currently breastfeeding Spent about 6 months working to heal my Diastasis Recti Next phase: Continue my home workouts with an emphasis on building some muscle (I'll be coaching and doing the OC3 challenge with everyone, link in bio) Still no counting calories but avoiding junk food and sugar as much as possible Get more sleep Drink more water Cardio with my kids on the weekends (bikes, swimming, kayaking, sports, etc.) #workingonmyfitness #fitstatus #41yearsyoung #momoftwo #csection #sharingmyjourney

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# 1 Photo

Eason Show Off her Abs

# 2 Photo

Jamie Eason Sexy muscle

# 3 Photo

Jamie Eason in Sexy fitness suite at gym

# 4 Photo

# 5 Photo

# 6 Photo

Eason Squatting At Gym Picture

# 7 Photo

Jenna Renee and Jamie Eason

# 8 Photo

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Sorry for the creepy foreground face. It's been nearly two years since I had my son and I was so surprised after pregnancy how weak my back was. While I still struggle to get more than 4 or 5 pull-ups, I'm finally feeling like my back is strong again. For you ladies that just had babies or haven't trained hard since the birth of your little one, it truly does take time and a lot more energy than many of us moms have but if you can find the time and make consistent effort, I really believe that you can not only get back to your former self but with the motivation of a child and family to look after, I think you can be even better than before! @carbon38 #formyfamily #formyhealth #workinprogress #leanbodyforher #fitmom #bodybuildingcom #bestself #back #arms #shoulders #fromflattoallthat #showmetheweighcom #carbon38

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# 9 Photo

# 10 Photo

Jamie Eason Show Sexy ass and Muscle at The Gym

Jamie Eason Hot: Sexy Bikini (Micro) Photos

# 11 Photo

Jamie Eason in Gold bikini on beach

# 12 Photo

Jamie Eason Sexy Blue star bikini at the beach

# 13 Photo

Jamie Eason In Sexy grey bikini

# 14 Photo

Jamie Eason in sexy ash blue swimsuite

# 15 Photo

Jamie eason in sexy blue two piece

# 16 Photo

Jamie Eason in leopard two piece swim suite

# 17 Photo

Jamaie eason in hot and sexy two piece

# 18 Photo

Jamie eason in sexy white micro bikini

# 19 Photo

Jamie Eason In Sexy Pink Swimsuite

# 20 Photo

Jamie Eason in Pink Micro Bikini

# 21 Photo

 Jamie Eason in sexy micro blue bikini

# 22 Photo

Jamie eason in extreme white micro bikini

# 23 Photo

Jamie Eason in extreme micro bikini

Jamie Eason Hot: Sexy Butt (Ass) Photos

# 24 Photo

Jamie Sexy butt picture at beach golden bikini

# 25 Photo

Jamie Sexy Butt Picture in two piece

# 26 Photo

Jamie Eason Show off her ass in micro bikini

# 27 Photo

Jamie Sexy Butt in Two Piece bikini

# 28 Photo

Jamie Sexy ass Picture Micro bikini

# 29 Photo

Jamie Eason Sexy ass picture in two piece bikini

# 30 Photo

Jamie Eason Sexy Ass Picture in Purple Micro bikini

# 31 Photo

Extremely sexy ass picture of Jamie Eason

Jamie Eason Hot and Extreme Sexy

Jamie Eason Half Naked Picture

# 33 Photo

Jamie really really sexy photo

# 33 Photo

Jamie Eason Sexy and Hot photo on the beach

# 34 Photo

Jamie Eason Extremely hot photo

# 35 Photo

Jamie Eason Sexy photo with Red pantie and bra

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