Nina Munoz Fitness + Top 10 Best Exercises (tone your legs and Buttocks)

Nina Munoz Fitness –  Nina invites you to look at her fitness and health videos where she gives all her tips and tricks that you can use to stay fit and trim and have an amazing body. Combined with Nina Munoz Fitness and Health tips are the top 10 exercises you can used to tone your legs and butt perfectly. Now that the good weather arrives, we all would like to have a perfect body or shape to go on the beach, but Christmas and Easter have left their mark and taking off those extra pounds are not easy. We all know that a balanced diet and cardiovascular exercises are the best alternative to lose weight, but when it comes to toning, we are not so clear.TOP NINA MUNOZ FITNESS TIPS

These are the best exercises to tone the legs and glutes

1- Squatting:

To perform this exercise correctly, place your feet shoulder-height (or a little more open), contract your abs and bring your hip back as far as possible, keeping your upper body up.

This way, the knee will never exceed the tips of the feet. Perform three sets of 20 squats per day. To be most effective, you can add some weights or, if you do not have it at home, you can carry a couple of bottles of water.

2- Steps forward:

To perform the exercise correctly, keep your back straight and focus on flexing the leg you left behind, not the leg you step on. This way you will go up and down instead of going back and forth and will be much more effective.

karena lunge form Steps forward

3- Side trolleys:

This exercise is a bit more complicated, but you can do it at a speed that suits your skills. Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms on either side of your body. Cross your right leg diagonally behind the left. As you do so, extend your left arm to touch the ground. Return to the original position and repeat the exercise to the opposite side.

When coordinating better, add more speed to the exercise. Do three sets of 10 repetitions on each side.

skater-hop Side trolleys

4- Squatting with heel:

Start standing with your arms forward. He takes a small leap and falls, flexing one knee and pulling the other leg, just like this woman. Do three sets of 10 reps with each leg per day.

 katrina lunge jumps form Squatting with heel

6- Climbing:

Get down on your knees with a small cloth under each foot. Place your palms on the floor in front of your body and raise your buttocks.

Make the move you see below for 30 seconds. If you realize you can hold on a little longer, hold on until you realize you can not continue.

sliding mountain climbers

5- Leg Legs:

Stand with your knees and your hands flat on the floor. Pull the left leg backwards, raising it to the level of the buttocks and collect it by drawing a circle in the air. Perform this movement for 30 seconds with each leg.

If you can take more time, continue until you feel that your buttocks are too heavy.

How to tone your legs and buttocks to have a perfect body

6- Leg Lifting:

This exercise is as simple as it is effective. You just have to lie down on the floor and perform leg lifts alternating for one minute.

Aside from toning your legs, you will also tone up your abdomen.

scissor kicks - Leg Lifting

7- For the hips:

As in the previous exercise, this is also very simple. Lie on your side and lift your leg. Do three sets of 20 repetitions with each leg.

single leg-lift

8- Buttock Lift:

You just have to lie on the floor with your legs bent and lift your buttocks, holding them firm.

If you see that with a raised leg, it costs more, try doing it with both legs on the floor. Do 3 sets of 15 reps, though, if you can do 20 or 30 reps, the better.

Buttock Lift

9 – Side trolleys:

The classic exercise of steps, but instead of moving forward or backward, is for both sides. Do this exercise by keeping your buttocks and abdominals contracted for one minute.

Side trolleys

10- Multiple steps:

The same exercise steps, but this time forward, to the side and back. It will cost more, but it is even more effective.

around the clock lunge Multiple steps

Remember to stretch before and after doing the exercises to avoid stiffness and suffer fibrillary lacerations.


Nina Munoz Fitness and Health

Nina Munoz Fitness and Health


Purpose:   HIIT is the BEST way to BLAST FAT and BURN CALORIES in a short amount of time!

30 seconds squats with a press
30 seconds mountain climbers
30 seconds weighted lunges (both sides)
30 seconds knee to elbow
30 seconds ploy lunges
30 seconds lunges

Total Body Warm-up! | Warm-up workout

Purpose:  Hey girl! It’s so important to warm-up before every workout!
This is a quick total body workout that you can do right at home. This full body warm-up is a bodyweight workout!

