Top 10 Tips For Keeping Fit And 9 Sexy Jeanine Amapola Fitness Videos

Jeanine Amapola Fitness and Routines- Keeping fit the whole year is something that an individual who does not have good discipline can hardly do. Undoubtedly, aspects such as the practice of physical activities, correct nutrition and due rest are the most influential factors for this continuity, which for most individuals is not present.

But we jump to Jeanine Amapola Fitness videos we will first, discuss 10 tips and the importance of keeping fit.

10 tips and the importance of keeping fit


Although the continuity is not noticed by the majority, in some periods of the year, that goes from simply not being relieved to be “relaxed”. And yes, I am talking about the winter periods, where individuals usually gain good amounts of weight because of the absence of physical activities and food excesses. That is why we can justify the great quest for good form in the summer: In addition to showing our body more because of the clothes used, many still want to be well on a beach or even in a club with a pool where the body is still displayed.

In this way, it is difficult to know an individual who does not want to make a good impression or at least be satisfied and the will to himself, is not it? This means, in most cases, an incessant search for protocols that can be fast,

Today we will know some fundamental aspects to keep in shape, be it during the summer, winter or any other season of the year in order to minimize this need to try to get the good shape from day to night or from winter to summer.

1- Draw your key points

Having key points is key to good planning. If an individual has relatively poor bodily compositions, it is not expedient that he should attain to the body of a Mr. Olympia. Rather, stages are needed that should be gradually constructed and staged.

Placing each goal in a time frame to be achieved is much more motivating and interesting than just a single search.

So think that if your goal is to go from 90kg to 80kg then you should think in a few months to reach 85kg and then only after drawing even better guidelines to reach 80kg. In addition, it allows us to acquire more knowledge of our own in order to avoid mistakes.

2- Escape from extensive cardiovascular exercises

Bodybuilding is associated with increased muscle mass while cardiovascular exercises are associated with weight loss.

Although today this does not have a relevance because we know that bodybuilding can directly influence the burning of body fat, as well as some regions of the body, can be hypertrophied with aerobic exercises, we know that cardiovascular exercises if performed in excess can provide totally opposite effects of lean mass gain.

Aerobic exercises when performed in excess or for very long periods tend to cause damage, such as increased oxidative damage in the body by the presence of free radicals, increased production of catabolic hormones such as glucagon and cortisol, oppression of anabolic hormones such as testosterone, the use of muscle mass as an energy source , among others.

Already opting for resistance exercises with weights (bodybuilding) causes the individual to promote hormonal impacts favorable to lipolysis and, at the same time, stimulate the muscle protein synthesis (during recovery), making at the same time that fat loss, if you preserve/gain muscle mass.

The best way to get good results is not overcompensating overeating with excess physical activity. It is important to always remain balanced and without compensation. Watch out!

3- Decrease carbohydrates and increase lipids

Despite the importance and relevance of carbohydrates to humans, these are increasingly recommended to be reduced from the contemporary diet. Our body has an enormous capacity for metabolizing this nutrient (including, turning it into body fat), which is favorable in metabolism as a whole. If before to get a food that provided 400kcal, we gave 400kcal hunting or climbing trees, today we get those same 400kcal giving off only 50kcal going to the bakery and buying a “beautiful dream”. That is why carbohydrates today can present as a nutrient unfavorable to humans, especially when the goal is to reduce fat. In addition, carbohydrates can promote insulin insults, which is harmful not only for weight loss but also,

In its replacement, as an energy source, lipids are increasingly being used. In addition to providing energy to the body, lipids will not cause significant insulin stimuli, nor will they be as easily metabolized as carbohydrates, making energy delivery even more gradual, appetite control greater, fat-soluble vitamins absorption better, among others. Lipids are still responsible for the delivery of substrates for hormone production, such as cholesterol, in the production of testosterone.

Opt for good sources of lipids, especially essential fatty acids such as Omega, which the body does not produce and try to avoid lipids like trans.

4- Use more shakes in your meals

Eating meals frequently have not shown a significant improvement in fat reduction when compared to diets with lower frequencies between meals. However, this has shown beneficial effects in the construction and preservation of muscle mass, which is fundamental for maintaining a good body.

Thus, for an individual having to make 6 or 7 meals a day, the need for practicality and even gastric conditions should be duly observed.

