Top 20 + 1 Golden Trick – Makeup Tips For Beginners In Simple terms

Makeup Tips For Beginners – It’s no secret that most women like to make up our eyes. This way we highlight the look and give a chic touch to our look. But it is no secret that few of us know how to make up our eyes, depending on the shape or color, for example. For the same, here I leave you 21 tricks that will surely be very useful.

Make up Tips For Beginners - Golden Hacks

BEGINNER MAKEUP TUTORIAL || 100% Drugstore + Intermediate Tips!

1. Determine what the shape of your eye is:

eye Shapes

beautylish com

This is the first step to find out where and how you should apply makeup.

2. In front of the mirror, tilt your head slightly upwards and look down when you apply eyeliner (do not do it with the right head

apply eyeliner
blushingbasics com

By doing this, you will get a better look.

3. Add height to your brows by blurring illuminator directly below them:

Add height to your eye brows
thebeautydepartment com

To maximize the effect, be careful not to “overfill . 

4. Similarly, give height to your eye by applying illuminator just above the eyebrows:

height to your eye by applying illuminator
thebeautydepartment com

The illuminator will help you to highlight the highest point of the eyebrows , it will look like the eye is stretched and smooth.

5. For a simple application of eyeliner, paint your lashes with dots and connect them with a brush to achieve an ornate effect:

paint your lashes with dots
instagram com

If you do not have a good brush, try gel eyeliner with a bevelled brush for accuracy .

6. Keep tapping your tabs to get a more nuanced look:

tabs to get a more nuanced look
makeup com

7. Sharpen your eyes with white, nude and black to “change” your eye shape:

Sharpen your eyes with white
thebeautydepartment com

The white eyeliner will open your eyes , make them look bigger, the black eyeliner will make them deeper .

8. Make the shape of your eyes look different by delineating certain areas:

Make the shape of your eyes look different
Christina Lan

There is no correct way to delineate the eye, you can alter your natural shape with eyeliner. If your eyes are together, you can create the illusion of moving them away by applying eyeliner just outside the corners.

9. If you want your eyes to look bigger, apply eyeliner a little above the eyelid to outline your eyes:

eyes to look bigger

bunbunmakeuptips com

10.  Add neutral or white base to your eyelids to intensify your eyeshadow and make it last longer:

white base to your eyelids
instagram com

“Always start with a dull base shade that matches the illuminated areas of your face and apply it to the entire upper part of the eyelid. Use this base to make sure that the darkest shadows on your eyelid are on top and blend well. ”


11. If you want a deeper look, put black shadow on your eyelids and the shadow of color on it. Remember to blend well !:

deeper look in the eye

Mix both shadows with a brush and the effect will intensify.

12. Use your shadow brushes with little pressure down and more pressure on the eyelid:

shadow brushes with little pressure
thebeautydepartment com

Basically, the shape of the brush does not matter when you apply it, they are different intensity on your eyelids.

13. Rip your eyelashes at the base and then at the tips inverted   to get a better finish:

Rip your eyelashes at the base
thebeautydepartment com

Curving the tabs with the inverted inverter really works.

14. Apply two layers of mascara, but make sure that the first one is dry when you put the second:

Apply two layers of mascara
goodhousekeeping com

It is a good way to highlight lashes without using false .

15. If your eyes are red, apply eyeliner with a blue tone to illuminate the white part:

“Add a navy blue eyeliner on the lashes to combat red eyes.”

16. Play with a bright eyeliner by applying it to certain parts of the eye:

bright eyeliner

Bright makeup is not only for the eyelids!

17. For easy and shaded delineation, use three eyeliners of the same color range and apply them horizontally:

thebeautydepartment com

Make sure you do not stuff too much with the three colors.

18. If you want a more elegant finish, here are 11 ways to use the eyeliner:

11 ways to use the eyeliner

19. Put your eyeliner or your eyebrow brushes in the fridge freezer before using them:

eyebrow brushes in the fridge freezer
Christina Lan

With this trick it will be easier to delineate eyes and eyebrows .

20. If you only want one thing to renew your makeup, invest in a white eyeliner

invest in a white eyeliner

Christina Lan

“It illuminates the edges of the eye, it defines the eyebrows, it makes the eyes look bigger, it intensifies the colors of the shadows.”

21. And here is the best tip to make up your eyes:

best tip to make up your eyes

“How to apply liquid eyeliner when you are late: DO NOT DO IT”.

Easy Beginner Friendly Affordable Drugstore Makeup Tutorial on Brown/Dark Skin

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