Nikki Blackketter Diet + 11 Blacklisted Foods To Skip Before You Exercise

Nikki Blackketter Diet – The food, meal plans, recipes and nutrition that Nikki B take to have her body looking amazing and her life in good health is listed below. Along with Nikki Blackketter Diet, we are going to discuss 11 foods that you should never ever try before your workout. If you have gathered the strength of will to get to the gym, good for you – that’s half the battle. But once you take the mat to do sit-ups or sit on the stationary bike, the big challenge is to find the energy to give it all.Best Nikki Blackketter Diet

Like any well-oiled machine, your body needs the optimal fuel to act as it should (especially during those last 10 minutes of the HIIT class). Although you surely know that you should not eat pastries, pizza or alcohol just before an exercise session, there are other foods that might surprise you.  Apparently healthy, they will make your routine heavier. We’ve talked to nutritionists and dietitians to find out which ingredients are the worst type of exercise fuel and what you should eat instead.

1 – Leaf vegetables

Leaf vegetables to eat

Although a diet rich in salads and vegetables is usually ideal, raw vegetables like spinach and broccoli can cause serious discomfort when you have to move. Because of its high fiber content, leafy vegetables are almost certain to cause abdominal distension, that is, gas and bloating. If you want to eat something light before exercising, change the green salad for a green shake. Just mix your favorite fruit with half a cup of ved vegetables, water and a little oatmeal. This will facilitate your digestion and avoid swelling or heaviness.

2 – Energy drinks

Energy drinks

Many of the brands we found have very little nutrients and too much sugar. Energy drinks offer you some vitamins and electrolytes, but the high sugar content will go through your entire body only to cause a precipitous fall in a while. Instead, opt for low-sodium tomato juice, which will provide you with potassium, improve your blood pressure and may even help keep you hydrated.

3 – Hummus or dip of legumes

Hummus or dip of legumes

There is no doubt that legumes are an ideal source of protein. But hummus and dips of packaged legumes usually contain lots of added fats, and in addition, are often prone to mold. If you do it at home, and you have soaked the vegetables before cooking them, you eliminate all the mold, but otherwise, you risk consuming a food with a very high mold content that can cause inflammation and reduce the consumption of oxygen. Most athletes avoid eating packaged dips for this reason. Instead, opt for low-fat cottage cheese. It is lighter, fills you more and is very rich in protein, without all the oil. You can also try protein supplements specific pre-training.

4 – Whole grain bread


 Whole grain bread to eat

Although usually asking for the integral version of anything is optimal for your health, it is not if you go to the exercise room. The carbohydrates in general that have yeast and gluten are usually inflammatory, that is, they retain water and cause swelling. Thus, they fill you with energy because they are sugars, but this does not compensate the side effects when exercising. You should choose a simple white omelet (of which we use to make burritos) and put peanut butter and a banana cut for an extra shot of energy.

5 – Raw Seeds

Raw Seeds

Take a handful of raw seeds before going to yoga class will only get bloated and make you feel stomach-weight,  because of its high-fat content, which is limited when combined with other foods low in fiber. Consider mixing only one tablespoon of your favorite seeds with half a cup of oatmeal. This combination of fats, proteins and carbohydrates is perfect for your body to perform its functions optimally.

6 – Spicy foods

Spicy foods

The problem is that foods with so much flavor and condiments require a longer digestion time, so your stomach will be waiting for a nap, not an exercise session. If you want something salty and tasty, eat a little chicken or turkey, it has a lot of protein and little of the rest. Remember to buy brands low in sodium and without additives!

7 – Protein bars

Protein bars

Do not be fooled by good marketing. If what you’re eating does not taste like salmon, chicken or steak and, instead, tastes like cookies or chocolate; It is most likely full of sugars and some kind of fairy dust. If you need something to drink while walking or on the train, and all you find is a protein bar, make sure it is one that offers at least a 50-50 ratio of sugar and amount of fat. If not, try this simple recipe for chocolate bars or this protein cookie perfect for coffee.


Dairy Milk

If you’re sensitive or intolerant to a certain food, it’s important to avoid it before working out. Lactose-intolerant athletes should steer clear of lactose-heavy dairy products like milk and soft cheeses, as they could lead to intestinal cramping. Hard cheeses, yogurt, kefir and lactose-free milk are delicious dairy options for those who need a low-lactose diet


fried and fatty food - pizza

Before you hit the gym, avoid greasy fried foods like burgers, fries and pizza, as they have saturated fats that stay in the digestive system longer and are harder to digest. These foods can lead to bloating, cramping and diarrhea.



Sodas, fizzy waters and beer cause the stomach to expand with gas-producing discomfort, indigestion, and flatulence. No one wants this trio during yoga class


Alcohol drink

Hydration is key, but alcohol doesn’t count toward that daily goal. Not only do alcoholic beverages have diuretic properties, they are dehydrating, and they suppress fat oxidation, making it harder to achieve body composition goals. And, of course, exercising under the influence can lead to injury.

In short, if you want to avoid the swelling that can cause choosing the wrong food prior to your exercise session; you should pay attention to eat foods high in sugars of rapid absorption, such as fruits (a banana is ideal) and easily digested proteins, such as ham or low-fat cheese.

Nikki Blackketter Diet and Meal Plan

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