7 Powerful + 5 Worthy Tips To Live A Mindful lifestyle – Happy, free And Relax

How would your life look if you were in charge of happiness, freedom, love and satisfaction? Below are 12 steps to what we call the mindful lifestyle. A simple way of life that helps you live lighter and more fun.

The mindful lifestyle

Light, fun and happy life. We all want that. Sometimes it seems difficult, even impossible. But investing your time and energy into the right areas of life allows you to bring such a nice life quicker.

Below you will find 12 steps towards such a life. Each step is a project that you can pick up to further improve your life. That may take weeks, months or even years.

This list is not perfect. Consider it as a good springboard for a lifestyle based more on love, happiness, trust and commitment.

1. Buy less, experience more

Our hyperactive economy has made us believe we need to buy stuff to feel good about ourselves. That we need to build status. Those things make us really happy.

And that works great, from an economic point of view. The world economy has grown rapidly in recent decades.

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Only the system does not appear to work. The system puts us in the direction of a life that we do not want to lead. A life that is about stress, performance, status, materialism and uncertainty. The system must continue to grow so that it does not collapse, and so we should limit what we prefer not to exceed (such as destroying global ecosystems).

A mindful lifestyle is a life in which you buy less and experience more. Less stuff, enjoy life more with the people in your life. Less shopping, more picnic in the park. Reduce spending and thus work less . Watch less news , TV and commercials and read more, experience and conduct more deep conversations.

2. Eat more plants, less animals

Plants are healthy. Animal products prove to be unhealthy . Not just for your body but for the world as well. Eat more and more plants, and notice how to get more energy . You get nicer in your skin, reduces vague complaints and also achieves healthy weight.

And you know what? By eating less animal products (meat, fish , eggs and dairy) you get a calm mind. Because you know that you want nothing to do with that intensive livestock, with pollution, animal welfare and the threat to public health. And when you really eat more plants, you are no longer hypocritical. You develop more compassion and respect for everything that lives.

3. Focus more on relationships, less on items

In many relationships with, for example, family members, you notice that the conversation never goes deeper than material matters. That’s not bad, but it’s limited. Because the real connection, the real value you get from relationships, puts him in conversations about emotions and feelings.

Improving and deepening relationships in your life brings more magic to your life. More love, more connectivity, more connectivity. Try to get closer to people by slowly passing away the conversation of facts, and moving on to ‘opinions’ to finally reach ‘feelings’. That’s what we all really do in the end.

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Be vulnerable . Share your feelings with others, and see how the world opens to you.

4. Live more in the moment, less in your mind

Life does not work out in your mind. What you find there are especially memories that repeat and expectations that continue to form.

Life is taking place in here and now, at this moment. It’s the sensation of your hands around your smartphone, the cuddle of your cat, the air that flows in your lungs, the sunlight that falls on your face.

Being constantly sunk in thought will accelerate your perception of time. Life seems to fly past without really enjoying yourself. That’s sin and it brings you stress. Live more often in here and now to increase the quality of your life.

5. Judge less, enjoy more

Some people in my life judge everything they see. Then we walk through the city and comment on anyone who is strikingly dressed or has a different appearance. And that sucks energy.

People often condemn other people from their own uncertainty. It’s easy to get your judgment ready to stop people in a box. But it does not give anyone a better feeling.

Judge less. You do not have to find anything about all the diversity you see. You can simply enjoy it. Enjoy the fact that every person is different, there are so many different opinions.

6. Sure less, you feel more grateful more often

Seeds bring negative energy to your environment. By whining you make yourself and all the people in your area less happy. Just because you’re too lazy to put yourself in an effective mood.

Stop nagging. Stop gossiping. If you have a problem, change something. If you can not change anything, accept the situation. And make the best of it.

Focus on all things that are good in your life. Feel grateful. That simple emotion of gratitude makes you measurably happier immediately.

7. Focus more on satisfaction, less money

Money is not everything. Yes, you want to have enough money to live well. But much more money than that is simply the sin of your energy.

How about your energy? In case you have not yet noticed: making a lot of money is not going for granted. It requires a great investment of time and energy, every day again.

Rather, look for a life that gives you satisfaction. Something you will be happy and happy with. For example, pretty much what people in my area choose to work for four or three days a week. They provide salary for them, but their quality of life takes them. Focus on satisfaction , take care of your financial health, but stop using useless pursuit of more money.

8. Do less, become more effective

More work is not always the best solution. Often it is much more effective to do less . After all, you have only a limited amount of time and energy. When you have to spend time and energy on numerous projects, you are slowly moving forward.

However, when you throw all the projects out of your life, except those few things that are really important to you, you are much more effective. Then you need to work less hard, and reach you more.

Stop one project to get more into another project. Say more often to things that you do not like to do, and pay attention to those few things that make you really happy.

9. Protect less, share more

High concrete fences, cramped copyright protection, turbulent, three locks on the door … What would happen if we were to put all this energy into loving activities like parts?

Enter the world, be generous, spread your ideas, share your life with the people around you. Smile to strangers, but do not worry about unlikely events, have a little faith in humanity.

If one thing is that you need good protection, it’s the backup of all your digital photos. Especially because you can always share them.

10. Do not worry, keep calm

Invest in calm . Meditate, sport, write in your diary, teach yourself calming habits.

Life is simply magical when you’re relaxed. Relaxation is the natural state of our body. When you are relaxed, the best ideas are floating above. Under the shower, in the sauna, during running, during a forest walk, in bed or on holiday.

Relaxation promotes creativity, kindness, playfulness, happiness, inspiration and productivity.

11. Need less, play more

Do not take life as seriously as it is not necessary. Make yourself less busy with things that need to think about what other people think of you. You do not have to express your childish playfulness because you are “mature”.

You should play a game in the park with your children. Games do not have to be limited to Sudoku and Candy Crush. Go outside, enjoy the world, play, laugh and make fun.

Life is too short to worry about you. There is always a reason to laugh. If it’s just because it’s so ridiculous to worry.

12. Omarm simplicity, experience less ballast

Make your life ever simpler . Discard unnecessary things from your life. Work towards a life with fewer things, less meaningful relationships, less thoughtless consumption. Less unhealthy food, less stress, less sour, less trouble.

Embrace the things that make you happy, and let go of the rest. Step-by-step.

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Take these 12 steps, and turn your own turn. Build a life that makes you happy and inspire others to do the same.

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