5 Powerful PIYO Videos + Top 5 Best Chalene Johnson workout videos

PIYO Workout Videos – Here is a compilation of the best PIYO Workout Video.  If you are looking to get a refined and refreshing workout, then these videos will definitely give you all the sweating and feeling of achievement you are looking for.

What Is the PiYo Exercise?

PiYo is a total-body fitness system designed to whip you into shape from head to toe. It combines the practices of Pilates and yoga to help you build strength, lose weight, increase flexibility and have a great time doing it. PiYo was created by Chalene Johnson, the founder of the Turbo Kick system. It was designed for people who want the mind-body benefits of a yoga or Pilates workout, but with a higher-energy, higher-sweat class.


PiYo is different than other yoga and Pilates blends in many ways. While it does blend together these two mind-body exercises, it also adds in components of martial arts and dance for a more intense, kick-booty workout. PiYo also prides itself on using upbeat, mainstream music, rather than traditional zen yoga music, to keep students excited, interested and in the zone during the workout.


The PiYo system is a total-body strengthening workout. Poses such as plank, side plank, core work, lunges, and squats are key elements to engage the large and small muscles of the body. By working in and out of these poses, you build strength using your own body’s resistance. In some classes, light hand weights are also used to increase the amount of strength building. In this style of classes, your muscles are worked to be toned and sculpted, but not bulky as in some classes.


Unlike most yoga and Pilates classes, PiYo classes are aerobic. PiYo classes link together dynamic, constantly flowing exercises to increase your heart rate, burn calories and make you sweat. These classes are low-impact but high energy, with moves and poses taken from traditional yoga, Pilates, and dance, linked together in a new way to add more cardio and fun. These moves include flowing in and out of Warrior pose, stepping in and out of lunges, and flowing through traditional Sun Salutations.

Additional Benefits

According to PiYo teachers, these classes not only build muscle and help you increase your cardiac health, but they also have additional benefits. The poses and moves help add flexibility to the muscles. The teachers also claim that these exercises help to increase the range of motion in your joints, improve your balance, improve energy and reduce stress, for a total mind-body, blissed-out workout. (This article was originally posted on – woman.thenest.com)

A Little About the PiYo Diet

The PiYo diet plan is one of the best out there because it focuses on whole food nutrition. It rivals the 21 Day Fix’s eating plan as far as being easy-to-follow, although unlike the 21 Day Fix, you do need to measure your food the old-fashioned way (with serving sizes.) The PiYo diet allows you to enjoy certain amounts of each food group depending on your calorie needs and is whole foods-based.

There are five categories of food in the PiYo nutrition plan. Depending on your calorie needs, you get a different amount of servings per group:

  • Primary Vegetables
  • Secondary Vegetables and Grains
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Lean Protein
  • Healthy Fats

This is designed to help you learn to appreciate the taste of real food over sugary or processed versions.

And if you’re curious, yes, you can use the 21 Day Fix portion control diet with the PiYo program instead of following the PiYo diet plan. In fact, the diets are very similar aside from using the colored containers to measure your food vs serving sizes. The major difference is the PiYo diet is a little higher in vegetables and grains than the 21 Day Fix diet.(soruce:thefitnessfocus.com)

Chalene Johnson PiYo Workout BEACHBODY


PiYo Base Moves Tutorial with Chalene Johnson


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INJURIES HAPPEN ————————————- When they do…Ask yourself these questions: 1️⃣ What if anything can you do to prevent it in the future? 2️⃣ How Can You change up your training and turn this into a positive? 3️⃣ How Can You Improve your Attitude? ————————————- When we push hard, and do a little too much of any one thing, injuries are going to happen. Accidents happen too! Don’t be discouraged! Rather than throwing in the towel or feeling defeated by the situation… Take it as an opportunity to change things up or give your body the rest it needs. ————————————- I strained my hamstring and piriformis muscle about 4 weeks ago. Losing the ability to do some of your favorite workouts is a bummer and a blessing. Instead I decided to switch it up and focus on training my shoulders and biceps. ————————————- Whether it’s a minor or a major set-Back – don’t allow it to derail you. Find the blessing in it. Change things up and accept that these things makes us better in the long run. You’re human and things aren’t always going to happen according to your plan. (Ps….it’s his plan anyways 🙂

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20 HIIT Workout for Fat Loss Chalene Johnson


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💗 YES TO PINK! YES TO STRENGTH! ————————————- How often? As little as 1x per week (strength training) was shown to make a noticeable difference in body composition! With 3x a week, results were SIGNIFICANT! ————————————- Trying to lose weight and reduce body fat? – then lifting weights or body weight training are a must! ————————————- In a recent study, 10 weeks of strength training was shown to increase increase resting metabolic rate by 7 percent. Those who lifted weights lost an additional 4 more pounds of fat than those those who did cardio alone. ————————————- Does PiYo count as strength training? It can! None the less, at least 3x a week I incorporate weight training like ChaLean Extreme or I just do my own thing. Do you lift? How often? ————————————- www.chalenejohnson.com/piyo

