Nina Munoz Workout + The Top 5 + 2 Critical Stretches To Avoid Injuries

Nina Munoz Workout – Join Nina in her videos as she shows her workout, routines, schedule and some valuable tips and tricks that you can combine to get the result you want with your body in a short space of time. alone With Nina Munoz Workouts, we have 7 important that is critical for you to know. Muscle stretches are very useful to avoid injuries. It is a type of movement that facilitates the extension of the muscles in order to promote their flexibility and reduce their rigidity. It is essential to perform them before and after practicing physical exercise so as not to compromise the health of the muscular system.Top Nina Munoz Workout Tips

Next, we will explain what muscle stretches are, what function they fulfill and at what times it is crucial to carry them out. In addition, we are going to show you a brief routine of 7 muscle stretches with which to prepare the body for any type of sports activity, as well as to recover it from it.

What are muscle stretches?

Muscle stretching is a type of exercise that helps prevent injuries before and after moderate or intense physical activity.

They consist in the realization of exercises that promote the flexibility of the muscles, as well as the increase of the blood supply. This favors the regeneration of the muscle fibers involved during training.

By means of the strategic movement of the different extremities, it is possible to increase the flexibility of the muscles thanks to the contraction and extension due to stretching.

It is important to perform them once the muscles are warm, that is, after carrying out a brief and not very intense activity (or warming up), because if the muscles are stretched cold, injuries can occur.

What function do these exercises fulfill?

Stretching has great benefits in terms of injury prevention, especially among people who practice sports and who are more aware of the importance of investing time in doing it properly.

This type of exercise also contributes to the improvement of the physical state and, consequently, in the improvement of the marks and the times.

Remember that muscles are responsible for supporting the entire bony system of the body, as well as providing the body with mobility and sustenance.

In addition, stretching can reduce muscle tension, prepare the body to carry out some type of physical activity, promote the arrival of blood supply (improve circulation) and contribute to the reabsorption of lactic acid.

Appropriate moments to make them

Muscle stretches should be carried out before and after training with the aim of not compromising muscle health, as well as preparing and recovering the body before and after physical activity.

Together before starting training, or with any activity that requires considerable physical effort, it is necessary to prepare the body.

For this, there will be a brief warm-up that may consist of running at a moderate pace, jumping rope or going up and down stairs, always with the objective of activating the cardiovascular system and heating the muscles. After this warm-up we will proceed to carry out the stretches that we will comment next.

At the moment of finishing the activity that is being carried out, the ideal is to take five minutes to relax while the final stretches are carried out.

In many sport centers, when the training is finished, the intensity of the light is reduced, relaxing music is played and the stretching is carried out in order to finish the physical exercise in a pleasant way.

7 effective stretches to avoid injuries

Next we will describe 7 stretches with which you can avoid injuries. With them you will stretch most of the muscles of the body in record time.

Following these steps, you will be able to perform physical exercise without the risk of suffering muscle injuries due to the stiffness of both the joints and the muscles. Therefore, with this routine, you will be able to prepare the whole body for sports practice.

1. For the psoas-iliac muscle

The psoas-iliac is one of the largest muscles of the organism. Play a relevant role in the positioning of the trunk and in the mobility of the lower joints.

Its shortening, usually due to a low frequency of physical activity or lack of warm-up before training, can result in severe pain in the pelvic and lumbar area ; That is why stretching is very important.

  • Lie on your back on the floor or on a mat.

  • Flex one of the legs so that the knee is well flexed.

  • Grab the knee with the opposite hand, trying to get as close to the chest as possible.

  • With the other leg resting on the floor, bring the foot as close as possible to the hand that does not hold the knee and hold this position for 20 seconds.

  • Repeat the process with the other leg.

2. For the quadriceps (legs)

The quadriceps is one of the extensor muscles of the legs; allows you to make the necessary movements to walk, run or jump.

Quadriceps injuries significantly compromise the quality of physical exercise, so it is important to stretch them correctly to avoid them.

  • Stand upright, facing forward and with your feet together.

  • Flex the right knee so that the foot is at the level of the gluteus on the same side.

