Paige Hathaway Fitness + Top 5 Exercises for The Perfect and Sexiest Legs

Paige Hathaway Fitness –  Apply these fitness and health tips by Hathaway for the body that you can use to rock the world. Before we go into Paige Hathaway Fitness and health tips we will be looking at 5 powerful leg exercises that you can give you really refine and sexy legs. The exercises that make the lower muscles work the most build strong, firm and well-defined legs. These also combat cellulite and flaccidity and are important for body balance and stabilization of knees and ankles.Best Paige Hathaway Fitness Tips

Anatomy of the legs

It is necessary to know the anatomy of the legs to understand their functions and identify which parts they want to develop with the exercises.

The lower limbs are divided into thigh and leg. The first one has the femur, the longest bone of our body and the leg is composed of the tibia and the fibula. The knee is a joint located between the tibia and the femur. There are two movements, flexion and extension.

The leg is bent towards the back of the thigh in knee flexion. During extension, the leg moves away from the thigh and remains extended.

The quadrilateral is a joint between the upper part of the femur and the pelvic bone. In this joint six main movements occur: flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, external and internal rotation.

The thigh bends towards the abdomen during the flexion of the rump, while in the extension it moves back towards the buttocks. The thighs move away during abduction and approach during adduction.

As for the muscles, the legs are made up of the following muscles:

Anatomy of the legs

Femoral quadricep : is the strongest muscle in the body. It is in the front of the thigh and has four different heads:

  • Vast medial.
  • Wide lateral.
  • Vast intermediate.
  • Straight anterior or femoral.

The main function of the quadriceps is to extend the knee and leg.

Femoral muscles : they form a group of three muscles that originate in the pelvic bone and are located in the back of the thigh. These are:

  • Femoral biceps.
  • Semimembranous.
  • Semitendinous.

All cross both the knee and hip joints, so they have double functions: knee flexion and extension of the hip.

Calf: is composed of two main muscles.

  • Gastrocnemius: visible muscle of the calf with two heads, medial and lateral, that originate in the posterior part of the femur immediately above the knee joint.
  • Soleus: originates in the posterior part of the tibia, being located below the gastrocnemius.

The tendons of the gastrocnemius and soleus fuse to form the Achilles tendon, which passes behind the ankle joint and attaches to the heel bone.

Calf muscles promote ankle flexion, movement necessary to stop on the tips of the fingers.

All these muscles are what interest to strengthen the legs.

The best exercises for the legs

A few legs of admiration are obtained both in the gym and in the house without specialized equipment. Let’s build together turned and defined lower extremities with the following exercises and recommendations.

  • Slow and controlled execution.
  • In the most difficult part of the exercise, hold the position briefly and return gently to the starting position.
  • Do the exercises slowly to increase the intensity of the training.
  • It is better slow and less than fast and do more repetitions.
  • Use dumbbells to increase the difficulty of the exercises. If you do not have, use containers filled with water or grains.

1. Lunges – For Sexy Legs

Initial position:

  • Stand up, raise your chest and look forward.
  • Separate the feet slightly.
  • You can hold a 1-kilogram dumbbell in each hand.


  • Move slowly and control with the right foot without moving too far, because if this happens you will exercise more the glutes and the back of the thighs. Short advances will be appropriate for the front of the thigh.
  • Bend the right knee allowing the thigh and leg to form a right angle.
  • Lower the left leg until the knee reaches almost to the floor.
  • Your right knee should not exceed the foot.
  • Make a slight pause in this position, go up and back until you return to the initial position.
  • Now you can change your leg to start again.

Key points:

  • Inhale as you go.
  • Exhale when you upload.
  • Always keep your head up and your back straight.
  • The foot should always point forward.
  • Stop and do no more exercise if you have discomfort in the knees.
  • Perform 10 repetitions for each leg from one to three sets.

In the following link you can see a small video of this exercise:

2. Squats

Initial position:

  • Stand upright with your feet extended and pointing forward or slightly outward.
  • Keep the lower part of your back slightly arched.
  • Bend your knees slightly.
  • Cross your arms in front of your chest. Hold dumbbells if you want more difficulty from exercising, but start with light weights.
  • You should keep your head up, your chest raised and your abdominal muscles contracted.

Movements :

  • Lower the body by bending it on the hips and knees as if you wanted to sit on a chair.
  • Duck until your thighs are practically parallel to the ground.
  • Return slowly to the starting position and stretch your legs.

Key points:

  • Inhale as you lower your body and exhale when you return to the starting position.
  • Try to keep your knees aligned with your ankles.
  • Keep your heels in contact with the floor.
  • Push with your heels while you return to the starting position.
  • Do the exercise without weights until you manage to master the movement.
  • Do not do the exercise if you feel pain in your back or knees.
  • Execute 15 repetitions of one to three series.

In the following link you can see a small video of this exercise:

3. External lateral elevation

External lateral elevation

Initial position:

  • Keep your head, shoulders and hips aligned on your right side.
  • Your right arm should be extended straight or resting under your head.
  • The left arm should be supported on the hip on the same side.
  • Slightly secure the ankle to the left leg if you want difficulty in the exercise.


  • Lift the leg slightly and hold it for a moment. Then lower it slowly and repeat the exercise.
  • Make the descent of the leg slowly.
  • Repeat the exercise eight times, turn around and start the same on the other side.

