Jowls Surgery or Jowls Liposuction: Meaning, How It Is Done and Dangers

Jowls Liposuction (Doube Chin)- With the passage of time, our jowls, neck, and chin, may suffer some alterations in their appearance. This happens for multiple reasons, sometimes genetic, others due to our unconscious gestures or simply due to aging.The Jowls Liposuction

One of the most frequent discomforts is the double chin, which makes those who suffer from it feel ashamed, causing them to hide it in the photos or to use special clothes such as scarves or scarves.

This problem is usually a result of genetic makeup and patients can often be heard that their mother or father has a prominent jowl.

People aware of their genetic heritage, seek to undergo aesthetic surgeries to prevent the problem from progressing.

Keep in mind that the double chin can be summarized in two conditions:

  1. Excess fat in the neck and chin region.
  2. The flaccid skin that hangs in that area.

When the Jowls Starts to Appear

There are quite a few cases of young patients, between 20 and 30 years old, where they can notice the appearance of the double chin and feel uncomfortable.

At the beginning, you can perceive it as a small curve in the lower part of the chin and then realize that you can grab the skin where the fat is accumulating.

Over time, this curvature accumulates more adipose tissue and becomes a true chin.

Does having a Jowls have to do with being overweight?

In years of practice, the general conclusion of plastic surgeons and cosmetic physicians is that the accumulation of this fat is not directly related to the weight of the patients.

Some have even mentioned that losing weight made the problem more noticeable. Weight loss and diets make patients feel that their skin becomes more flaccid and begins to hang in some parts of their body, such as the neck.

Reasons for the g to Appear

Studies indicate that double chin can be caused by several reasons and most visit their trusted cosmetic doctors to determine the exact cause of their problem.

It is best to be informed about the possible reasons to better understand the situation, so, below, we show you the most common:



One of the phenomena that have more impact on the skin of the face is aging. The double chin is one of its consequences, as our skin loses elasticity, causing the part around the jowls and neck to begin hanging.

Weight and Lifestyle

Although not always the cause of the jowls, people with a significant overweight may be candidates for its appearance.

This case is common for those who have a poor diet, based on the consumption of many calories, processed foods and unhealthy fats.

Genetic heritage

There are cases where genetic inheritance has great influence, so if someone in your family has this problem, you are very susceptible to it.

Poor Prolonged Posture

Poor Prolonged Posture

Although it is not the main reason, poor posture can contribute to the formation of the double chin. When bad posture is maintained for a long time, it begins to affect the skin, causing it to lose its elasticity.


The process to Eliminate  Jowls with Surgery

Eliminate  Jowls with Surgery

There are several surgical procedures for the double chin. The main one is liposculpture through the Vaser method or facial and chin liposuction.

With these treatments you can eliminate almost all the accumulated fat in the neck, causing the skin to contract and rise.

In most cases, this procedure is sufficient to solve the problem.

In other patients, if there is an excess of skin in the jowl site, an incision and suture may be considered for a facelift.

Other options may be a small neck and facelift, where the skin is stretched and partially removed behind the ears.

The most appropriate option depends on the needs of the patient and the specific problem that he suffers and wants to correct. That is why it is important to discuss it with your esthetician doctor so that he can do the surgery that most benefits you.

Can You Treat The Jowls with a Surgical Procedure?

Yes, there are treatments called fat-blasters and special creams that harden the skin to reduce jowls.

The most effective treatment is called Ulthera, where a device produces concentrated ultrasonic waves that stimulate the muscles, hardening the skin around them.

However, this treatment, despite not being surgical, can cause great discomfort and discomfort after being applied.

There is also an injectable formula called Kybella,  which is a solution of deoxycholic acid synthesized in bile, which has recently been approved for commercial sale by the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration).

When injected, the deoxycholic acid interacts with the fat cells of the jowls, helping to destroy them. However, it is a treatment that needs 2 to 3 injections and its recovery time extends up to 3 weeks.

In conclusion, surgical procedures are usually more effective, immediate and less unpleasant, compared to non-surgical alternatives.

The Fastest Way to Eliminate Jowls

The solution to eliminating the double chin depends directly on the cause. Your cosmetic surgeon will be responsible for exploring each option and suggesting the fastest and most appropriate so that you know all the details.

Complications and Dangers of Gill Surgery

These aesthetic treatments have the risk of bruising, pain and swelling.

Also, you should know that there is a nerve in the lower part of the neck that intervenes in the movements of the mouth and, although it is very far from the area where the doctor is going to intervene surgically, it has the potential risk of suffering some damage.

How Many Years Will Your Appearance Rejuvenate If You Become a jowls Liposuction

jowls Liposuction

Having a double chin gives the impression of being older. When we see photographs of children or adolescents, their skin is tense around the angle of the jaw.

When someone loses that definition, due to the development of the double chin, it looks bigger and even with a little fatigue.

The double chin is a difficult problem to eliminate with diets and exercises. Although, if it is an obese patient, it is possible that the problem disappears when changing their lifestyle.

Other patients with the same problem may be at their ideal weight and show a double chin.

Since the neck region is very difficult to exercise to generate a significant reduction of fats or a stretch of the skin, the best solution is a facial and chin liposuction.

But before thinking about submitting to this process, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly, to see the progress you can achieve and to know if the problem can be reduced or eliminated.

If you qualify for the surgical process, your doctor will give you the necessary information so that you sign a consent where you agree with all the implications of the operation. Make sure you understand everything and do not hesitate to ask what you do not understand.

This aesthetic surgical intervention is highly recommended, with few risks, very quick recovery and positive effects on your appearance.

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