Kendall Jenner Workout Routine + 3 Secrets She Uses to Stay in Top Shape

Kendall Jenner is renown for her amazingly fit body and loves to show it off no matter where she goes.

She is pretty lowkey on her exercise routine and tries to stay out of the public eye unlike the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner family.

In this article I am going to bare all, well, as much as I can dig up on Kendall Jenner’s workout routine so you can copy it yourself and attain a body just as good.

It’s no surprise that Kendall has an amazing physique as she is absolutely obsessed with ab workouts.

You’re about to see the amount of work she puts into her body!

Home Ab Workout Routine (11 minutes, no equipment required)

The 13 exercises below are done one after each other without rest, and equals 1 set.

You may want to start with 1 set only for the first week and then move up in sets when it gets easier.

Alternatively, watch the video below for a real life introduction and tutorial:

  1. Forearm plank = 30 seconds
  2. High plank = 30 seconds
  3. Side plank = 15 seconds
  4. Side plank with crunch = 5 reps each side
  5. Alternating arm/leg plank = 15 seconds
  6. Rocking plank = 15 seconds
  7. Knee-to-elbow plank = 5 reps each side
  8. Standard crunch = 20 reps
  9. Bicycle crunch = 30 seconds
  10. Vertical crunch = 20 seconds
  11. Frog crunch = 15 reps
  12. Twisted crunch = 15 reps
  13. Leg lifts = 15 each leg

Daily Workout Schedule

kendall jenner running
Kendall Jenner out on a run

This daily workout schedule is more of a baseline and not set in stone to Kendall Jenner’s full workout routine.

In addition to the exercises below, she adds her 11 minute workout routine and attends the gym frequently to tone her muscles and stay lean.

Monday = 45 minute run, 15 minute stretching

Tuesday = 30 minute core Pilates, 8 minute booty

Wednesday = 45 minute run, 15 minute stretching

Thursday = 30 minute swim, 8 minute abs

Friday = 30 minute core Pilates, 8 minute booty

Saturday = 45 minute run, 15 minute stretching

Sunday = REST day, or optional 30 minute swimming

As you can see so far, she is a master at working her core and the reason why she has a washboard stomach every girl dreams of having.

She is not afraid to get her core fired up and stays consistent all throughout the week and only has 1 day off to recover.

Being active day in, day out, for years, has contributed to her amazing physique, along with her diet and meal plan, of course.


Believe it or not, but Kendall oftentimes gets up at 7AM for kickboxing training with the Kardashian personal trainer; Gunnar Peterson.

Kickboxing burns a hell of a lot of calories and because it’s done early in the morning on an empty stomach, the results are amplified.

If it’s not kickboxing it is an ab workout, but it is always 7AM sharp.

Weight lifting

You read that correctly, that girl isn’t afraid to pick up the weights and pump some iron.

She does everything from squats, deadlifts and even pull ups!

She has very toned muscles and performs weight resistance training on a regular basis, and she isn’t bulky at all!

So if you’re one of those girls that think you’re going to get too big, trust me, it ain’t going to happen because you don’t have the testosterone for it.

You can’t use that excuse anymore 😉

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT cardio training is much harder than regular cardio but the rewards are much better, which is why everyone swears by this method if you’re trying to burn lots of calories, fast.

Kendall Jenner performs HIIT training on her fashion week and the rest of the time she performs normal cardio.

She’s a big fan of running as you’ll see lots of pictures of her out on her daily run.

Lateral Banded Work & Sled Pushing

She also performs lateral banded work to tone her glutes and legs.

I mean, just look at those legs, there’s nothing you can fault her on!

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Kendall uses the sled pushing machine on her fashion week which is well known for burning lots of calories as well as toning various different muscle groups.

What Else Does Kendall Jenner do to Stay in Shape?

She stays active

She’s a huge believer in being active and will stay moving as much as she can.

Even if she’s on vacations with friends, they will all do a workout together, even if it’s just running for 30 minutes or hiking, it’s all about moving on a daily basis.

She has a well-balanced diet

She eats lean protein, lots of fruit, veges and will eat clean and healthy 5 days a week.

She avoids processed food, soda, fruit juice and artificial preservatives.

Only two days a week she will eat her favorite foods which are pizza, pasta, frozen yogurt, egg toasties and ice cream.

She drinks lots of water and tea

Kendall Jenner absolutely loves tea and will start her day off with a cup of green tea.

Her favorite is lemongrass and green tea.

In one day she will drink at least 12 cups, which suppressors her appetite and keeps her fuller for longer.

In addition to the healthy benefits that come with it!

The Secret is Consistency

When you see all these bikini popping girls, they all have one thing in common, they are CONSISTENT.

Consistency is key when it comes to getting what you want out of life.

You can’t workout for 3 days and expect to see life changing results.

Think of it this way, if you find yourself saying you always do good for 3 weeks and fall off the wagon, what about the other 32 years you’ve been bad?

It doesn’t happen overnight, and these small changes you make on a daily basis add up to big results.

It’s a snowball effect and the secret is to speed up your metabolism.

And the only way to do that is by staying active, being busy all the time and not making excuses.

Eventually It Gets Easier

It’s hard for the first week, the first 2 weeks, heck even the first couple of months, but when you stick to it long enough, it becomes apart of your LIFESTYLE and gets so much easier.

You see results and it makes you want to continue, then it gets so much easier because there’s less resistance to get up and workout.

Your body adapts to this new way of living and eventually it becomes second nature.

The massive amounts of resistance you felt at the beginning is suddenly gone.

It’s not hard anymore, you actually enjoy it and you enjoy the rewards and benefits that come with it.

Is Kendall Jenner’s workout routine for everyone?

Absolutely not.

However, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t workout or exercise, because I believe everyone should, and the trick is to find something you enjoy and can stick to.

Of course it’s not going to be easy at the start, nothing new or challenging is easy to stick with, but as I mentioned above, eventually it gets easier and it’s so much fun after a month or two!

Often times people want to look like their favorite celebrity, but I say F that because a better version of yourself is better than a knock off of somebody else.

Aim to look the best you can, and at the end of the road, you’ll thank yourself for doing you and you’ll be the happiest you’ve ever been.

Kendall’s secret to keeping lean and fit

Staying active is the name of the game when it comes to Kendall Jenner’s lifestyle.

She is a obsessed with her abs, constantly eats clean (fruits, veges, lean proteins) and only pig outs twice a week.

She drinks lots of water and 12 cups of tea per day to boost her metabolism and burn calories.

She is consistent in her meal and exercise plan and not one to make excuses.

Kendall is a true inspiration to thousands of young girls across the globe and now you know her secret to her perfectly sculpted abs, you have no excuse.

Get out there and make it happen!

Otherwise check out these 31 pictures of her in her rocking body.

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