Shred Fat Exponentially – Moringa to Lose Weight (Belly – Entire Body)

Moringa to Lose Weight– Is moringa adequate to make us lose weight? The moringa Moringa oleifera Lam.) Is a medicinal and edible plant of tropical origin whose properties, known since antiquity for Ayurveda in India, returning to collect a lot of popularity because it is one of the most potent anti – inflammatory.

Some specialists start recommending moringa leaves in their anti-obesity treatments: Is moringa effective for weight loss? What properties does it have?

Moringa to lose weight

Moringa contains a series of properties that make it very suitable in the weight loss diet . To achieve its effects, it is best to eat the leaves, raw or cooked or mix the dried leaf powder in the purées, soups, etc.Moringa is used in the form of superfood (dried or powdered leaves, which are added to recipes) or in plant extract (capsules). In the countries where it grows, it is consumed fresh.

Among the benefits of moringa to lose weight are:

  • Moringa supplements are an alternative to protein shakes that are commonly used in slimming diets. They are also used by athletes and bodybuilders to recover muscle or increase muscle mass.
  • Although all these supplements are very fashionable, it is better to use the plant as a food than to resort to moringa supplements.
  • There are also moringa supplements in the form of capsules or tablets. They are for sale in pharmacies or stores of natural products and that serve the same purpose. This type of product is useful for those who can not access fresh leaves.

Why is moringa suitable for weight loss?

There are different reasons that justify the use of moringa to lose weight. The main ones are the following:

Moringa contains a lot of fiber and very little fat

The moringa is rich in fiber, especially dried leaves moringa containing up almost 1% of fiber content.

This fiber, on the one hand provides a great feeling of fullness , which is very appropriate to not feel hungry and have to resort to ” snack between meals” , usually something sweet and not recommended for people who want to lose weight.

On the other hand, the moringa fiber, which is soluble in nature , forms a gel in the intestine when combined with water. In this gel part of the fats is trapped , so it diminishes its absorption, facilitating at the same time its expulsion to the outside through the faeces.

The high fiber content, combined with the moderate fat content of the leaves makes them a “vegetable” very suitable for slimming diets.

Moringa nourishes the body well

The moringa is used in the form of superfood (dried or powdered leaves, which are added to recipes).

Moringa contains many proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals . Generally, when we feel the need to eat some undesirable whim (sweets, ice creams, pastas, chocolates, etc.), it is because there is a void in some nutrient in the organism.

Thus, for example, it is believed that when we feel the need to take a fruit juice or is it because we need vitamin C .

Moringa is so rich in nutrients that it can cover the organic needs of some nutrient , which eliminates the urge to eat some type of “junk food” less advisable. For example, 100 gr of moringa provide 40% of the daily proteins required.

Moringa helps to eliminate retained liquids

One of the causes of weight gain is fluid retention or edema formation . For various reasons (problems in the kidneys, heart, low fluid intake, etc.) the body tends to retain water, which increases body volume and weight.

Moringa is a diuretic plant , capable of promoting the elimination of liquids through urine. This eliminates toxins but also decreases the volume and body weight.

Moringa stimulates the metabolism

Moringa is rich in glucosinolates . These isocyanates are converted into components with cleansing properties of the liver . A liver in better conditions helps to metabolize fats better.

On the other hand, moringa is rich in B vitamins . Vitamin B, among other functions, helps burn food to produce energy , so it stimulates metabolism.

The moringa to lose weight

The properties of  moringa for weight loss can be attributed, mainly, to its high content of nutrients, in contrast to its low fat content. This makes moringa an ideal low-calorie substitute for numerous foods.

A diet, based on the consumption of moringa, allows to reduce the number of calories consumed without affecting the levels of intake of other nutrients. As an example, according to the Moringa Garden Circle, 100 grams of  Moringa leaves could provide up to 40% of the daily human protein requirement and more than 120% of the calcium requirement.

Moringa in potScientific studies of the use of moringa to lose weight have found that it contains a generous amount of  glucosinolates, which by becoming isothiocyanatesduring its digestion accelerate metabolism, ie the burning of calories.

The B vitamins, present in the tree improve digestion and help the body to transform food into energy without storing fat, helping to lose weight . In addition, there is empirical evidence of the role of moringa both in the acceleration of metabolism, as in the reduction of hunger and the production of a general welfare state in those who consume it.

Being a food so high in nutrients, the consumption of moringa helps the body to reduce the negative effects of rigorous diets (which are not recommended) and any diet to lose weight in general.

When using moringa to lose weight we must bear in mind that it is only one of the many tools necessary to achieve our goal. Moringa is not a miraculous plant and its use must be combined with a balanced diet and adequate physical activity. How do you take moringa to lose weight? Next we give you some recommendations.

Moringa, how to take it

How is moringa taken? Moringa is taken in many different ways! Can be purchased in pots, whole, in bunches, tablets, tea powder, etc. The most advisable thing to maintain its properties, is to consume it raw or barely cooked. The good news is that it tastes delicious and, so you can substitute the vegetables you normally use to cook for moringa leaves and turn almost any dish into a healthy meal.

Moringa supplements How is it taken?

How to take moringa? Although the best option is to consume fresh moringa leaves, it is a personal and tasteful decision, and it is not always possible to find moringa leaves. Regarding your presentations as a supplement. The most common is to find moringatablets or capsules , usually enriched and designed to take one a day, always read the bottle to know the recommended dose. Another easy-to-find presentation is moringa powder. You can add a spoonful of moringa to a glass of orange juice and enjoy its effects, you can also mix the powder with the rest of your food.

Moringa tea How do you prepare?

Moringa tea is prepared from the infusion of fresh or dried leaves of the plant. Using dried leaves is not as advisable as preparing moringa tea with fresh leaves, but you can not always dispose of them.

How moringa is prepared in tea

To preserve its properties, the moringa must be dried at room temperature. Once dry, you have two options, use it directly to prepare the tea, adding it to a container with water that you must boil or collect it in small bags, as the super market tea is usually prepared. Moringa tea does not preserve all the properties of the plant, but it is tasty and more nutritious than any other tea.

Finally you know some examples of  how moringa is prepared, there are many ways to take it, the ones we show you are just some suggestions. Remember that you can take advantage of it in your daily meal like any other vegetable.

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