Nurse Friendships – Top 10 Fabulous + 5 Caring Reasons (#6 is Golden)

Nurse Friendships – Nurses who are not only blessed people, little boys and superheroes … they are also the perfect best friends and person you could have. If you have one, we probably will not have to convince you. But we would like to emphasize again on the basis of these 15 reasons:

1. Nurses can listen incredibly well …

Nurses can listen incredibly well

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To all that you have to tell and without condemning you.

2. … and give the best advice you can imagine

nurse gives the best advice you can imagine

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Practical advice, which you really care about.

3. Plus: they always have something exciting to say 😉

something exciting to say

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Because they experience adventures every day that they like to share with you ;-).

4. And they can laugh at you in no time

nurse laughing at you

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That’s one of their most beautiful gifts<3.

5. They Also Know Hot To Give You A  big hug When You need One

nurse giving a big hug

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6. And they can help you to put everything in the right perspective

right perspective

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So you can relate everything a bit better.

7. They keep calm in difficult situations … and keep calm

calm in difficult situations

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And that’s really an art.

8. And also important: they have a lot of patience

have a lot of patience

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Also if you do efkes ambetant ;-).

9. Nurses also have masses of energy and always make a nice party

masses of energy

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It’s always fun if they are in the neighborhood.

10. They Know How To enjoy a quiet night with you

enjoy a quiet night with you

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With a game, pizza, a good glass or a cool movie.

11. No Matter How busy it is: They are always ready for you

always ready for you

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And they make as much time as possible for you.

12. If you are sick, they will take care of you

take care of you

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That’s what they do best !

13. Plus: They will also be happy to answer your (most embarrassing) medical questions

looking in your eyes with a flash light

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And, of course, give their professional advice.

14. And even better: they are Never worried about petty things  😉

no body cares

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That’s useful in different situations … Yet ?! 😉

15. So it , actually, it all comes down to it: nurses have a heart of gold

nurses have a heart of gold

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And if you have one as best friend, you are extremely lucky.
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What are your reasons for Nurse Friendships? Let us know your opinion in the box below.

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