  • Grab the foot with your right hand and try to hold the balance for a few seconds, noticing how the quadriceps stretch.

  • Return to the starting position and change the leg (one repetition per leg is sufficient).

3. For the adductors (legs)

The adductors are located in the inner area of the thighs and up the hip interlacing in the pelvis. They allow the mobility of the hip and legs; More concretely, its activity is associated with lateral elevation movements.

An injury to the adductors of the hips can cause severe pain in the groin area. The procedure that we describe allows to avoid injuries in these muscles and to prevent this type of damage.

  • Stand with your legs slightly apart.

  • Place your hands on your hips and lean your entire body weight to one side, so that the leg on that side is slightly flexed.

  • Stretch the other leg as much as you can so that the adductors feel the tension of the stretch.

  • Hold this position for 20 seconds.

  • Repeat the exercise with the other side of the body.

4. For the triceps (arms)

In the arms are two fundamental muscles: the biceps and the triceps. The triceps are located on the back of the arm, just above the elbow, and have the function of helping to flex and extend the arms, as well as allowing us to hold weight with your hands.

  • Stand up, with your legs spread at shoulder height.

  • Flex one of the arms so that the palm of the hand tries to touch the homoplate. The elbow should be fully flexed.

  • Push the elbow back with the help of the other hand to get a full stretch of the triceps. Hold in this position for a few seconds.

  • Change your arm and repeat the same movements.

5. For the shoulders and arms

The shoulders and arms are two areas of the body that tend to be overloaded when practicing physical exercise, particularly in activities that require the use of arms, such as handball or basketball.

If you notice muscle tension in this region of the body, which is very common, the next stretch can be very helpful.

  • Standing with your legs slightly apart and the trunk straight, place your arms on the back of your body , holding one hand with the other at the level of your buttocks. (The movement is similar to shaking hands with oneself, but behind the body.)

  • Hold this position and progressively separate the hands from the lower back until you feel that the extension is enough.

6. For the numbers (upper trunk)

The dorsal muscles are located on the outside of the back and have the function of maintaining the position of the upper trunk and waist .

An injury to these muscles can lead to the adoption of inappropriate postures that have negative consequences for the neck and shoulders.

  • Stand facing forward, standing with your trunk stretched.

  • Bring one of the arms to the opposite side above the chest.

  • With the other hand, hold this arm by the elbow area, exerting pressure towards the body itself.

  • Hold 20 seconds in this position.

  • Do the same procedure with the other arm.

7. For the neck and neck

The neck and neck are easily injured by physical exercise . The muscles responsible for facilitating the movement of the head, as well as supporting its weight, tend to store a lot of tension due to the constant movement of this part of the body, so that a bad gesture or injury can be very uncomfortable and painful.

  • Standing and facing forward, use your hands to stretch the cervicals: take the head with the right hand and take it to that side so that the cervicals on the left side are fully stretched.

  • Hold for a second and repeat the movement to the other side.

  • Take the neck with both hands and press forward, so that the view is oriented towards the chest.

  • Lower your head until you feel the muscles in your upper spine stretch.

Top Nina Munoz Workout and Routines

Nina Munoz Workout and Routines

FAT blasting HIIT | Bodyweight workout | Nina Munoz

Full Body Workout | Bikini Body Workout

ABS and BOOTY workout | Follow along bodyweight workout | Nina Munoz

Purpose: This workout is all bodyweight so it can be done ANYWHERE!!
This ab and booty workout is in a circuit training style and there are 4 rounds in this booty and ab workout! You can add weight to this workout if you like or just use your bodyweight! This is a great workout to be done at home. Add this booty and ab workout into your workout schedule and you won’t be disappointed!

Ab Workout| Achieve a strong & sexy core| Nina Munoz

Purpose:  This follow along ab workout will help you to achieve a strong and sexy core!
This is a workout for the Ab Plan #2! All the workouts found on my website can be done ANYWHERE! Some workouts require a pair of dumbbells while other just require your bodyweight! All the workouts are easy to follow and all include demonstration photos! To get your plan click the link above or head to!

