Top 5 + 2 Secretive and firm Methods To Be Happier (Scientifically Proven)

Methods To Be Happier  – The happiness is a goal to which all want to get but few we strive to achieve. It is a feeling that takes over you and makes you feel really good about yourself and your gaze towards the world.Powerful Methods To Be Happier

While you are not happy 24 hours a day, our ability to achieve the greatest amount of happiness per day is what motivates us to be happy and smile for no apparent reason.

If you find it hard to be happy, all you need to do is make some changes in your lifestyle and find happiness. We will tell you 10 tricks to make you happy.

How to Be Happy Every Day: It Will Change the World


1. Smile more

It sounds redundant but smiling longer relieves sadness and makes you feel good in a matter of seconds. Accompany her with positive thoughts to improve your mood. The simple act of holding a pencil with your mouth stimulates the muscles that we use to smile and this can make you feel better.

The smile sends signals to the brain and this increases the level of endorphins, the hormones of happiness. When your brain feels happy, the result is a big smile, and it also happens the other way around. To smile!

2. Connect with nature

Appreciating the nature that surrounds us can help us improve our health and well-being. Studies revealed that people who walk for more than an hour through natural environments had a reduced neuronal activity in the area of the brain related to the risk of mental illness, compared with those who make trips around the city.

Connect with nature

Stop and observe everything around you. Try changing the gym for a green and outdoor place.

3. Exercise more

Exercise is a powerful happiness enhancer. It works as an antidepressant because it increases the production of serotonin and endorphins, which help relieve stress and depression. And also, it increases confidence and self-esteem, therefore you feel better about yourself.

It is not necessary that you run marathons, with walking, dancing or running a short journey you can generate the habit of exercise and feel happy.

4. Do things for another

Volunteering in an organization can make you stronger and prepare you psychologically to deal with stress better. You can also generate new social connections and provide happiness to others.

Helping others does not necessarily mean registering with an NGO. You can be attentive to help people cross the street, read stories to children in a center or spend time with the elderly.

5. Meditate

Ten minutes a day of meditation can help you improve concentration, see clearly the things that worry you and generate a sense of general calm. With practice, meditation also helps to improve positive emotions, which will be synonymous with happiness and give you satisfaction throughout life.

6. Master your materialism

To want expensive things that cost you to pay or directly cannot affect your level of happiness. On the other hand, by spending your money wisely and aware of what it has cost you to achieve, your wellbeing will improve and you will think better about what is worth spending and what not.

Master your materialism - Money

If your economic status allows you to spend the money on experiences, do it. And if you can share it with someone, even better. A study carried out by psychologists has shown that money spent on experiences, that is, on doing, gives you more happiness than money spent on material things, that is, on having.

7. Give thanks

Giving thanks for the little things that life gives you can attract positive things and happiness to your mood. Practice gratitude both to relieve stressful moments and protect yourself from people with a negative attitude. Do not let anxiety or depression win.

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