Complete this total body warm-up and then get right into your daily workout!

35 sec running in place
60 sec lunge with a twist
45 sec jumping jacks
40 sec knee tucks
30 sec air squat
30 sec standing side crunch (both sides)
5 second rest between each move. 1 round!

Sculpt Your Legs & Booty! | Lower Body Fitness

Purpose:  Hey girls! It’s time to work your legs and booty! This workout is going to lift and sculpt your entire back side! You can just use your bodyweight for this leg and booty workout or you can grab a pair of dumbbells for this lower body workout to bump up the intensity!

This leg and booty workout can be done at home or the gym! Add this lower body workout into your weekly workout routine!


35 seconds glute bridge
20 seconds plank with leg lift (both sides)
25 seconds single leg pulsing glute bridge (both sides)
25 seconds pulsing back lunge to leg lift (both sides)
REPEAT 4X! 10 seconds rest between each move. 15 seconds rest after each round.

Lean & Sculpted Upper Body Workout| Fitness

Purpose:  Looking to achieve lean and sexy arms?! This is the workout for you! This upper body workout is from the Upper Body Plan which can be found on my website. All the workouts contain demonstration photos to help you along the way! ( The link for my website is at the top of the description box)

There are 4 rounds total to this arm workout! This arm workout is in a hiit/ circuit training style. Once you hear the beep then the move is over.. when you hear the second beep that means the next move is up! Use whatever weight allows you to keep proper form. I’m using 10lb dumbbells for this workout.

POST-WORKOUT Yoga Flow! Yoga Stretching Routine

Purpose:  This yoga flow is perfect to before your workout or after your workout! Even when you just feel like you need to de-stress. This yoga flow will allow you to relax and let all the tension go!

This post-workout yoga flow is perfect for anyone! The yoga poses are very simple and easy to complete 🙂


Purpose:  It’s time to work that booty! This fat blasting lower body HIIT workout is going to tighten and tone your lower body. This cardio booty workout is going to get your heart rate up and get you sweating!

You can do this cardio booty workout at home or at the gym. All you need for this workout is a pair of dumbbells and your mat! If you don’t have a pair of dumbbells for this lower body HIIT then using just your bodyweight is fine!

40 sec side to side squat to jump squat
25 sec back lunge to kick (both sides)
35 sec kneeling stance to jump squat
30 sec stance jacks
REPEAT 4X! 10 sec rest between each move. 15 sec rest after each round!

Leg & Booty Burn! | SCULPT YOUR LEGS + BOOTY

Purpose:  Hey girls! Are you ready to work your legs and booty?!  This leg and booty workout can be done at home or the gym. All you’ll need for this lower body workout is a pair of dumbbells and your beautiful self!

This leg and booty workout is a follow along workout and will help target your legs, booty, and hamstrings!
You can just use your bodyweight for this leg and booty workout! Or you can bump up the intensity and use some weights!

40 sec glute bridge
25 sec single leg glute bridge (both sides)
30 sec pulsing squat
25 sec pulsing lunge to leg lift (both sides)
30 sec donkey kicks (both sides)
10 sec rest between each move. 15 sec rest after each round

QUICK AB CIRCUIT| Get a tighter tummy

Purpose: Get a higher tummy in no time! You really only need to train your abs 2-3 times a week and make sure you are eating a lean clean diet!

30 sec flutter kicks
30 sec tornados
30 sec plank dips (each side)

BLAST that arm FAT| Upper body band exercise

Purpose: You will feel the burn for sure with this great upper body workout

Upper body band exercise
12 close grip bicep curls(each side)
12 front & lateral shoulder raises
12 squats with a shoulder press
12 wide grip bicep curls (each side)
12 lateral shoulder raises (each side)
12 single arm shoulder presses
12 reverse rear delt band flys
12 bent over rows
Complete this workout 3 times!

FOAM ROLLING| My 6 favorite moves

Purpose:  Foam rolling helps to reduce inflammation and pain, Increase range of motion, and release the fascia.

Hip/ Outer thigh
Inner thighs

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