Top 5 + 2 Ugly Mistakes You Should Stop Commit With Your Brows

Mistakes You Should Stop Committing With Your Brows – They say that the eyebrows are the most important feature of the face. And as such, they deserve special care … If you are one of those who uses makeup in excess, you spend with the use of scissors or become obsessed with the mirrors with magnification, you have to read this.Top Mistakes You Should Stop Committing With Your Brows

Keep going down to know the 7 mistakes that you should stop committing with your eyebrows!

1. Keep your eyebrows free of product

Keep Your Brows Product Free

Avoid that your creams, bases and dust accumulate in your eyebrows, as these products penetrate and cause the hair to fall and block its growth. We tend to treat our eyebrows like skin, but they are hair follicles and you have to treat them as such.

2. Use the right mirror

Use Right Mirror

Avoid mirrors with increase, to not lose perspective and get too many hairs.

3. Do not abuse the scissors

Do Get Scissor Happy

The truth is that very few women need to cut them. But if you insist, to do it the right way you should brush your hair up, and cut only those that go through a lot.

4. Make sure your eyebrows are in the right place

Eyebrow Mistakes

There is a belief that the eyebrows should align with the outer edge of the nostrils, but in reality, it should be with the upper bridge of the nose. Separating too much the eyebrows, will make your features look wider, so be careful!

5. Do not overdo the makeup

Do not overdo the makeup

Everyone wants thicker and denser eyebrows, it’s fashion. But a lot of people seem to be surpassing themselves when they make up. If you want a dramatic effect, we suggest going no more than a darker shade than your hair, to highlight them and highlight your eyes without an exaggerated effect. Remember, they have to stand out, not distract.

6. The tweezers are the best option

The tweezers are the best option

The tweezers are the most accurate method, because it allows you to pull out one hair at a time. And with the eyebrows, each hair makes a big difference …

7. Invest in a good eyebrow pencil

Invest in a good eyebrow pencil

A good pencil for the eyebrows should give the illusion of natural hair. Use short, precise strokes, and then brush the excess to achieve a realistic effect.


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