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BoSu Cardio HIIT Home Workout w/ Chalene Johnson


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So excited to be on a live training this week with my sister @jenellesummers and countless others who have found success in online health coaching. Now we want to share this with those of you in the UK!!! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧We're expanding the incredible on-line health and wellness coaching opportunity to you! Join me in this live training to understand how you can take your passion for others and build a secondary income (or even a full time income). Learn more about what that's means and what my sister @jenellesummers and others do to live this life and help others in the process. To get access to that live training, please DM her here on IG. @jenellesummers Building extra income doing what you love is not always easy. The key is having the right mentors and a system. And the only way to get started is to simply stop making excuses, find a great mentor and start! See you Thursday! Left is @jendelvaux center is @chalenejohnson and far right is my sis @jenellesummers !

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PiYo Workout LIVE with Chalene Johnson in Hawaii on Vacation


Top 10 PIYO Exercise/PIYO Workout

PIYO workout infographic

What the heck is a PiYo strength slide? 

The strength sliders used in the PiYo Strength workouts are best explained as plastic discs you use to increase the intensity of the PiYo workout moves. You use them either by placing a foot or hand on the disc. They allow you to move your body in ways it’s never been worked before while providing you with proper form and an increased difficulty of keeping your core stable.

The strength slides can be used on carpet or on hardwood flooring. If you are using them on carpet, you do not use the fabric cover that comes with a set. If you’re using them on hardwood flooring, you need to use the fabric cover to protect your floors.

Pro tip: Instead of the sliders, you can use paper plates on carpet or just wear a pair of socks on the hardwood. These won’t work quite as well as the sliders, but they will work.

PiYo Workouts

There are eight workouts that come with the basic PiYo package:

  1. Align: The Fundamentals. Breaks down the moves in slow motion, so you can perform them in proper form during the regular workouts. You can repeat this workout as many times as you need to or refer back to when needed.
  2. Define Upper Body: Lots of push up variations to start cutting away at your upper body, defining your arms triceps, and shoulders.
  3. Define Lower Body: Start sculpting the legs with this workout from your glutes to your calves.
  4. Sweat: A more traditional PiYo workout that utilizes flowing yoga-based positions and resistance exercises to provide an effective cardio/strength workout.
  5. Core: This ab-centric workout chisels away at your mid-section to get you a strong core, which can help lower back problems.
  6. Strength Intervals: One of my favorites! This slightly shorter, fast-paced, calorie-crushing workout has you switching from strength to cardio and back, it really gets the heart rate up while being low impact.
  7. Drench: This tough endurance workout is all about calorie burn and works every muscle in your body. Prepare to get drenched for real. 🙂
  8. Sculpt: Various tempos keeps your muscle under tension for various periods of time to provide you with a muscle-defining workout that totally transforms your body.

There are two PiYo Strength Deluxe workouts that use the strength slides.

  1. Full Body Blast: This is a full body workout that is short, but super intense and really gets the heart pounding.  Similar to the strength intervals workout that we talked about above with greater intensity.
  2. Strong Legs: The strength slides really add an extra layer of intensity with workouts. The addition of the sliders allows you to control the moves better and go deeper into a lot of the holds, which really ups the intensity. The first time I did this workout, my legs were a completely different type of sore than they’ve ever been.

The PiYo Cons

There was only one issue I had with PiYo, and it’s that there is a limit to how many bodyweight exercises there actually are that will burn fat and sculpt muscle. (soruce:thefitnessfocus.com)

Here is some PIYO workout that we consider to be very powerful and effective as well…

PiYo Workout Warmup Heat Building


Butt and Thigh Lower Body Workout – PiYo


15 Minute Plyo HIIT Workout: Burn Fat Fast


PiYo Live 40 Warm Up to Power


Melissa McAllister PIYO Demonstration – Fitness and Health


BodyWeight PiYo Fusion Workout


PiYo Live 40 Warm Up to Power


PIYO Workout

Purpose: Warm up, heat building, lower body, full body fusion, stretch and strength


BodyWeight PiYo Fusion Workout

Purpose: Kick off your shoes and join me for this fusion style workout! Together we’ll strengthen & stretch your muscles through basic movements like push-ups and squats coupled with pilates and vinyasa too. So get ready to challenge your core and work beyond your comfort zone with me today. Let’s get moving!


Melissa McAllister PIYO Demonstration – Fitness and Health



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