Key points:

  • Do not turn your body forward or backward.
  • Advance to three series gradually.

You can check the link to follow to get a better idea of the exercise:

4. Internal lateral elevation

Initial position:

  • Keep your head, shoulders and hips aligned on your right side.
  • Lift the upper part of the body with the right elbow that should be directly under the shoulder. Your weight should fall on the hip and elbow.
  • Bend your left leg and place it on the floor in front of you.
  • Secure some weight in the ankle of your right leg if you want more difficulty in the exercise.


  • Your right leg should be straight and with your foot in flexion to lift it slowly.
  • Pause at the top of the movement, keep the leg up and lower it slowly towards the ground.
  • Execute 20 repetitions and change sides.

Key points:

  • Your body must be aligned throughout the movement.
  • Try to perform four series at your own pace.

The following link will take you to the video of this exercise:

5. Heel Lift – Calf Twins / Ankle Exercises

Elevation of twins

Initial position:

  • Stand with your legs spread to the width of your shoulders with your feet pointing forward.
  • Hold a dumbbell in each arm and place them on the sides.


  • Lift the heel of the floor and raise the toes as high as you can.
  • Lower your heels to the floor.
  • Get up on one foot if you want more difficulty in exercising.
  • Perform 15 repetitions of two series.

Main point:

  • Maintain balance during movement.

The video that can serve as an example of this exercise will be found in the following link:

Frequent mistakes in performing leg exercises

These are the three main mistakes when exercising the legs:

  • Wrong exercises The use of machines is a complement to the exercises and not the center of action for leg training.
  • Crouching incorrectly Bad curvature of the lower back can be dangerous when it involves joints and muscles.
  • Too many repetitions. Error that prevents the growth of muscle groups. A lot of mechanical work during contractions does not represent an optimal stimulus for muscle growth. It is best to combine compound movements and weightlifting.

The Best Supplements To Tone Your Legs And Increase Muscle Mass

Best Supplements To Tone Your Legs And Increase Muscle Mass

Supplements are not more important than training and a balanced diet. The dedication to exercise build strong and defined bodies, not food supplements.

Many of these products offer exaggerated results from companies that produce cheap supplements, with attractive packaging and supposed scientific backing.

Food supplements may contain harmful ingredients that cause kidney failure, metabolic problems, cardiac and nervous system disorders. Death is not ruled out as a consequence of these components.

Despite this, there are in the market supplements with natural and safe substances that have been scientifically proven, to increase strength, promote muscle growth, increase endurance and for fat loss.

These are useful supplements for exercising the legs and other parts of the body:


Nutrient present in our muscles and in red meats. When a muscle contracts it releases energy for about ten seconds and to keep it that way the body resorts to creatine. If this is missing, the body will not have fuel to complete the exercise.

Creatine supplementation helps in activities such as:

  • Construction of muscles.
  • Increase in strength
  • Improves anaerobic resistance
  • Reduces muscle damage and pain.

Creatine is to gain strength and muscle mass, improve strength in workouts and optimize performance in high intensity and short duration exercises.

It is contraindicated for those who have kidney problems.

Powdered protein

Also known as “Whey”, it is one of the highly digestible supplements and one of the most consumed by athletes.

Proteins are composed of amino acids, nutrients that generate energy for the functioning of the body. This supplement contains many of them.

Whey protein also prevents cardiovascular diseases and improves the physical performance of the body. It is used to boost strength levels, increase muscle mass gain and prevent catabolism that can occur during a strong workout.

Protein powder is a creamy product, pleasant to taste and healthy. Allergic to milk protein should not consume it.

Drinks before training

The main components of most of the supplements that are ingested before training, are stimulants that increase the disposition, strength and performance. They can also have side effects.

Some of those effects are:


There are risks of psychological dependence. You have to train to the maximum without consuming these drinks and regardless of the circumstances.

Resistance to stimulants

The body will become accustomed to the consumption of stimulants, will create resistance to them and their effects will be lost. You should not depend on these products to train.

Anxiety, increased heartbeat, alterations in blood pressure, nervousness, drowsiness and discouragement are other side effects.

Ideally, use pre-workout supplements to make the exercises perform better and gain more muscle mass.

” Black Wolf Trail “ is a good supplement to consume before training that contains ingredients to improve performance. These are:

Beta alanine: amino acid that decreases fatigue after exercise. Increases the capacity for anaerobic training and accelerates the increase of muscle mass.

Citrulline: amino acid used as a supplement for sports performance and cardiovascular health. Reduces fatigue, improves endurance and relieves muscle pain, increases performance in prolonged aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

It does not produce side effects but must be consumed with specialized medical guidance. Patients with liver problems should be cautious.

Caffeine: alkaloid present in coffee plants, cocoa and leaves of various types of tea.

Ornithine: amino acid present in dairy products and meat. It has an important role in the production of growth hormone and is used to increase muscle mass during the reduction of body fat. It also prevents fatigue caused by prolonged training.

Betaine: organic compound present in beet and spinach. Increases the resistance of the muscles in strength training and the speed of muscle gain.

Obeying these tips will allow you to build shapely, defined and muscular legs without spending hours in the gym, without diets that make you go hungry and without consuming harmful supplements.

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