Practicality is not something that we should explain much after all each individual must establish ways of following the protocols to which it is appropriate. However, gastric issues can be briefly discussed:
Continuous meals can generate physical gastric discomfort and also gastrointestinal system overload due to the need for digestion, absorption and subsequent metabolism of these nutrients. In this way, shakes will be much more easily digested, will cause much less gastric stress and will have the advantage of not making the individual feel “embarrassed” for the next meal, making it impossible to do.

Remember that in order to stay well all year long you need continuity in protocols. This continuity will only be viable if we follow means which DO NOT BE a true TORTURE!

5- Rest properly

As important as training properly and also nurturing properly, is knowing how to rest properly as well.


Rest properlyKnowing how to rest properly can be a strong influence on whether or not you get results. Remember that it is during rest that syntheses occur (including muscle and hormones), rest is where relaxation of the body also occurs and preparation for a new training session and even some signs of lipolysis if this is synergistic to the diet.

Resting little can mean less intense workouts, which will make your protocols regress instead of progressing.


6- Propose daily goals

The human being tends to work very well at stimuli related to pressure and challenges. In this way, you should seek daily to develop challenges for yourself. For example, if you practice racing, try to increase their intensity in speed day by day. If you work with weights, try to increase the intensity of the workout, be it in loads or repetitions daily. And so on.

The important thing about this is not to make the body get used to a stimulus. Being frequently stimulated in different forms and intensities, he will surely respond gradually to them.

7- Do not be negligent with post-meal and pre-workout meals

Meals are of equal importance and this is irrefutable. However, we should not be negligent, especially with pre- and post-training meals. This is because they are the closest to one of the most intense stimuli to the body that is the training. These should adequately subsidize the body’s micro and macronutrients so that it can have as well to promote not only good performance but so that it can minimize perch damage and especially start a rapid recovery after training.

In addition, pre / post-workout meal composition is key: Unlike other meals, these need to be easily assimilated by the body so as not to harm it during training.

Failure to properly nourish yourself will mean a drop in performance as well as a decline in your body’s recovery levels. So be consistent and think that nothing is built without enough matter for such an act.

8- Educate Your Body

Fundamental to earning a living is to educate yourself. Incidentally, this is fundamental to maintaining the constancy of its protocols.

No one can do well to follow a regime and still enjoy it for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to create habits, that is, to educate the body little by little according to what you want. Do not be brusque! In most cases, this will cause you to get results quickly and momentarily, but only making them non-progressive and not possible to maintain.

Educate Your Body with healthy foodsIf, for example, you are accustomed every Friday to eating 4 or 5 pieces of pizza, then start gradually reducing that week to 3 pieces, the next 2 to … But, it is not necessary for you to abstain completely from what you like. Unlike professionals, who dedicate their lives to it and do not measure efforts for it, individuals who abstain completely from what they like, also do not usually have good results.

Be smart and balanced always, this is the fundamental rule!

9- Look for progressive, not momentary results

As mentioned in some previous topics, the need to keep constantly on the line is fundamental so that the gains do not stop or do not stagnate. In this way, how can an individual do something that makes their health weakened, for example? Normally, when we talk about extremism and abrupt change, we are talking about an “accordion effect”, that is, an individual quickly achieves his results, but regresses over time, precisely because he can not maintain the protocols.

So, always try to progress step by step, step by step. Do not try to switch from water to wine …

10- Be realistic and critical of yourself

Do you need to gain more muscle mass before you think about reducing your fat percentage? Does the fat percentage really are high and do you urgently need a cutting period? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself before starting a protocol. Knowing where you really are is crucial to know where you want to go.

Look at yourself critically in the mirror, ask for professional help, make a good physical assessment. Certainly, by tracing thresholds and goals, your outcome will come much more quickly and effectively.


However, it is possible to understand that keeping in really good shape all year round is not an easy task! However, despite the difficulty this represents for the vast majority, it is certainly something that is worthy of being duly observed and sought!

In the face of correct protocols, it is possible to maintain a continuity in the gains, always avoiding achismos and mainly protocols of abrupt changes, which will usually be the reverse of what we are looking for.

Remember that your body is fundamentally your temple and it deserves to be heard, it needs specific care and good principles.

Good workouts and stay dry!

Below is Jeanine Amapola fitness video you can follow for motivation in keeping fit all year round.

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