Maria Scholler Workout + 7 Exercises & 6 Foods To Transform Your Shape

Maria Scholler Workout – Join Scholler in her videos as she reveals her workout, routines, schedule and some valuable tips and tricks that you can apply to your daily workout regimes. Along with Maria Scholler’s Workout are some helpful foods and exercises that are very helpful to your success. For anyone, it is a secret that to lose weight you must have a lot of discipline and be constant, all this accompanied by a good diet and in addition to a series of exercises that help you burn fat faster.Best Maria Scholler Workout and Routines

There are foods that are very good for burning abdominal fat and in this article, we will give you a list of some of them, which you should include in your daily diet.

Although this is not the only thing, we will also tell you 2 types of exercises that you can start practicing so that the fat burning is greater. Attentive!

Foods that can put your belly flat

Foods that can put your belly flat

Apart from a holistic, balanced diet plan, there are also several foods that can help you lose abdominal fat:

Oats: A bowl of oatmeal is exactly what you should eat if you want to control your body weight. It has been shown to have metabolic regulatory and liver protective effects. Oats can help reduce abdominal fat, obesity and improve liver functions.

Tea: A cup of tea in the morning can also decrease your belly. The polyphenolic compounds present in tea, reduce body weight and the accumulation of fat in the liver and abdomen.

Tart cherries:  Anthocyanins, which give berries their blue, red or purple color, can affect metabolism and inflammation. Studies in animals have found that sour cherries reduce abdominal fat.

Yogurt:  A cup of yogurt could be the perfect snack for lunch if you’re looking to lose some fat. One study shows that people who ate yogurt lost 81% more belly fat than those who did not consume yogurt in their diet.

Blood oranges:  In addition to their values of flavonoids, carotenoids, and vitamin C, blood oranges also have a high content of anthocyanins that are beneficial in the fight against obesity and insulin resistance. Studies in animals have found that orange juice in the blood can reduce abdominal fat by 50%.

Exercises to reduce the abdomen

benefits of walking

An investigation that compared the effects of aerobic exercise (walking, swimming, playing tennis, dancing), resistance exercises and interval exercises (during short breaks, gradual decrease, and repetition), concluded that all those exercises could be more effective for losing total fat and belly fat, in a shorter period of time.

Also, there are some tests that show that high-intensity exercise training (walking or jogging 20 miles in a week at an intense pace), could be more powerful in the abdominal reduction

7 exercises that will transform your body in just 4 weeks

An exercise routine that will change your body in just 4 weeks. At the same time, you will not have to spend money on the gym or special equipment. All you need is to have willpower and find 10 minutes a day.


Iron Exercise

How to do it: Iron is an isometric exercise (performed statically). The important thing is to keep the body in the correct position. Follow the example of the photo: the back and legs straight, the lower back should not be hanging or arched.
You work: If you do well, not only work your abdominal muscles, but also on your back, buttocks, legs and arms. You improve your posture and the overall condition of your muscles.


Push ups exercise photo

How to do: Adopt the position of the iron with the arms stretched. Then lower as much as you can. The important thing is that the back, hips, and legs keep the line straight. Then slowly return to the starting position.
What you work: Exercise works the pectorals, the muscles of the arms and the abdomen.

Strengthens hips and buttocks

Strengthens hips and buttocks

How to do it: Find yourself in four stands. Stretch the left leg and right arm in a single straight line. Then bend them slowly and touch the left knee with your right elbow. Repeat with the other side.
What you work: This exercise trains the trunk and hip muscles well. Strengthens most muscles in the back, buttocks and waist.


Squat exercise photo

How to do them: Place your feet shoulder-width, leaning on all your feet. Begin to sit slowly in an imaginary chair. At the same time, the knees and feet should be on the same level, and the back should remain straight. To keep your balance, you can raise your arms in front of you. Get up as slow as you can.  What you work: The muscles of the buttocks, the hip and the calves.


Abdominal exercises

How to do it: For this exercise, you should lie on your back, stretch your arms over your head and bend your knees. Then, with your arms straight, slowly raise your torso and touch your feet. Slowly return to the starting position.
What you work: the trunk muscles. It also burns fat.

Abdominals + glutes

Abdominal and glutes exercise

How to do it: Lean on your hands and feet to feel tension in the back. Raise one leg as high as you can. Then start lifting and lowering your body without taking the second heel off the floor.
What you work: The waist, abdominal and buttock muscles.


Waist workout

How to do it: Lie on your stomach on the floor with your arms crossed or under your head. Lift your upper body as far as it will go. Hold this position for one second and slowly return to the starting position.
What you work: Tonifies and strengthens the spinal muscles.

Maria Scholler Workout and Routines


This Glute Workout Had Me Limp For Days | Inspired by Hannah Bower

Raw Chest & Shoulder Workout With Tips

Full Back Workout With Tips & Commentary (Feat. Maria)

ONE HOUR WORKOUT | Glute & Hamstring Focused | Feat. Alondra Duran

ONE HOUR WORKOUT | Back Only Focused

Lat Pulldowns 4×15
Seated Face Pulls 4×15
Single Arm Dumbbell Rows 4×12
Bent Over Rows 4×12
Single Arm Seated Cable Row 4×15
Seated Cable Row 4×15
Straight Arm Lat Pulldown SS Side Cable Pulldown 3×10


Purpose: WORKOUT:
Elevated Abductors 3×12
Stiff Legged Deadlifts 3×10
Hip Thrusts 3×10
Bulgarian Split Squats 3×10
Donkey Kicks on Smith Machine 3×10

Getting Lean Arms | Full Workout | SOSN Ep. 11

At Home Ab Routine | SOSN Ep. 8

Hamstring & Glute Workout | Gaining Knowledge About The Butt | SOSN Ep. 3

A Deathly Full Body HIIT Workout | Blast Fat QUICK

Complete Shoulder Workout | Grow & Define Your Shoulders

Purpose: Warm up
Clockwise & counterclockwise circles 12-15 reps, 2-3 sets
Horizontal abductions 12-15 reps, 2-3 sets
Resistance band lat raises 12-15 reps, 2-3 sets

1. Decline delt raise- regular grip SUPERSET w/
Incline delt raise- hammer grip: 3×12-15 reps

2. Decline delt raises- hammer grip SUPERSET w/
incline delt raise- regular grip: 3×12-15reps

3. Dumbbell upright row into shoulder press 3×12-15

4. Shoulder bombs- 3×10-12

5. Single arm cable raises: 3×10-12

6. Rear delt pull aparts: 3×10-12

Dealing With Injuries | Full Upper Body Workout


Leg, Ab & HIIT Workout | Blasting Fat Away With HIIT

Purpose: Some of my favorite exercises to incorporate when doing a HIIT workout. I usually do HIIT with leg and ab movements because they are what increase my heart rate the most. Please be sure to give me a like if you did enjoy!

1. 30 sec Box Jumps
30 sec Jack Knives
30 sec rest
2. 30 sec in and outs
30 sec v ups
30 sec rest
3. 30 sec box shuffles
30 sec bicycles
30 sec rest
4. 30 sec sumo jump squat to narrow jump squat
30 sec reverse crunches
30 sec rest
5. 30 sec walking side steps
30 sec plank with dips


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