This core workout will help you to achieve a nice flat tummy! This HIIT core workout can be done ANYWHERE since it is completely all bodyweight!

GROW YOUR BOOTY | Glute Workout


If you are trying to grow your booty than this is the workout for you!

10 reps 4 sets close stance on the leg press
10 reps 2 sets single-leg leg press
Duck walks until failure
12 reps 2 sets donkey kicks on cables
12 reps 2 sets leg lifts
10 reps 2 sets squats with a pulse
10 reps 2 sets good mornings

CHEST WORKOUT | workout for women

Purpose:  Lift and perk up your chest!
Attention ladies.. Don’t neglect your chest!
These moves will really help to lift and perk up you chest and to really help target that unwanted armpit fat!

12 reps 2 sets close grip press
12 reps 2 sets chest flys
12 reps 2 sets chest flys DB inward
12 reps 2 sets chest flys DB outward
12 reps 2 sets DB chest press
12 reps 2 sets DB single arm chest press
12 reps 2 sets plate press

On the 3rd and 4th set I increased my weight




This ab workout is a follow along workout! This ab workout will target your upper abs, lower abs, and your obliques. This ab workout will help you to achieve a smaller waist. I know a smaller waist is a goal for many women. (myself included!) If you are looking to get rid of that unwanted belly fat and muffin top complete this HIIT ab workout 4-5 times a week. Add this ab workout into your normal workout schedule. This six pack workout will help you to achieve a slimmer waist in no time! I hope you guys really enjoy this follow alone ab workout. Expect many more follow along workouts coming in the near future.

30 seconds side plank with dips (each side)
30 seconds plank with hip dips
30 seconds mountain climbers (opposite knee to elbow/ Cricket climbers)
30 seconds plank (knee to elbow)
30 seconds tornados

10 second rest between each move
1 minute rest after each round

**So after you watch the video once.. watch it three more times for a complete ab workout!!

BOOTY BAND WORKOUT | Leg & Glute workout for women| Band Review


I love adding bands to my body weight workouts. They help to bump up the intensity and get those legs and glutes fired up! You can do this booty band workout at home or the gym! All you’ll need is some space and some bands! If you are looking for a great workout to get your glutes fired up.. dot his booty band workout!

Thank you to Limm for sending me these amazing bands! They are such high quality and I will be using these bands a lot in the near future!

20 reps air squat
30 seconds in & out jump squat
30 seconds walking side squat
15 reps back leg lift to side leg lift (both sides)
30 seconds plank jack
REPEAT 4X! 12 second rest after each move. 1 minute rest after each round

TOTAL BODY HIIT! | Fat Burning Workout

Purpose:  Hey girls! You know I’m all about the HIIT and total body workouts! This total body HIIT can be done at home or the gym! All you need for this workout is a pair of dumbbells and your mat!

This total body workout will target your entire body while also blasting that fat! With HIIT you burn way more calories compared to steady state cardio. With HIIT you’re able to tone up, achieve lean muscle while also shedding fat!

40 seconds: commando to plank jack
40 seconds: alt. lunge with a bicep curl
35 seconds: stance jacks
40 seconds: shoulder taps to knee to elbow
40 seconds: squat to an overhead press
4 ROUNDS TOTAL! 10 second rest between each move. 15 second rest after each round

HIIT CIRCUIT | Body weight workout

Purpose:  HIIT is such a great way to blast fat and burn calories in a short amount of time!

30 sec plyo lunges
30 sec plank with side dips
30 sec burpees
30 sec glute bridges
30 sec pop pop squats
30 sec tornados
30 sec mountain climbers
10 sec rest time

BOOTY HIIT CIRCUIT| Body Weight Workout For Women

Purpose:  Total body weight booty HIIT circuit!
You can complete this workout at-home OR at the gym!

I hope you all enjoyed this booty HIIT circuit video
Comment below if you have tried out this workout!

12 leg lifts (each side)
30 sec jump squats
12 single leg glute bridges
30 sec mtn climbers
12 donkey kicks (each side)
30 sec alternating jump lunges
12 glute bridges
30 sec burpees
12 donkey pulses (each side)

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