Katie Corio Workout + Top 5 Exercises to Lose Weight and Tighten Arms

Katie Corio Workout –  Join Katie in her videos as she gives us an inside view of her workout, routines, schedule and some valuable tips and tricks that you can combine to get the result you want with your body in the shortest possible time. Combined with Katie Corio’s Workout are the top 5 workouts you can use to tighten your arms and lose weight quickly. Slimming and toning arms is possible with exercises that help fight flaccidity, the use of dumbbells, weights, stretching, among others, will be of great help to achieve it.Best Katie Corio Workout Tips

Propose slimming arms can seem difficult, sometimes you can even think it is impossible, however, if possible, following the appropriate guidelines, achieve it will only be a matter of time and perseverance. Showing sturdy arms can be very anti-aesthetic, mainly for women, but if there is a solution, it only takes patience to perform adequate exercises to tone the arms.

One of the main reasons why you have “fat” arms is because you have had or are overweight or obese. Because by themselves, they do not get to swell. So first of all, it is important to know what our ideal weight is and focus on achieving it, this is a fundamental part, in order to lose weightlose weight.

Currently, there are many healthy diet alternatives that will help achieve this goal. Choose those options that are healthy, balanced low-calorie diets, containing all the nutrients necessary for proper functioning and especially that are regimens that help lose weight naturally. If you opt for those fast-effect diets you could lose weight drastically, and although you can lose your arms, they will be very limp.

As a result of having eliminated the extra pounds, you can lose your arms, but it is part of a complete loss, the specific exercises certainly help achieve this, and if you have already lost weight, will help tone your arms.

Exercises to lose weight and tone your arms:

Doing exercises will not only help to lose weight but to tone the arms as well as obtain multiple benefits for the body, such as: improve circulation, oxygenation, prevent sagging, among others.

Here are suggested some exercises that can be done to lose weight and tone the arms:

Exercise 1: Arms raised with dumbbell

This exercise works quadriceps, arms, in addition, it will have the benefit of working on the muscles of the abdomen.

Execution mode:

Standing, with your legs together and your arms close to your body, raise one leg with your knee flexed, so that that foot touches the opposite knee. Contract the abdomen and now stretch that leg forward with the pointed foot. While doing this, raise your arms as if you were a bird (it is recommended to use a dumbbell), re-flex the leg while lowering the arms. Do ten repetitions with each leg.

Exercise 2: Push-ups

This exercise is very complete, since in addition to helping to tone the arms, also works shoulders, lower back, abdominal muscles, and chest.

Execution mode:

Standing up, with your legs together, bend to the front and place your hands on the floor, “walking” candles forward, so that your body is fully extended, but not resting on the ground. You will remain on the hands and the tips of your feet, as in an iron. Contract the abdomen, keeping the pelvis in a straight line with the spine. Now, slowly bend your elbows as if you were doing a lizard. Hold for two seconds, return to the iron and walk with your hands, towards the feet back, go raising the trunk little by little to the initial position. Do 10 repetitions

Video of push-ups:

Exercises 3: Dumbbell lateral lifts

The use of weights is one of the most recommended exercises to lose weight and tone the arms. Since it works the muscles allowing them to look firm. If you are new to this, it is recommended that you start with low weight, in addition to being used as a complement to the exercise routine. In addition to the repetitions are 12 to 15, twice a week, it will be enough to start, because if you do not rest the muscles can be injuries. If you wish to implement more complete routines, go with an expert so that he can guide you about the right weight for you.

Execution mode:

With a straight standing position. Separate the feet, at the height of the hips. With your knees slightly bent, take the weights you have chosen or made at home, and begin to raise one arm or both at an angle of 90 ° with your elbows. Take care to keep the front of your arms parallel to the lying down, keep your back straight. To repeat the exercise, let your weight on your hips, and place your arms straight at your sides. Do 12 to 15 repetitions.

It is important that each of the exercises is done in the proper posture and with the suggested time, without forcing the body, to avoid injuries to the muscles.

Video of the lateral elevations:

Exercise 4: Push-ups with ball

The best exercises that help you lose weight and tone your arms are those that allow you to work your biceps and triceps, this is simple, and you only need a ball (for exercise).

Execution mode:

Standing in a straight position, place the ball against the wall, followed by your forearms, this in front of your chest, push all your weight on the ball with your arms, rolling the ball towards your hands, this to extend your arms, and slowly returns to the initial position after a break of a few seconds. Do not bend the knees.

Another option to tone your arms …

With the same position but without the use of the ball, you can lean against the wall, with your arms and do some push-ups, again without bending your knees. You can start five and then ten repetitions. Resting and starting again.

Push-ups with ball

Exercise 5: Arm lift with ball

Another exercise that must not miss to be able to tone the arms, is this, use the same exercise ball used in the previous routine. And he only needs a dumbbell.

Execution mode:

Kneel on the floor in front of the ball, and rest an arm over it, while holding a dumbbell with the other hand. Raise it to your shoulder without moving the arm position, do it slowly, do ten repetitions and alternate with the other arm. Take care to keep your back and upper arms firm.

 Arm lift with ball

Remember to perform a previous warm-up, before performing the exercises to tone the arms, in addition to feeding and hydrate properly. Now lets look at Katie Corio Workout and Routines.

Katie Corio Workout and Routines

Katie Corio Workout and Routines

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